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  1. Is there any way to add seat adjustment like Dirt Rally? Cockpit is too far back, and dash is too far forward. Even with FOV scaled all the way back the cockpit view isn’t ideal for me. Basically want to be able to make it look like my steering wheel is the actual steering wheel in the car like in Dirt Rally 2
  2. Why are their not prizes for championship result? unless I am missing that screen somewhere? 
  3. Are you talking about the Ford Fiesta WRC? Because that was the 2011 debut livery which was sub licensed to be used in dirt 3 which i guess they still have that license. If this is true I think it would be safe to say they still have the license for the focus RS, Citroen c4, and the group n Subaru.
  4. Hey guys, some more from me: 1st place AI is a bit too perfect imo. their pace is challenging and does not need to be tweaked but I feel 2nd and 3rd Ai should be occasionally getting stage wins at the same pace instead of 1st Ai winning every stage without errors the entire rally which will make consistency more of a strategy. -it takes too long to shift into reverse, can we have a dedicated key/button to shift into reverse (not hold for reverse)? -please please please spend a boat load of money to get WRC Licensed cars like the polo r, and the i20   -distance of stages on load screens
  5. Sorry didn't read all the posts but here is my feedback: -get it on consoles  -add Co-driver calls (I'm sure you are already on it-hire and fire a co driver with different voices and skills-add a "change tyre" option to change a puncture mid stage for a time penalty like vehicle recovery, stretching it a bit far but perhaps maybe even a randomized QTE mini game that determines how fast you can change the tyre on stage.-same options for other repairs you can do stage side -add the option to bring spare tires on board at the service park -full tyre choice (wets, hard, soft, mixed)-cra
  6. No sadly, haven't replaced my broken pulse headset yet. 
  7. I'm American, looking for a co-op partner for a season.  50-100% (though I like 100%).  I am usually on between 07:00-13:15 GMT weekdays, Also put maybe an hour in around 00:30-02:00 GMT, Sundays I'm pretty free and Saturday nights too. My PSN is JamesUpton87, also I am nothing great HAHA, message me about co-op career
  8. Alright round two of my suggestions Multiplayer: -Online car degradation..... Please for the love of motorsports balance this out. After only 350 miles I'm spending 90,000 every 5 races on maintenance while only making 10,000 per race (if I win) I'm all for the concept but this is way overkill. -Allow spectator cam when joining a game in progress. -improve lag ghosts, they cause massive crashes when a car solidifes inside of my car. -massive price adjustments payouts and balancing is needed. Full games only pay 15k yet some cars cost over a million. Don't even think about money
  9. yeah there are a lot of sound issues i noticed, engine noise will fade away after collisions and such, please make them more consistent and dominating.
  10. Hey guys, great game, couple of tiny things that I feel are needed Single Player: -A race confirm message asking if you are sure you want to start the race (for when you do not practice or qualify, lost count how many times I've accidentally hit Race when I meant to go into practice to try a tune setup) - XP bonus for race length being longer in difficulty. - PIT STOPS and drive through penalties. Kinda shocked this isn't already in, especially endurance. If animation for pitting is a concern just lock the camera to dash camera for the stop. - Custom team in Career, nobody wants the ultimat
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