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  1. Seemed weird to me aswell, but I think they just used some bogus times jsut to fill the list. I've never seen the names before and all the times around 2:20 and below are in no way realistic (in a negative way), even for slow drivers. Regarding registration... yes, you are only shown on their board, if you registered correctly. I didn't receive a confimration-mail either, so had to talk to them directly to get confirmed. Another thing that seems strange to me is, that US and Germany have separate boards. The rules said, that the platforms are treated separately, nothing about countries aswell
  2. Can't remember ever driving that car on Algarve. :D  But yeah, Yas Marina is fine, too. Good opportunity to finally getting good at that track.
  3. Tried too much for the eibach challenge the last days, so didn't do much for this one and no time today, so my 1:54.961 will be my final offer. Guess you've won by 17 thousands, unless anyone else beats you. :D 
  4. Classic Touring is pre-V8 Supercars, ATCC, which was under Group A regulations with roughly 600HP, if I'm right. Touring Legends is the old BTCC Super Touring with, I don't know, something around 300HP at max? Though the cars are pretty mixed through the years, as the Sierra had its last year in '93, while the Audi wasn't indroduced until '96. Tracks are not the problem, it's the race mode. You can choose Race/TimeAttack/Sprint, usually. Classic Touring and Touring Legends both have no Sprint option available. Anyway, I'm pretty disappointed now. Legends not in TT? Sure, this is a DLC, but
  5. @FOSTBITTEN‌  I agree with that completely, but at 7:10 it is summed up pretty well. You have to respect each other. On real circuits in real cars that is mostly the case, as everyone knows what's on the line (financially, or your own seat if you f*ck up too much), BUT in a game that respect is hardly present. If you stick to your line, 80% of all drivers that might be close to you before a corner will have a go and try to outbrake you into the corner, even if it means having contact, taking the other one out, using him as wall, etc. Not only that, they try it in every corner, even if it
  6. RTA, you should learn to differ between defending and blocking. Blocking: Constantly changing lines to keep another car behind you, usually on a straight. Defending: Bringing yourself into a position, so that the backer (is this word right in this context?) doesn't have a clear chance to outbrake you into a croner. This guy did the latter, defending. Though I have to admit, the way how he did it wasn't very clever. He was way too much on the inside, so he lost momentum through the corner. If you'd seen that, RTA, you could have known he would be slower, get off the gas a little earlier and pa
  7. Any news on the registration here? I am in the top ten (so far), especially when it comes to us/german residents only, but I'd hate to miss it just because I've seen this too late.
  8. Be happy, you are the only one to do TT with this car on probably every track. :D 
  9. They (white, like a V ) float around the back of your car, if in chase view, or at the bottom of the screen if any onboard-view. Don't know about PS3 but I don't think that version doesn't have them.
  10. Sure, we can do that. Start to love that track... and that car. :D  My lap was pretty sloppy aswell. If I took my best sector times I'd be 3 or 4 tenths quicker I think. But here it is trickier than Bathurst. You need to get the right line at the right speed through that triple right and the esses, otherwise you easily lose half a second. Got every corner right, but never in one lap. ^^
  11. It's the first game I remember where you can actually compare results over platforms. Even GRID1 bach in the days... I remember it having a way different steering than on PC, at least I read that. So nevermind, internet doesn't smell, so your brain may do whatever it likes. Btw... 1:54.961 :D 
  12. Ok, thought you're under a different name maybe. Anyway, I improved a tiny bit. :D  edit: There you go... 1:55:081 http://youtu.be/KPbxsi9VIlk
  13. @oldmodelt‌  You're probably on the 'wrong' platform. I'm on PC and I see my time on the leaderboard aswell as Gooner's. TUSM i.d.k., are you on PC aswell or console?
  14. Now THIS is a proper DLC! :D  Could very well replace the CatC for me. I'm excited! ^^
  15. So, mostly binary setup I see. :D  I have the feeling that seems to work for every car on every track.
  16. Before everyone forgets (if not already happened), care to share setups? I'm curious how you drive... :smiley:  I used -100 -80 -100 +40 +80 +60 for my fastest lap.
  17. 1:55:883 so far, but didn't record. It was pretty amazing though, I managed to improve every single lap over 10 laps or so. From a 57:9 gradually down. Not too familiar with track and car, but looking good so far. Please don't shave off another half second of that. :D 
  18. Is this ok? Sure not, he used you as wall, no fault on your side. Still I don't understand your behaviour. What do you try to accomplish? You play online, anonymously, so people do what they like, accept that. You did the revenge foul in the next corner (which is ok... I do the same in such a situation, if it's possible). You would've had the position, so why didn't you keep driving but instead push him into the gravel? You think he won't try that ever again? I highly doubt that. Keep calm and drive on... :D 
  19. I'd be fine with changing the discipline every other challenge, though touring cars is the only thing I am pretty good at. But yeah, I pretty much bought TOCA Race Driver 6 here. :D 
  20. Yes, you got taken out. That doesn't matter for anyone else. If you actually left the track is irrelevant. You spun, came off the racing line and had to reenter with a lower speed than all the others. That is the important part. The car you made contact with is a result of you not looking back. It wasn't like you got hit, spun and thereby crashed into another car. Again, it doesn't matter if you got off-track (loosing speed, leaving racing line) by force or by own error. If you re-enter you HAVE to look what happens behind/beside you. He didn't lose actual position, but he was in a fight for p
  21. Event 2 of the Time Trial Challenge Cat B - Autosport Raceway // GP Circuit Duration: 5 Days as last time, so end is Wednesday, the 17th. -> extended till Friday the 19th. Rules: Max. two wheels on the blue stuff behind the kerbs: As long as you hear the sound running over the kerbs, it's fine. Except from that the usual, no wallriding, no obvious cutting through grass/gravel. Shouldn't matter on this track anyway. Have fun! :smile: 
  22. This would be my fastest. My ghost is gone unfortunately, so can't check my line that way, but should be about the same as Goonertez'. 2:07.586 http://youtu.be/di6mvxDfMOs
  23. "- If you do spin out, don't rush to get back on track. Use the minimap to determine if any cars are fast approaching. Think: getting back onto a highway after stopping on the shoulder. Which also leads to..." That is from the Racing Etiquette 101 you posted a few days ago. So if someone bumps into you (the video still shows otherwise) he deserves a public punishment. If you hit another car (he was fighing for position!) it is ok, because you got out of the way? You spun (doesn't matter if by yourself or forced) and reentered the track without taking a look back. That was pure ignorance. You
  24. Yours was the only really clean lap posted so far, so that was nothing more than a pragmatic observation. I said myself, that my lap was not clean, Gaski said it for his aswell so I see no offense or whatever in that. But whatever... have we decided now, how to proceed? It is friday, so my impression was that it ends today. Need to know what to upload. :D 
  25. You steered and shifted differently in your proof video, so this tells nothing. And in the end it is not about 'can you make the corner clean?', it is about 'can you spin there on your own?'. And I showed you that you can. To my picture... a hitbox that goes before and after a car so much? Sorry, but that is not the case. If it was, you couldn't visibly hit another car, which I know I did some times. I've driven closer through a corner and nothing happend. That would be impossible with your theory. But let's assume it actually was a too big hitbox and you were hit by that. How dare you to bl
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