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  1. Kimi doesn't drive for a pro simracing team but he enjoys it on his spare time. https://www.instagram.com/p/BfiYyF2BybM/?taken-by=kimimatiasraikkonen https://www.instagram.com/p/BkQOlbEBule/
  2. There's something weird in the newly introduced DX12 HDR mode... It's like the game is refusing to use my personal color settings when in HDR mode, i noticed recently that there's a switch that happens in that splash screen (the one where Vettel and Hamilton look in the mood for a staring contest), and the game switches from my more vibrant personal settings to the greyer and duller default. I didn't have this issue when F1 2019 DX12 was locked to SDR (looked much better than current HDR), and F1 2018 DX11 HDR, both seemed to play with my vibrant settings just fine. I'm on GTX 1070 Win 10 pc.
  3. LChaves01

    Anyone use mirrors in cockpit?

    This game needs virtual mirrors badly.
  4. Agreed, it's not a new problem. it's just one they never cared to address.
  5. LChaves01

    What sadistic ******* created Singapore?

    Watch last years pole lap 5 times in a row or alternatively some youtuber hotlapping the track.
  6. Virtual mirrors. More ffb options, the ability to shape the FFB curve/proggression, maybe a tire slip slider... Well just look at RRRE there's a lot that can be brought over.
  7. LChaves01

    Please add more info on the steering wheel screen [R2]

    Different "pages" of information have been done in other sims, Codemasters does seem to put more effort in their HUD than their cockpit display though.
  8. As an example, the reference/starting point of the Merc cockpit is wildly different from the reference/starting point of the Ferrari cockpit, so when you change cars the camera is all wrong. It would be a big improvement if the game memorized the camera settings on a per car basis, when i select the Ferrari it uses the settings i used when i last drove the Ferrari and not the ones i was using in the Mercedes.
  9. I feel like the understeer enhance option overpowers the whole FFB system, you end up with no feeling of the rear end(the only one i can feel kick it in is the self aligning pull, but that's the "you F... up" force). Why don't you turn it off them? While it does improve the feel of the rear but i certain amount it also ends up feeling heavy and weird to me. If i had my way we would have a couple more sliders, such ass: Force feedback speed sensitivity/power steering factor, an adjustment for how the FFB ramps up according to the speed of the car, currently it feels too similar in strength and weight wether we are on Pouhon or the Bus Stop, i would like the chance to tune that, get lighter resistance while keeping the forces kicking aggressively. Maybe make the understeer into a slider too instead of a on/off switch. The physics itself are pretty decent, the car responds to setups in the expected manner, you can change the balance pretty radically yet it doesn't break the game, speed is close enough to real life... i'm satisfied with it, just needs a couple more options to tune how it feels.
  10. The problem is as descripted in the title, if you try to skip the F1 splash screen logo as your loaded onto the track the game hangs, happens a lot in time trial as i'm switching tracks and i forget and try to skip. I'm on version 1.05 but it was present in 1.04. It isn't a full crash as you can ctrl+alt+del and re-open the game.
  11. LChaves01

    Gradients physics

    Gradients physics have quite a nasty response in this game, keep in mind we are talking small gradients here, no "corkscrews" in F1. Places like Barcelona T7-8 the car can spazz out in a big way, is the track modelling exaggerating the dip vs a laser scanned version? Usually it's quite an easy corner with the downforce the car carries at that speed. Other places have the same "problem", the first "S" in Suzuka comes to mind.
  12. LChaves01

    Patch 1.05, how to fix a game

    I agree, i'm still exploring how much grip i have, sometimes i get surprised that the car sticks, but now it feels like i'm attacking the corners rather than tip toeing.
  13. Still not quite as fast as it should be in my opinion, but an improvement nonetheless.
  14. LChaves01

    Last corner at Suzuka

    Definitely agree, that bump is egregious, i don't know how it found it's way into the series and is being carried on from game to game.
  15. LChaves01

    Anyone else despise Monaco?

    It's a patience track, don't push, don't force the issue, leave 10% on the table and you'll actually find out you're going quite ok.