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  1. Well, It's taken a while, but TM finally replied to my query. They provided me with a unrelated pdf file about changing the main pedal springs (which they acknowledge is unrelated), but it contained a photo showing how to position the potentiometer sprocket relative to the pedal arm. As coincidence would have it, I ended up setting my gas pedal to the position they show, but my brake pedal ended up being set differently. I've replied and asked them to clarify whether both pedals are set the same or differently. 2Pedals_set_Brake_Gas_springs_en.pdf EDIT: After waiting a month for their response they responded overnight to my follow-up query. They say that both pedal arms should be set the same, as above.
  2. Hi steviejay69, Can you please explain a couple of things for me that I don't know how to do. - "go into the Game Controller properties and recalibrate the pedals". How do you recalibrate the pedals? - "just reinitialise the controller on the console". How do you reinitialise the controller on PS4? Thanks.
  3. Well, I had some success with the process I described and that GioProductions was pointing towards. I changed the accelerator pedal to engage with the third groove and in the Control Panel the bar went to 100% just before the pedal movement reached 100%. I changed the brake pedal to engage with the fifth groove with the same result. The feel/in-game effect of both pedals is very different to before, but perfectly functional. After a little while I can make this feeling the new normal. I haven't heard back from Thrustmaster yet, but if they comment something useful I will report it here. Thanks very much for the assistance.
  4. I actually got the follow-up email from Thrustmaster support tonight after only 2 days, instead of the 15 days I was dreading. So I've replied to that and we'll see what they make of it.
  5. Hi GioProductions, I've seen firmware update videos that show the Wheel Control Panel and each bar (for clutch, brake and gas) in the Pedals section is showing 50% (see attached image of TM's latest firmware update pdf). More recently, though, I've seen videos where the values are 0%. My Control Panel shows the values as 0%. One thing I'm going to try tomorrow is to do what you suggested, but also use the bars in the Control Panel. I'm going to adjust which groove each pedal engages with until the bar gets to 100% when the pedal is fully depressed. Then try it in game and see if it works the same as before. I'll let you know how that goes. Thanks.
  6. DrDraken, both photos are taken from the left hand side, so normal pedal use would be if the pedal arm rotated counter clockwise in these photos. I actually had to depress each pedal a little bit to get the teeth to engage. If you can carefully open yours and take a photo of each pedal potentiometer as the teeth first engage, that would be hugely beneficial. I now assume that they are not meant to engage with the first groove. Thanks.
  7. Hi, I purchased a T300RS back in 2017 which has the T2PA pedals. I only play F1 so I don't need a clutch pedal. I noticed, through the hole on the pedal base behind the pedal arm, that there was quite a bit of dust inside the pedal base. I undid the pedal plates (screwed to the pedal arms) and then undid all the screws on the underside and removed the top of the pedal base. I was right, there was a lot of dust and I cleaned it up with some tissues. At some point I pushed each pedal in the opposite direction to when you use them in-game, so that I could get to dust close to the bottom of each pedal. In moving the pedals back to the resting position I re-engaged the teeth of the pedal with the first grove of the potentiometer (is that what it is?). I screwed everything back together and thought nothing of it. When I next played F1 2019 i had absolutely no brake pedal and only a slight amount of accelerator pedal. I have contacted Thrustmaster support, but due to Covid-19 there are extended delays in replying (up to 15 days). Is anyone able to advise whether I need to engage the pedal with a different groove on the potentiometer? If you're able to open your own pedal base and observe your pedal engagement it would be hugely appreciated, as my pedals worked fine before simply giving them a clean. Otherwise, is there something within some Thrustmaster software that allows me to adjust how much brake effort is applied in-game. Thanks in advance. [EDIT: I should have mentioned that I only play on PS4.]