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  1. JamesUpton

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    Is there any way to add seat adjustment like Dirt Rally? Cockpit is too far back, and dash is too far forward. Even with FOV scaled all the way back the cockpit view isn’t ideal for me. Basically want to be able to make it look like my steering wheel is the actual steering wheel in the car like in Dirt Rally 2
  2. JamesUpton

    Seat Adjustment?

    Is there any way to add seat adjustment like Dirt Rally? Cockpit is too far back, and dash is too far forward. Even with FOV scaled all the way back the cockpit view isn’t ideal for me. Basically want to be able to make it look like my steering wheel is the actual steering wheel in the car.
  3. JamesUpton

    PC - OSD 21:9 scaling.

    So I’m playing the game in ultra wide (21:9) and the OSD elements don’t scale correctly, it flushes everything to the left which puts the speedometer and other information close the the center of the screen. Can we make thin adjustable?
  4. .... I just had race net fail on the 9th and final stage of the weekly challenge which registers me as a DNF................................................ And of course while it doesn't record my progress in the Rally it still very much records all the money I spent on repairs and the vehicles current damage status, leaving me with more repairs to spend on with no reward...... That cool million you gifted everyone is appreciated but this is still beyond frustrating. Was running in the high 300's too on the leaderboard 😞
  5. JamesUpton

    New Cars added in Season 2 DLC.

    Focus 2001 and I voted for Mexico as "WRC" in general is European dominated despite it being such a small continent.
  6. JamesUpton

    Hardcore damage - not hardcore at all

    seriously i was hyped up for "hardcore" damage when they announced it but nope, still can roll cars and still have 100% performance. A roll needs to more often than not terminal your car and if it doesnt, make it pretty undrivable as very rarely the tires and alignment survive unscathed.
  7. JamesUpton

    Branching stages!

    Well here's the thing on why continued support on it is important and should be in every dirt game. In Dirt 4 for example we'll say there's 30 tiles per location for my stage to work with. Import those to DR 2.0 and add more tiles for each location to 60 tiles, then Dirt 5 rinse and repeat. Compared to similar efforts by Gran Turismo CM has the best stage generator already and people just shot it down and discouraged it.
  8. I prefer not to see something like this, it has invaded too many games. Motorsport 7 and Horizon 4 are prime examples of this. Before all you could win from wheelspins were cars and money. Now theyve added clothing options so you can go through dozens of prize spins and win nothing but pink boots and cowboy hats instead of **** you actually want.
  9. JamesUpton

    Dirt 3 Rallying

    I agree, there's little I want to return from Dirt 3, but among them is Online staggered starts. Between 10-30 seconds is more than enough. This is beneficial for several reasons, it was indeed more of a realistic experience but also, you can filter better drivers to the back as a handicap for a closer more exciting championship battle between a wider field of competition made of players of various skill levels.
  10. JamesUpton

    Bonus for not restarting stages

    I lean more to the side of "give us an option of no restarts". Much easier for me not to play a card if it's not even in my hand to begin with. Obviously I could simply "not restart" but especially when I crash during a critical moment it's pretty much muscle memory to pause and restart. I do much better with titles that enable an option to get rid of it all together.
  11. JamesUpton

    Branching stages!

    I for one wish they'd brought back MY Stage as a custom event feature separated from the campaign. People are too harsh on it, over time it has the potential to being an absolute staple to Rally Racing games because it has the potential to forever preserving the unfamiliar stage aspect behind rallying.
  12. JamesUpton

    My Stage?

    I know it wasn't the most popular feature in Dirt 4 but honestly I feel like this feature should be a must in Rally Games, my stage just needs to continue to evolve. The problem with Dirt 4 is that CM clutched on my stage too much when it should of been an extra feature. Pre made stages are a must for the most Authentic stages, however. No real rally fan wants to do these stages over and over and memorize them into glorified race tracks. CM needs to implement both pre made stages and off to the side for custom events they need to feature my stage to preserve that "Rally driver sees 10,000 corners once" aspect. Please bring back my stage :]
  13. JamesUpton

    DiRT Rally feedback list

    Why are their not prizes for championship result? unless I am missing that screen somewhere? 
  14. JamesUpton

    DiRT Rally feedback list

    Are you talking about the Ford Fiesta WRC? Because that was the 2011 debut livery which was sub licensed to be used in dirt 3 which i guess they still have that license. If this is true I think it would be safe to say they still have the license for the focus RS, Citroen c4, and the group n Subaru.
  15. JamesUpton

    DiRT Rally feedback list

    Hey guys, some more from me: 1st place AI is a bit too perfect imo. their pace is challenging and does not need to be tweaked but I feel 2nd and 3rd Ai should be occasionally getting stage wins at the same pace instead of 1st Ai winning every stage without errors the entire rally which will make consistency more of a strategy. -it takes too long to shift into reverse, can we have a dedicated key/button to shift into reverse (not hold for reverse)? -please please please spend a boat load of money to get WRC Licensed cars like the polo r, and the i20   -distance of stages on load screens/stage select screens