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  1. I'm like Quasimodo, I only come out when it's quiet 😉
  2. Echoing the same sentiment here. Hi kids.
  3. Have this mad idea of making my own F1/racing game inspired by the ones on PS1. The concept I have for it is putting in loads of features not found in like, any racing game ever (pre-qualifying, in and off-season testing, driver injuries, wild damage model, customisable rules and regs among other things) while ripping off a bunch of other games (like stat building in XCOM/management sims, the look of those PS1 F1 games, namely 97) So it's basically "What if Formula 1 '97, but more?" and partially answering that with a little bit of Geoff Crammond's Grand Prix series. My issue is not reall
  4. Intensely studying the Williams livery, of course. That all being said, I'm thinking of going to the British GP this year if I can spare the money. It's a big if though; costs slightly more than a week's wage, for Christ.
  5. I don't know why Williams insist on going down the whole "modern generic toothpaste packaging" with their livery every year but at least it's somewhat inoffensive looking and makes my teeth feel cleaner and whiter. I may even do without brush for the rest of my life and instead ritualistically stare at a 4x4 print-out of their cars as a way of dental hygiene. Hell, if I look at the Martini logo long enough I might even achieve inebriation through placebo. The wonders of the human brain.
  6. Football's getting kneecapped.          
  7. If there's an option to have a live feed of Rowan Atkinson's unedited reaction to the races then I'm game.
  8. I think it looks class. It's like something from Wipeout. In a couple of years FEISAR and AG Systems will be juking it out for the WCC.
  9. Tool are okay.                                                                      
  10. Very big difference between Doctor Who and James Bond. And how on earth does this have anything to do with political correctness? People need to stop throwing that phrase around, it doesn't mean anything anymore.
  11. I had my money on Olivia Colman, she would have been good.
  12. HIDEOUS                                          
  13. HIDEOUS                                                       
  14. If there's another Codies meet up thing ooooh boy am I showing you guys the true scumbag that I am.
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