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  1. Hi, I purchased a T300RS back in 2017 which has the T2PA pedals. I only play F1 so I don't need a clutch pedal. I noticed, through the hole on the pedal base behind the pedal arm, that there was quite a bit of dust inside the pedal base. I undid the pedal plates (screwed to the pedal arms) and then undid all the screws on the underside and removed the top of the pedal base. I was right, there was a lot of dust and I cleaned it up with some tissues. At some point I pushed each pedal in the opposite direction to when you use them in-game, so that I could get to dust close to the bottom of each pedal. In moving the pedals back to the resting position I re-engaged the teeth of the pedal with the first grove of the potentiometer (is that what it is?). I screwed everything back together and thought nothing of it. When I next played F1 2019 i had absolutely no brake pedal and only a slight amount of accelerator pedal. I have contacted Thrustmaster support, but due to Covid-19 there are extended delays in replying (up to 15 days). Is anyone able to advise whether I need to engage the pedal with a different groove on the potentiometer? If you're able to open your own pedal base and observe your pedal engagement it would be hugely appreciated, as my pedals worked fine before simply giving them a clean. Otherwise, is there something within some Thrustmaster software that allows me to adjust how much brake effort is applied in-game. Thanks in advance.
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    Is AI still going to be **** in 2019

    I couldn't agree more when it comes to blocking. I noticed it last year and it's present again in 2019 from day 1, session 1. Attached video is a perfect example of an AI car coming out of the pits in Australia and blocking at turn 1. Later in qualy I was blocked in exactly the same way at turn 1 and on the same lap into turn 3. It's pretty bloody annoying. I know inadvertent blocking happens for real, but not blatantly obvious stuff like this. #badcode F1 2019 Pit Exit-Turn 1 Blocking.m4v