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  1. Well, 'indie' isn't a strictly defined term, so everyone sees something different in it. You could say, that anything but EA, Ubisoft and Activision is indie, if you like. For me, a studio can be called indie, if it just develops games, is in that independent of any publisher that forces deadlines on them or has anything to say about the content. A studio that hasn't got the capabilities of publishing a game on itself, meaning pressing discs, do commercials etc. Codemasters has 3(?) studios and publishes their games mostly on their own. They may not be a major like the 3 big players, but still
  2. It's highly improbable or nearly impossible to achieve a wheelie with a 'normal' race car. A simple explanation of the needed acceleration to do a wheelie is a = g*b/h (where g = gravity, b = hor. distance from the center of mass to the rear wheels and h = hight of the center of mass) Let's say our usual racecar has a length of 4,2m, a weight distribution of 40:60 (b ~1,3m) and a CoM height of h = 0,5m. That equals to a = 25m/s² needed to do a wheelie. Now to the usual accelearation of a race car. Let's be optimistic and say it is 2s flat from 0-100km/h. (I know no 'car', not dragster, that
  3. Maybe not Gran Turismo, but I doubt they just use a linear torque/power 'curve', but an idividual for every car/engine. In the end they licensed these cars and I as manufacturer wouldn't be happy if they didn't depict my engine at least somewhat like the real one. So a small N/A engine will need revs to get on speed, while a turbo-engine doesn't that much. B.t.w., the rotary engine ended its life because the RX7 and RX8, the only cars that still used it, ended their production-cycle. The MX5 always used a classic 4-cylinder petrol-engine. That car would never have been such a hit with a petrol
  4. Usually I use +100/+100 as the car reacts quicker and more direct to steering and 'wobbles' around less. On a few RWD cars that tend to slip the rear a lot I set the rear suspension to +50 or 0, as it gives a little more traction and gets better to control. The Audi R8 or the Touring Classics Sierra RS500 for example are some of these cars. But then again it depends on the track. If you have many slow corners, then preferred +50/0 on the rear, as the sliding pretty much only happens at low speeds. If there's only fast corners it doesn't matter and it's +100.
  5. I guess you'll just need a little patience. I think I got my mail on Oct. 3rd (so in the same week the challenge ended), replied on the 6th and received my springs yesterday. I guess there's a different team responsible in the states, maybe they are slower. :D 
  6. All of that was discussed before in this forum ;) Coloured circles: That's your 'impact rating'. Drive clean and make hardly any contact and you'll get white in no time. Hit everything in  your way and you'll degrade down to red. If others hit you, that unfortunately does affect your rating aswell. Performance/Damage: On own cars none. I drove a car down to 10% once and didn't feel any difference in handling or performance. So it doesn't really matter if you repair a car before any event or only if it degraded 10% or whatever. Asking for a documentation of unclear features is a funny at
  7. This is just ridiculous. How can they let different versions communicate with each other?! They have their own servers, don't they? So why not version check and deny players with an outdated game? I absolutely HATE when Devs do that! Reminds me of NfS6 (the one after Porsche) back in the days. That game checked for versions and denied different ones to play together, BUT it didn't force anyone to upgrade to the latest patch. Great! I needed the 1.1 which pretty much only fixed an issue with my wheel, so 99% of all other players ran with 1.0 and online was instantly dead for me, as I couldn't e
  8. @Cheesenium‌  You see the difference with the DLC-strategy, do you? GAS had a certain amount of DLCs that were known and more or less in the works during release of the game. Some DLCs are a joke, like the additional garage slots or the xp-booster. You pay for something, that the game limits you to in the first place, so you really get nothing of value for your money. THAT is simply money generating 'content' that cost the devs 10 minutes of work. Generally I have no problem with DLCs in racing games. Creating high quality tracks and cars costs time and therefore money.  Both AC and
  9. I really hope so! All the past years it was the PC that had to suffer under the vastly outdated and limited consoles. FPS-limitations, poor graphics, generally poor performance ports of the games, especially Codemasters stupid keyboard/controller-only menus. Countless games that were more or less ruined for PC by consoles. So better the other way around. The limited platforms should get limited features/games. In the end that's what consumers pay for on them. :D  Are you serious? Sure, the team is small and they might not have that much money to spend, but apart from the fact that t
  10. There's only one thing that shouldn't matter in a 'cross-gen' comparison.... And that's graphics. And exactly that's what really doesn't matter to me. The game mechanics are the same as 15 years ago, it only got more complex. At least in some games. GAS unfortunately was one of the games that didn't evolve. Most game modes are only half done, not present, buggy. Features don't work or work horribly complicated and that represents the whole game for me.  What's broken in GAS is nothing new. It's stuff that has been there for a long time in many racing games (even by CM themselves), so old
  11. Seemed to me that you meant that behaviour of the game was intentional, but guess I read that wrong. To me it mattered as I forgot to look at the times beforehand most times and then didn't know what time was needed to get to the top, which was annoying. So knowing you are on p5000 or p50 isn't unimportant to have an indicator on how much is still needed to reach the top. On pc there's racenet anyway, so the possibility to see the actual ranking is there, even if complicated. Guess you don't have that on ps3 (hardly use mine, only got it for gta5  :# ). 
  12. @batman1297‌  Not correct. Yes, you always get only shown the 20 above and below you, but after the patch (at least on pc) the actual position you are in is shown correct. So if you're in pos. 521 you'll see the entries 501 to 541 with the correct numbers before it and not 1 to 41 with you on 21.
  13. I have really no idea. I drive Formula in the challenges, apart from that never, so never observed that. A car without a roof isn't a proper car. :D 
  14. Hey, that was just google translate...I don't know any letter of that stuff above... BUT I got more than half a sentence out of him! :D 
  15. Вы знаете, как глупо Google Translate является? Ваши предложения не имеют никакого смысла вообще. И, если вы разместите видео, пожалуйста, объясните, как кого следует обманули, иначе вы просто дурят ​​из себя. Ну, вы уже сделали.
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