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  1. Love it. Mon lads!
  2. Happily, want to get a full roster of 11 managers or close to that first though. Ideally also want to maybe start again, from a different year if people fancy it as well.
  3. Is that right now? ps: totally up for reviving this if there's enough interest
  4. Mexicola

    The Game Thread!

    Have this mad idea of making my own F1/racing game inspired by the ones on PS1. The concept I have for it is putting in loads of features not found in like, any racing game ever (pre-qualifying, in and off-season testing, driver injuries, wild damage model, customisable rules and regs among other things) while ripping off a bunch of other games (like stat building in XCOM/management sims, the look of those PS1 F1 games, namely 97) So it's basically "What if Formula 1 '97, but more?" and partially answering that with a little bit of Geoff Crammond's Grand Prix series. My issue is not really knowing where to start. I could totally use Unity because BallisticNG, a Wipeout clone and one of the games I've played recently that's not too far off my concept, was made using it. I suppose what I need to do is construct a little prototype or demo; one track with the base features and assets, but it'll take some time for me to actually learn how to do all this. Yeah, add that to the list of projects I'll never finish.
  5. Mexicola

    The Formula 1 Stuff Thread

    Intensely studying the Williams livery, of course. That all being said, I'm thinking of going to the British GP this year if I can spare the money. It's a big if though; costs slightly more than a week's wage, for Christ.
  6. Mexicola

    The Formula 1 Stuff Thread

    I don't know why Williams insist on going down the whole "modern generic toothpaste packaging" with their livery every year but at least it's somewhat inoffensive looking and makes my teeth feel cleaner and whiter. I may even do without brush for the rest of my life and instead ritualistically stare at a 4x4 print-out of their cars as a way of dental hygiene. Hell, if I look at the Martini logo long enough I might even achieve inebriation through placebo. The wonders of the human brain.
  7. This is a Formula 1 forum management series, where 11 massively fortunate members of the forum get the chance to manager a Formula 1 team. An introduction, with further information and game rules can be found here: http://forums.codemasters.com/discussion/45046/grand-prix-manager-introduction-and-sign-up   2001 SEASON LINE UP Team 1: Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro Team Principal: mike96 Driver 1: Michael Schumacher Driver 2: Rubens Barrichello Test Driver:  Luca Badoer Engine: Ferrari Tyres:  Bridgestone Team 2: West McLaren Mercedes Team Principal: Reub09 Driver 1: Mika Hakkinen Driver 2: David Coulthard Test Driver: Alexander Wurz Engine: Mercedes Tyres: Bridgestone Team 3: BMW WilliamsF1 Team Team Principal: MBKF1 Driver 1: Ralf Schumacher Driver 2: Juan Pablo Montoya Test Driver: Marc Gené Engine: BMW Tyres: Michelin Team 4: Mild Seven Benetton Renault Team Principal: f1since08* Driver 1: Giancarlo Fisichella Driver 2: Jenson Button Test Driver: Mark Webber Engine: Renault Tyres: Michelin Team 5: Lucky Strike BAR Honda Team Principal: cougar1981 Driver 1: Olivier Panis Driver 2: Jacques Villeneuve Test Driver: Anthony Davidson Engine: Honda Tyres: Bridgestone Team 6: B&H Jordan Honda Team Principal: SynGamer Driver 1: Heinz-Harald Frentzen Driver 2: Jarno Trulli Test Driver: Ricardo Zonta Engine: Honda Tyres: Bridgestone Team 7: Orange Arrows Asiatech Team Principal: Vettelfan Driver 1: Jos Verstappen Driver 2: Enrique Bernoldi Test Driver: Johnny Herbert Engine: Asiatech (Peugeot) Tyres: Bridgestone Team 8: Red Bull Sauber Petronas Team Principal: Hughesy Driver 1: Nick Heidfeld Driver 2: Kimi Raikkonen Test Driver: Felipe Massa Engine: Petronas (Ferrari) Tyres: Bridgestone Team 9: Jaguar Racing Team Principal: RevolvingPrawn Driver 1: Eddie Irvine Driver 2: Luciano Burti Test Driver: Pedro de la Rosa Engine: Cosworth Tyres: Michelin Team 10: European Minardi F1 Team Principal: Jiggy Driver 1: Tarso Marques Driver 2: Fernando Alonso Test Driver: Alex Yoong Engine: European (Cosworth) Tyres: Michelin Team 11: Prost Acer Team Principal: f1since08* Driver 1: Jean Alesi Driver 2: Gastón Mazzacane Test Driver: Tomas Enge Engine: Acer (Ferrari) Tyres: Michelin RESERVE LIST 2001 GRAND PRIX CALANDER Pre-season Test Session 1 - Barcelona Fastest Lap: Juan Pablo Montoya - Williams -  1:19.970 Pre-season Test Session 2 - Jerez Fastest Lap: Jarno Trulli - Jordan - 1:24.078 Pre-season Test Session 3 - Mugello Fastest Lap: Michael Schumacher - Ferrari - 1:25.374 1 - Australian Grand Prix - Melbourne Pole Position: Juan Pablo Montoya - Williams - 1:26.582 Race Winner: Mika Hakkinen - McLaren - 1:26:46.228 Fastest Lap: David Coulthard - McLaren - 1:27.815 2 - Malaysian Grand Prix - Sepang Pole Position: Michael Schumacher - Ferrari - 1:55.125 Race Winner: Ralf Schumacher - Williams - 1:30:18.487 Fastest Lap: Juan Pablo Montoya - Williams - 1:36.641 3 - Brazilian Grand Prix - Interlagos Pole Position: David Coulthard - McLaren - 1:13.583 Race Winner: Rubens Barrichello - Ferarri - 1:32:33.962 Fastest Lap: Mika Hakkinen - McLaren - 1:13.825 4 - San Marino Grand Prix - Imola Pole Position: Race Winner: Fastest Lap: 5 - Spanish Grand Prix - Barcelona Pole Position: Race Winner: Fastest Lap: Mid-season Test Session 1 - Barcelona Fastest Lap: 6 - Austrian Grand Prix - A1 Ring Pole Position: Race Winner: Fastest Lap: 7 - Monaco Grand Prix - Monte Carlo Pole Position: Race Winner: Fastest Lap: 8 - Canadian Grand Prix - Montreal Pole Position: Race Winner: Fastest Lap: 9 - European Grand Prix - Nurburgring Pole Position: Race Winner: Fastest Lap: Mid-season Test Session 2 - Jerez Fastest Lap: 10 - French Grand Prix - Magny-Cours Pole Position: Race Winner: Fastest Lap: 11 - British Grand Prix - Silverstone Pole Position: Race Winner: Fastest Lap: 12 - German Grand Prix - Hockenheim Pole Position: Race Winner: Fastest Lap: 13 - Hungarian Grand Prix - Hungaroring Pole Position: Race Winner: Fastest Lap: Mid-season Test Session 2 - Silverstone Fastest Lap: 14 - Belgian Grand Prix - Spa-Francorchamps Pole Position: Race Winner: Fastest Lap: 15 - Italian Grand Prix - Monza Pole Position: Race Winner: Fastest Lap: 16 - United States Grand Prix - Indianapolis Pole Position: Race Winner: Fastest Lap: 17 - Japanese Grand Prix - Suzuka Pole Position: Race Winner: Fastest Lap: DRIVERS CHAMPIONSHIP - AFTER ROUND 3 CONSTRUCTORS CHAMPIONSHIP - AFTER ROUND 3 ENGINE MARKET - NOT OPEN UNTIL MONACO DRIVER MARKET - NOT OPEN UNTIL MONACO TEAM BUDGETS