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  1. Bare with me this is kind of a rant thread of my honest feeling behind what's been going on with CM over the years. Been a longtime fan of Codemasters games. Still am but I can't help but feel that for whatever reason, the standards are falling. I suspect there's internal conflicts between the Studios and the higher ups to cut corners and save money. For a very long time now it seems that most new Codemasters games are stripped of a major feature from a previous game and flip a coin whether or not it actually gets addressed and added after feedback from the fans. From Cockpit cam stripped in Grid 2, VR Stripped from Dirt 4 and DR 2.0, actual designed stages in Dirt 4, Most of the racing disciplines from Grid stripped from Grid 2019, wheel support from Dirt 5 etc etc. I'm enjoying Dirt 5 now that it has wheel support but even that leaves things to be desired. Can't bind all the buttons on my wheel can't override predesignated bindings, can't bind my handbrake and forced to bind it to the button on the wheel or clutch pedal. yet I can boot up the Original Grid... a 2008 game that far predates the release of my entire wheel ecosystem and everything is 100% supported, mappable all the way down to my analog hand brake. I feel it's only a matter of time before these sub standards affect the big IP's like Dirt Rally, the F1 games and the future WRC games. And this is all before EA employs whatever nonsense that they're going to do that I'm not looking forward to since most NFS games launch without any kind of wheel support. Probably add RNG loot boxes to F1 in the form of Dream Team like they do their other sport titles. if EA allows it, lets get these titles back to greatness. bring community developed back to PCARS and Dirt Rally. Bring back a proper Grid game or just remaster the original with new cars with all the disciplines and the crazy race incidents that happen all the time in the original making it closer to Toca, stop stripping features that were present in past games. Regularly do Early Access, it did amazing wonders for the Original PCars and Dirt Rally. You guys won over an amazing racing community over the last 15 years, put that community first and you will surely ascend to new highs.
  2. JamesUpton

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    Is there any way to add seat adjustment like Dirt Rally? Cockpit is too far back, and dash is too far forward. Even with FOV scaled all the way back the cockpit view isn’t ideal for me. Basically want to be able to make it look like my steering wheel is the actual steering wheel in the car like in Dirt Rally 2
  3. JamesUpton

    DiRT Rally feedback list

    Why are their not prizes for championship result? unless I am missing that screen somewhere? 
  4. JamesUpton

    DiRT Rally feedback list

    Are you talking about the Ford Fiesta WRC? Because that was the 2011 debut livery which was sub licensed to be used in dirt 3 which i guess they still have that license. If this is true I think it would be safe to say they still have the license for the focus RS, Citroen c4, and the group n Subaru.
  5. JamesUpton

    DiRT Rally feedback list

    Hey guys, some more from me: 1st place AI is a bit too perfect imo. their pace is challenging and does not need to be tweaked but I feel 2nd and 3rd Ai should be occasionally getting stage wins at the same pace instead of 1st Ai winning every stage without errors the entire rally which will make consistency more of a strategy. -it takes too long to shift into reverse, can we have a dedicated key/button to shift into reverse (not hold for reverse)? -please please please spend a boat load of money to get WRC Licensed cars like the polo r, and the i20   -distance of stages on load screens/stage select screens
  6. JamesUpton

    DiRT Rally feedback list

    Sorry didn't read all the posts but here is my feedback: -get it on consoles  -add Co-driver calls (I'm sure you are already on it-hire and fire a co driver with different voices and skills-add a "change tyre" option to change a puncture mid stage for a time penalty like vehicle recovery, stretching it a bit far but perhaps maybe even a randomized QTE mini game that determines how fast you can change the tyre on stage.-same options for other repairs you can do stage side -add the option to bring spare tires on board at the service park -full tyre choice (wets, hard, soft, mixed)-crash cam, and lengthen the duration of the terminal damage so we can see what happens to the car until it stops moving-snow bank physics-custom rally team with livery (like grid 1)-sponsorships-Ravenwest Rally team (have them seldom compete like grid 1)-keep rewind out and the no restart bonus, maybe even make the bonus bigger, this helps protect the purpose of the sport-power stages and super special spectator stages (WRC style not games style)-add splits for the car ahead and behind you, those battles are just as exciting-make retiring and slow running cars an obstacle on stage-road sweeping and road order simulation-standing dust simulation -staggered starts for online And loads more, just can't recall more off the top of my head.
  7. JamesUpton

    ERS, why do people complain?

    I miss Kers
  8. JamesUpton

    Looking for CO-OP partner.

    No sadly, haven't replaced my broken pulse headset yet. 
  9. JamesUpton

    Looking for CO-OP partner.

    I'm American, looking for a co-op partner for a season.  50-100% (though I like 100%).  I am usually on between 07:00-13:15 GMT weekdays, Also put maybe an hour in around 00:30-02:00 GMT, Sundays I'm pretty free and Saturday nights too. My PSN is JamesUpton87, also I am nothing great HAHA, message me about co-op career
  10. JamesUpton

    GRID Autosport Feedback

    Alright round two of my suggestions Multiplayer: -Online car degradation..... Please for the love of motorsports balance this out. After only 350 miles I'm spending 90,000 every 5 races on maintenance while only making 10,000 per race (if I win) I'm all for the concept but this is way overkill. -Allow spectator cam when joining a game in progress. -improve lag ghosts, they cause massive crashes when a car solidifes inside of my car. -massive price adjustments payouts and balancing is needed. Full games only pay 15k yet some cars cost over a million. Don't even think about money packs. -the ability to represent your racenet team without a unified livery. -racenet team integration, make it so we can do it all in game.
  11. JamesUpton

    GRID Autosport Feedback

    yeah there are a lot of sound issues i noticed, engine noise will fade away after collisions and such, please make them more consistent and dominating.
  12. JamesUpton

    GRID Autosport Feedback

    Hey guys, great game, couple of tiny things that I feel are needed Single Player: -A race confirm message asking if you are sure you want to start the race (for when you do not practice or qualify, lost count how many times I've accidentally hit Race when I meant to go into practice to try a tune setup) - XP bonus for race length being longer in difficulty. - PIT STOPS and drive through penalties. Kinda shocked this isn't already in, especially endurance. If animation for pitting is a concern just lock the camera to dash camera for the stop. - Custom team in Career, nobody wants the ultimate goal of racing for Nub Team Ravenwest, we all want to destroy them in team standings and make them lose all their sponsors. - Demolition derby in career mode / custom cup Multi Player: - Get rid of the reversed tracks in playlists, NO one wants to race Mount Panorama, Spa Francochamp, etc in reverse yet whenever it comes up in the vote options more often than not they are the reversed courses. - Playlists that disable assists and flashbacks - in playlists Make the starting grid off previous race result reversed instead of points, seems a little ridiculous the best player always starts in poll with a 200 point lead when newcomers to online and the session always have to start in the back. - For custom cup online make the starting grid apply to the AI drivers as well -For custom cup allow multiple disciplines in a cup, would be nice to throw some demolition derby in the same cup with touring etc - Demolition derby playlist please - Custom livery for derby cars - Team Racing - On the vote screen display the class of cars that will be used. A lot of us wouldn't vote to race a specfic track because it would be mini cup probably got a thousand more ideas but these are my suggestions for now