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  1. 4 hours ago, GavinMac said:

    Take Two make some great games, look at how much value for money GTA5 has been, so did CM... years ago!

    Currently CM isnt much better than EA in my opinion, My friends and I fell foul of the Grid 2019 money grab and looks like Dirt 5 is on a par to that!

    Hopefully T2 wil purge some of the management and give us the games we deserve!

    It's hard to get a read on T2, on one hand they allow Rockstar this long leash where they work on their franchises for years(and it pays off).

    On another hand they are really predatory with their sports games...


    F1 2020 has a lot more customization and microtransactions than previous games, that might have caught T2 eyes... Expect it to get a lot worst if the take over is completed.

  2. On 5/8/2020 at 1:36 PM, stephensmattlee said:

    I feel F1 2020 could potentially get an enhanced patch to make more use of the next gen consoles later in the year but of course it isn’t guaranteed. Worse case scenario both the new consoles are backwards compatible so we’ll still be able to play the game on the new hardware.

    I fully expect F1 2021 to be a lot more focussed on making more use of what the next gen consoles are capable of but not sure whether it would require a whole new engine like F1 2015 did, but I guess only the developers themselves can answer that.  

    I guess one question is whether F1 2021 (if they went for a June release next year) will also be available on PS4 and Xbox One, or strictly next gen only. 

    That's the thing, most companies that are doing "Next-Gen Updates" don't work on a yearly release schedule. 

    Dirt isn't an yearly release title as well.


    For F1 patching it for Next Gen will eat into F1 2021 development.

  3. 1-Blue flags don't seem to exist during the race, i've seen blue flags during practice and qualifying, but never in the race, lapped cars are horrible, they don't lift(have great straight line speed), don't move off the racing line, try to repass you... complete madness.


    3-1.05 (it was present in 1.03)


    5-Countless, not much secret, just catch a backmarker, they are pretty consistent in their terribleness.

    6-unclear what to do...

    7-Logitech G27


  4. Used to be China but now i'm used to it.

    Hanoi is awful it's like they really tried to make an annoying track with that one...

    Ugly too, nothing interesting in the architecture surrounding the track.

  5. I know "My team" is your new signature mode and you are very proud... blah blah blah...

    But it needs a back off button for those us who don't a rats and clicked on it by accident(specially since you decided to put the stupid thing on the main screen), every other screen in the game has a return function for when you miss click the wrong thing in the menus (that never took PC players in mind) except for stupid "my team", "my team" locks you into unskippable dialogs, unskippable picking of sponsors, drivers, interviews... did i mention it's all unskippable with no back out option when i just want to go back to the menu?

    F... aggravating...

    Ultimately i had to ctrl+alt+del my way out of there because it was ******* me off so much.

    Don't ever lock anyone into a 15 minute rpg section in your racing game.

  6. 2 hours ago, Neomo said:

    @David Greco CM I just wanted to thank you. This year i have no problem to switch between sims and F1.The greatest progress in recent years in terms of car handling.Is like day and night compared to 19. Cheers

    Yeah last year when i drove 2019 after a session on anything else it would feel so alien and unnatural.

    I still would like a bit more movement in the rear, but now it's seamless.

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  7. 18 hours ago, GTRaser.at said:

    I seems to me like in the prior games the setting 0-5 for the ERS was a real scaling one, now it is a specific mapping for the specific use. So 1 for normal driving, 2 for hotlap and 3 for overtake, the system itself makes sense in my opinion but I miss the 0 option to turn the deployment off completely to help charging the battery faster (during [V]SC for example)

    For those of us that like to drive our outlaps in Qualy, the fact that the shortcuts stop working with no warning it's really ridiculous, i don't want to be wasting energy on the outlap, and i want the option to change into Hotlap at a single button press. 

    There's a 0 mode in FP and Qualy... haven't searched for it come race day because 1 works just fine and i mostly turn off the SC.

  8. The AI is usually pretty good, but the lapped cars are a hazard, a train of lapped cars is one of the scariest things you can see in this game.

    They don't lift, if you overtake them and there's a DRS zone close by they immediately come back at you trying to repass... WTH is wrong with them?

    DRS and slipstream seem nerfed, like the game wants me to waste energy to overtake lapped cars, which to me seems excessive. 


    No blue flags ever appeared, i'm about to go full Vettel here. 

  9. I don't get it, yeah they aren't the same, but you try something Schumacher's F1 2000 Ferrari, and the car is nimble, agile, constantly dancing between slight oversteer, slight understeer...

    And the modern cars are a bunch of understeering beasts, with no room to play around the limit it's such brutal difference of interpretation.


    I'll say on most sims that contain multiple F1 cars from different eras, you can feel the difference between a early/mid 2000s and a 2017+ car but there's an element of familiarity, Codemasters has such drastically different interpretations.

  10. I don't like the statictics chosen, experience it's not super smart in how it's used, also it's just hampering the overall value of good drivers that happen to be young.

    Here is my take on what stats we would need:

    Pace-Simple enough

    Consistency-How often the driver performs at his peak level, someone with high pace and low consistency would that driver that is often fast, but as just as often struggles.

    Off/Def aggression- How decisive they are on their moves, most drivers should have similar values in Offensive/Defensive but i feel the need to split up for guys like Magnussen who isn't a big time overtaker but is quite "though shalt not pass" on the defensive, Ricciardo maybe the reverse of that...

    Awareness/safety- How safe they are, how often they make mistakes, overall crash tendency, someone with high aggression and low awareness would be quite dangerous to be around, someone with both high, would "play rough" but respectful.

    And lastly for my team benefits, i kinda of "Charisma/Popularity", how high profile the driver is, is he popular with sponsors/the public.

  11. Your reaction was pretty common dude from Belgium, the first race had a huge audience that kept getting smaller as time went on.

    It may have been entertaining to some, but F1 aimed at a more carefree audience, they had aids on, locked setups(?), T-cam driving and tried attracting celebrities and youtubers to fill the grid, game already isn't the best sim around... and they still lowered the entry bar as much as possible.

    Indycar and F-E on the other hand aimed to treat these races as serious as possible. 


    F1 was never gonna please the more hardcore technical minded fan.


    Which might've yielded good things for us, F1 2019 getting a lot of criticism from real drivers could've spurred Codemasters to do better and the FIA started considering a second game more focussed on realism.

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  12. I think "hardcore mode", so to speak, can be more hardcore and challenging, people we are talking at this tier/level are experienced enough, have played this and other games for years and years.

    I won't complain about a "casual mode" being introduced, doesn't change my life one bit... but what's the point of making simulation + no driving aids easier? Not hurting the feelings of guys who think they are awesome but aren't quite there(yet)? More competitive MP (doesn't really work imo)? 


  13. Full arcade has speed boosts(either nitro or because you ran over a glowy thing on the track), drifting is often the fastest way around a corner, hitting a wall is a minor inconvenience (sometimes wall riding can even be advantageous) and instead of being punished you get bonuses for putting other cars out of the track.

    Simulation is well... simulation trying to get as close as possible to the real thing. 


  14. 15 minutes ago, iosis said:

    i hope that it is not to easy to master now.

    F1 games aren't easy for arcade players, i know this from watching my cousin and step brother(both looked at the steering mounted and wanted to have a go) even with auto gears, ABS, and my tips... couldn't figure out and got bored quickly...

    They are kinda easy for people who have been playing it for years.


    To be honest i think F1 2019 lives in this weird place where it's too hard for people to pick up and play(casual mode might take care of that in 2020) and kind of frustrating for hardcore players (i consider myself one), where with F1 2019 i have to force myself to drive differently than any other sim out there, it feels unnatural, wrong and frustrating...

    I don't expect the entry bar(to no helps mode) to be any higher, should be about the same... what i expect/hope for is more depth and less frustration the higher/deeper you go.


  15. On 6/15/2020 at 6:56 AM, Tomi1997 said:

    Interesting that. Perez saying he couldn't turn the car. I hope with added levels of down force, they've also had a look at the understeer

    Absolutely, Codemasters really overshot the mark in 2019 with the understeer(in the previous years we had the weight distribution setting, that was really overpowered, and backwards, to achieve the desired balance), they expected the changes to the FW to create a lot understeer(honestly bad interpreation of the rules, changes were to stop outwash, not downforce from the front wing itself) but it didn't, teams got on top of it quite quickly.

    Truth is F1 cars are balanced, even if the drivers are screaming "i have too much under/oversteer", what we see is constant balancing, slight understeer can turn into slight oversteer with a quick  steering input, this "dancing" around the limit is what makes them interesting.   

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  16. That conversation between Perez and Russell was cool, because Russell has figured out F1 2019, he won every race for more than a month now, and he was talking to Perez who isn't super experienced in F1 2019 and (suppousedly) just tried to drive like he would his F1 car and struggled a lot("couldn't turn the car", i assume that's all the understeer F1 2019 decided to inherently dial in) .


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