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  1. All the BS aside , race cars have mirrors and I think they make pit stops to... Forza had no problem , how many years ago ? As for the BS . Most comments are full of good info and facts but somehow CM has a  few satisfied customers who find a need to defend them... To each his own as they say.....but I can't ...
  2. Now isn't that an insult to console users .  Maybe I should go and get the PC version and put it next to my X-Box version on the shelf until CM can figure out what they are doing....LOL....  Does the PS version do anything special that warrants buying that version also....   This is a fun game and I don't want to miss anything...  Hey, maybe CM can figure it out someday and explain it to us , just so we could understand all of this confusion ..... Or maybe they will just fix it and us poor slobs that are sticking with the  360 for now can enjoy the last and best r
  3.     Well, if you were looking in your rear view mirror for the cars behind you you wouldn't have to worry about the color of the bridge.. O , did I say rear  view mirror ?  LOL !    You are so correct saying little things being big things in this game ..... This is the perfect  should have , could have , would have been the best racing game put together if only the little things were there to make it a big thing... I really enjoy  playing this very addictive game . I know it sounds like whining but it is really just constructive criticism with
  4.    A fact is not whining and to have a game like this that should have and could have been one of the best racing games ever for the 360 , PS4 , and PC platforms have so many problems , and  patches adding more problems is just not a good thing . I suppose commenting on no mirrors on a race car or a pit stop for the basics is whining  also .  I happen to really like this game for what it is suppose to be , but it is not.... If you can accept the bugs and long waits for fixes I commend your patience and support of  gaming BS... Not a whine, just a fact....This comp
  5. It isn't over yet....Beware Mini Cooper fans ... Has anyone been denied access to a lobby due to Download content?   I hope this is fixed but  I had some strange problems today....   Damn, I hope I am wrong... i
  6.  Nascar game ?  Codemasters ?  Are you kidding ?   They got to figure out how to build a race car with a mirror first and then remember that they need to stop for tires and fuel... Just the basics will do and they might get it right.... Then it should be offered to everyone that bought GAS as an apology for taking money for a game that didn't work and still doesn't..... Nascar , they can't do it ...... Sorry, but GAS could have and should have been a great game as it has so many good qualities but someone missed the basics and now they don't seem to care... Did anyone
  7.     Just try Grid Autosport and you will have your answer why they can't get it right.... They miss the basics, plain and simple.
  8. Thanks guys, I feel better now... I won't post his gamertag  so as not to stoop to his level , he was a lousy driver anyway...
  9.  Why would anyone kick and ban someone from a lobby when all your doing is running around for  leveling up purposes.....  Does this affect my reputation as a clean racer ?
  10. Thanks for comments, at least I know it is not just me and maybe it will work out for everyone......
  11. I just thought everyone meant everyone but I guess here it means everyone unless you don't want to be part of everyone........ Seriously, I just thought if you could communicate with everyone it would help with a pass or a yield of position as the mirrors have not been added .. but I guess that would get confusing with everyone talking....Sooooo!  I hope everyone has fun and  I thank you for your input.....
  12. Sometime I can hear them talking with each other.. Doesn't the speaker marker show a muted person?   Also I see a marker flash at times...What does each option actually mean ?   Sorry , but I just can't figure this out...
  13. Hello, I need help with the Voice options for Grid Autosport.       Can anyone explain how the Voice options work  when racing on line ?       If I set for everyone there are no voices for some players even though they have a speaker marker  and no one seems to respond to my request for a test.       Maybe  I am missing a step in the setup method..       I believe there are four options to use  but I can't find any directions for them..      Thanks for any help in advance
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