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    Team Orders in F1 games. (realsport101)

    That would be nice, if the game could recognize different strategies(tire age, tire type, number of stops remaining that sort of thing) between the drivers and also different championship situations in late season scenarios. Since the game also has car>>>pitwall communication you could also make requests(which may be refused) to be let through. The greatest thing would be if you keep refusing to be helpful to your teammate, eventually the relationship within the team becomes contemptuous. Let's simulate Hamilton-Rosberg lol.
  2. LChaves01

    Worth getting F1 2019 now?

    Nah, get 2020.
  3. LChaves01

    Compliment Codemasters

    Further elaborating on this topic, i hope the changes made to the downshifts that Russell mentioned killed the "downshift ro rotate" exploit of 2019. 2019 took away weight distribution from the setups (which on itself was fair, weight distribution is heavily regulated in F1 and it never should've had that huge of an impact on the balance of the car) and made the now locked balance fundamentally understeery with no easy way of fixing it, nobody who knew what they were doing ran their cars that understeery in 2018, that wasn't good. Hopefully the new 2020 cars will be more naturally agile and "darty".
  4. LChaves01

    Compliment Codemasters

    For obvious reasons he's uniquely qualified to make these comments, he might be the best of the real life drivers in F1 2019 and he still thinks it's bad, his comments about 2020 do give me a lot of optimism.
  5. Drop the generic scaling "more downforce>Less Downforce" setups, introduce unique setups for each track, at least one on the safe/stable side, one on the aggressive/pointy side. More FFB tuning options, something akin to Dirt Rally or Raceroom.
  6. I'll go with Montoya among those i've watched, had the talent but perhaps not the politics skill or the patience for F1. I'd put Barrichello over Massa(and Berger/Alesi) on other potential champs.
  7. FFB and track design being distinctly inferior to other games that i play, it's tough to come from those games and get enthralled with F1 20xx
  8. LChaves01

    USA - Circuit Of The Americas

    The infinite run off areas make this a characterless track, looking on the map S1 is suppoused to be awesome like Suzuka but when you drive it there are no references, no speed sensation so it falls short, way short. But there are worst tracks...
  9. LChaves01

    Something New

    Have you tried AC, Rfactor, Automobilista... anything else?
  10. LChaves01

    Something New

    Back in the day EA, understanding that the PC crowd is a little different from the console players, commissioned ISI (of Rfactor fame) to create a sim tiltle for PC. It was still published and marketed as EA F1 20xx, but it was a wholly different game to what EA sold on consoles. Perhaps a similar arrangement needs to happen here.
  11. LChaves01

    Something New

    If they lacked the manpower before they don't now, the obvious path would be to split E-sports from the main game. Leclerc, Max and co "killing" F1 2019 might've triggered this. Also "long term future", give it to me now FIA.
  12. LChaves01

    Wheel x controller

    In this particular franchise there isn't much difference, in other more "hardcore" titles the jump can be quite jarring, make or break jarring. The guy in the video jumps pad to wheel and is a little slower than he was before, in a week, maybe, he'll be slightly faster but not by much. Personal opinion, independently of how it will affect your competitiveness, go for the wheel (assuming you spend a significant amount of time playing racing games) it's just that much more fun and enjoyable, if my wheel broke down i would wait a new one before purchasing any racing games i just don't care for racing with a pad any more.
  13. I feel in F1 2019 they balanced it near perfection, Ferrari was the faster straight line car in F1 2019, this has been documented over the net, probably not as much as in real life but OK. Mercedes was quite a bit more responsive and agile, making it more agile made it also slightly more nervous and difficult to drive, it turns in faster it also bites faster, Ferrari was made slower to respond but stable. So overall Mercedes the faster car, but a bit tougher to drive.
  14. LChaves01

    Gaming PC Build and Future Proof

    New gen of video cards is suppoused to be a few months away, the Radeons specifically will also be the basis of the new consoles, at this point it's unknown how they will compare to 5700xt or the RTX 2000 (and can the 3000 beat them), so i advise you to hold fire just a little bit longer.
  15. LChaves01

    ERS Deployment - F1 2020

    I'll wait and see, micromanaging sure was a pain, and unfortunately it was needed because of the way it was programmed, in real life the car knows exactly when to deploy and when to cut but to be honest that's pretty hard to program. The AC system has options that try to simulate this type of system, deploy just in the middle gears, deploy for top speed, burn everything in a single lap... but it isn't perfect.
  16. LChaves01

    Lee Mather Responds to Scanned Tracks

    Somehow this season they have 2 handling modes like people have been clamoring for a while, only it doesn't seem like it made the "difficult mode" better by leaps and bounds... at least not so far.
  17. LChaves01

    F1® 2020 | First Gameplay Trailer

    That's almost an Ubisoft style "Gameplay" trailer.
  18. LChaves01

    Esports F1 Barcelona Yesterday Simply Brilliant!!

    I can't see much from stationary images, but you only spin in that final corner if you want to, that much i know. Since i can't see Charles i think for now, i'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt and believe he didn't crash on purpose, just did a bad rejoin after spinning on purpose. Still not "Taking it seriously" but not full idiot POS, just 50% lol
  19. LChaves01

    Esports F1 Barcelona Yesterday Simply Brilliant!!

    Just the previous weekend he was pushing for the side of "drivers need to take simracing more seriously, be more respectful" after he was intentionally wrecked in Indycar... If what you are saying is correct it would not only be silly/dumb behaviour, but hugely hipocrictical by him.
  20. LChaves01

    Update kerbs in F1 2020

    Welll, i take what i can, Codemasters has been super tight lipped regarding 2020, Any source can be used to understand things beyond the basic marketing purpose of the video. Just like with people specaluating about deployment modes after seeing the video, to me any information that can be extracted is valid. There's nothing wrong with not being an ace at F1 games, id on't care what difficulty level any guy here plays the game, but if i see a spade i'll tell you it's a spade.
  21. LChaves01

    Update kerbs in F1 2020

    We are trying to gather whatever info we can from limited footage, and because of the "poor" driving skills in this video it's difficult to tell if the physics/handling are designed super sluggish or if the guy is just driving like a novice or maybe holding a sandwich in one hand and driving with the other. David Greco is proper fast, i think he should handle this assignment.
  22. LChaves01

    Lewis confirms they do have ERS control

    I think the main error in Codemasters implementation is that the systems in the modern F1 cars know not to spend energy in low speed corners, so basically if you are in the Barcelona or Hockenheim final sector the car automatically limits it's deployment to save charge. In F1 2019 we get a system that seems to be every time you touch the throttle you use some energy, which leads to people gaining and advantage by manually turning it off and on and cycling the settings manually in the middle of a straight.
  23. LChaves01

    Codemasters sim or Arcade?

    The format they used for ACC is much more reasonable if priority number 1 isn't milking the consumer, launched a game with 2018 content, gave 2019 content as DLC. They are introducing 2020 skins as we speak. If they wanted to launch the same game with new content they could've done it.
  24. LChaves01

    Codemasters sim or Arcade?

    I'm not sure i agree with this notion "it must be simcade or it won't sell", pure arcade racers like NFS seem to be at an all time low, Pcars seemed to do well sales wise in console space... and of course PC is sim dominated (however small the market is). The book on how to combine sim physics with low skill accessability is pretty old by now, everybody has seen it (of course there will always be those that set the game to hardcore and say it's undriveable, human idiocy exists). Furthermore yearly franchises tend to rely a lot on returning customers, and with those players already being used to normal gameplay you usually have some margin to make things more complex and sophisticated and it won't be a huge entry barrier because by and large people already understand the fundamentals. The bigger problem for me is the exclusive license, Codemasters has no motivation to push harder and further because there are'nt really any other options, if there was competition then we would see exactly how much "sim" the market wants.