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  1. It's hard to get a read on T2, on one hand they allow Rockstar this long leash where they work on their franchises for years(and it pays off). On another hand they are really predatory with their sports games... F1 2020 has a lot more customization and microtransactions than previous games, that might have caught T2 eyes... Expect it to get a lot worst if the take over is completed.
  2. That's the thing, most companies that are doing "Next-Gen Updates" don't work on a yearly release schedule. Dirt isn't an yearly release title as well. For F1 patching it for Next Gen will eat into F1 2021 development.
  3. Yeah last year when i drove 2019 after a session on anything else it would feel so alien and unnatural. I still would like a bit more movement in the rear, but now it's seamless.
  4. I don't like the statictics chosen, experience it's not super smart in how it's used, also it's just hampering the overall value of good drivers that happen to be young. Here is my take on what stats we would need: Pace-Simple enough Consistency-How often the driver performs at his peak level, someone with high pace and low consistency would that driver that is often fast, but as just as often struggles. Off/Def aggression- How decisive they are on their moves, most drivers should have similar values in Offensive/Defensive but i feel the need to split up for guys like Magnu
  5. Drop the generic scaling "more downforce>Less Downforce" setups, introduce unique setups for each track, at least one on the safe/stable side, one on the aggressive/pointy side. More FFB tuning options, something akin to Dirt Rally or Raceroom.
  6. Virtual mirrors. More ffb options, the ability to shape the FFB curve/proggression, maybe a tire slip slider... Well just look at RRRE there's a lot that can be brought over.
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