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  1. Unfortunately you are right. Take the car to indy and try to max out on the straight. With +100 I reach 370kph (+-3, depending on corner exit) when hitting the wall. Im in 6th@7k rpm. With +-0 Ratio I reach 370 aswell, though my theoretical top speed is lower. I should be way faster. Seems like they didn't bother to take the ratio into account for acceleration. This gets worse and worse. :D  One thing it affects though is the handling on the car, as it behaves differently at certain revs. When doing the Intel challenge with the Ute, the car was easier to control for me, when having a hig
  2. Are you mad? You must be, otherwise I can't imagine how you are able to twist reality that much. There, I pointed it out for you. This is as close as he gets and there's enough room for at least two big people to get through side by side. This isn't even perspective-corrected, so there's way more room than the picture shows. This isn't even close to being hit and again, he doesn't get closer than that. Lag isn't really an option either, as that way his car would only be behind his position, not before. But in GAS that isn't a problem anymore, I turned in before people with 200kph with that dis
  3. "20.2 Drivers must use the track at all times. For the avoidance of doubt the white lines defining the track edges are considered to be part of the track but the kerbs are not. A driver will be judged to have left the track if no part of the car remains in contact with the track." That's from the F1 rulebook. stating that white lines are part of the track and leaving track applies, when no part is in contact. So as long as a small fraction of one wheel is on the white line, everything's fine. Some series have different interpretations, like white line is not part of the track. 
  4. You should learn what a fact is. You telling it makes it not true, you 'experiencing' it, neither.  This picture shows the one frame, where the car behind is closest to you through the whole corner. As you can clearly see, there's quite a gap. So, again, how can he hit you from that far behind? At least the paintwork is damaged when you are hit, not the case here. Talking about stewards... what would they do? They'd use camera footage. You delivered that. Going through it frame by frame reveals, that there was no contact, and that is a fact you delivered. Arguing against your own proof wi
  5. I was just proving, that it is quite easy in that corner to spin the car, nothing more. I know you can get round that corner ON the kerbs without spinning, that is not the point. And how do you know you didn't make a throttle error? Unless you have telemetry, there's no proof of that... and even the best make mistakes sometimes. The video clearly shows nothing. But please, humor me, show me that single frame in the video where that car behind tapped you. I still can't find it, but probably my eyes aren't that good. Don't tell me which second or whatever, I want that single picture, where his c
  6. Before someone asks, NO, I have nothing better to do and yes, semester break can be pretty boring sometimes. Now that that is clear... does this look familiar? http://youtu.be/26HNwjCbsr0 This is no witchery. This is traction control off, good, but not even full steering and just full throttle over the kerbs. As you can see, Fluke & Flukey, I was able to repeat exactly what happened to you 3 times in a row, without even practising and without any other car within range. You even see that stuff in Formula 1, mostly Massa or Maldonado, too insensible on the surface-shift and there goes the b
  7. You drove across kerbs and your tires spun after getting too much torque! Both enables the rumbling, too, so it must have been activated in this situation anyway, regardless what else happened. I explained the sound, the vibration the spinning wheels AND you yourself posted a video that clearly disproves his involvement. 
  8. I completely agree. Point 5 should be the easiest way to go. In the end it's about having fun with this and not politics. If something comes up with a track, where you can obviously cut without penalty, a simple rule for a certain corner can be mentioned I think. Anyway... I can offer a 2:08.100 perfectly clean and a 2:07.5ish as fastest. Still trying to get SVENOS :D 
  9. Ok, you want an opinion... You drive a BMW... with no traction control... now, THIS is what the video actually shows! During the whole time you see NO contact between you and the car behind. Go into slowmo and watch it frame by frame. The arrows are 'behind' your car, so if he hit you, the arrows must have been 'on' his car, what was not the case. But here is WHAT I see... You shift up into third, the revs go down and at 7000rpm your rear tires start to spin. So, from what I've seen in the video, that was a driving error by you. You were in a corner, on the kerbs (doesn't matter if rear or fro
  10. I'm fine either way. As long as it isn't a mile off the track I really don't care. Just observed it and thought I'd share. :D  Cases, where it would matter is Hockenheim for example. Right in the 1st corner you can a) cut on the inside (though there's a penalty), b) go pretty wide on the outside. After the hairpin and in the last double right you can go wide and online I've seen most people do exactly that, being easily 2m off track. Same in Spielberg in the last corner, where most people leave track. That I would disagree with, while in Bathurst we're talking about a wheel-width, maybe t
  11. There simply isn't an outline, hasn't anything to do with the xbox. That annoyed me aswell, as I wanted a number, but due to the dark design in that spot there's nothing to see.
  12. Right, specifically, if the white line isn't touching the vertical 'line' of the +... see picture :D  On the bottom the same for bumper view, although I'm not sure if this counts for 16:9 resolution, as I have 16:10. ###
  13. @Goonertez‌  Yes, I meant according to that my laps are off track. On the pictures the car would be perfectly 'on track', as the wheels barely touch the white line, but if the white line is 'part of the track', you could shift the white line a little to the right in the bonnet view. If you see, that the white line doesn't touch the upright part of the cross (from the logo) anymore, you're most likely somewhere you shouldn't be. Unfortunately you don't have that neat indicator on other cars. I guess I make too much of a science out of that. Probably doesn't help, studying something where
  14. Yeah, the livery system is totally f*cked up this time. In GRID it was great. Choose ONE livery, assign sponsors that don't care about the event and that's it, works for every car. But here? Like so many other things, there wasn't any thought put into this. I have to do the livery for EVERY single car by hand. If I want the same, this means remembering the color (great, if you use custom colors and not the stock ones - absolutely impossible, as there are no color values you could see), remembering where the design is, amongst the 100. And then there's that stupid assigning of sponsors out of a
  15. cms as in centimeters? Unfortunately, due to this lovely and perfectly programmed game, I don't have that replay anymore. Suddenly worse times overwrite my PB and therefore the usually saved ghost of that lap. And now, while being mad about that, I do a 2:07:89 and didn't record it (and this time the ominous corner was fine), cause I expected to be at least 4 tenths slower. edit: after putting an awesome lap down, while unwillingly cutting too much, I got curious about view & crossing the white line. I'd say with this my laps and gaski's aren't exactly 'legal' :D The more the white li
  16. Again, 2nd to last corner is pretty optimistic, worse than my last time and gaski's, so you'll have to decide if that's ok. I can't get myself to take a wider line. The gravel behind the kerbs must be magnetic! :D  http://youtu.be/NQkvgB4lBLk @gaski I think I know why your video is so strange. Youtube just informed me, that my video is shaky and they offered to 'correct' that. The preview of that corrected version looks exactly like yours.
  17. Yeah, technically the times are identical down to one thousands, so Tommy should be in front. BUT, as this is a codemasters game we're talking about, something like that probably wasn't even thought about. So you could assume that it is sorting by time, then by name instead of 'date the time was set' (I highly doubt this is even saved in the data).
  18. 2:08.176 - still room to improve, lost to my previous best. Somehow I don't get the last 3 corners properly anymore. Same situation as gaski on the left after the long straight. I'd say I have 1-2cm between right wheels and the white line. :D  http://youtu.be/I-3iEsKbb2E
  19. I agree with that. Recording of the actual gameplay, not the replay is the only viable proof. Goonertez already said everything there is to it. Btw. that time would be illegal, Goonertez? You crossed the white line in the infield... not cutting, but having more room to keep momentum. That would count as cutting aswell, right? If in TT mode, showing all settings should be irrelevant (you can't gain any advantage with assists on) and when you drive 20 laps and the best in lap 18, you'd have to upload at least 18 laps of racing. Tuning on the other hand is thereby free for all, as you can't chec
  20. TT sounds like fun, I'd be in. :D  But... anyone knows a good capture-software for pc? My card is too old for shadow play and I don't want anything that limits me to 30fps.
  21. Has anyone else had this, too? It happened two times now, both times with the same driver behind me, but on two different nights. I don't remember who it was anymore... he was a little faster than me and as I started in front, he caught up to me after some laps on two occasions. He was clearly within the range (sometimes beside me, or 2-10m behind), but the arrows didn't show up on the bottom of the screen. That was pretty annoying, as he was not clearly faster, just a slight bit and therefore I wouldn't let him just pass, as I actually fought for the position. But that was hardly possible, as
  22. Do you believe it yourself? See it as business... DLCs that aren't released within a few months after release are wasted money. I bet from here on player statistics will only go down, as most of them should be done with the carreer, or what was interesting of it. What stays are the online players, but even they will diminish. So in the end there's no one left to buy that stuff. Even if 10000 people bought it, that's just enough to pay 20 people for one month. You'd get 3 cars and one track at best in this time, I think, probably less.
  23. @batman1297‌  Then your head start wasn't enough. Usually 25-30 seconds are enough, 20 can already get critical, depending on track and how good you are. So far this worked all the time for me, except mont tremblant short, where I simply waited till the 1st car came round the corner.
  24. @Loore‌  Yes, counting down is unrealistic, but as I said, a progress relating to the sectors of the track should be easily possible I think and gives a way clearer info even for people that don't instantly know how long a lap round a certain track in a certain car usually takes. Theres 3 or 4 secotrs on each track, what should give a status update every 30 seconds or so and that way a pretty decent indicator, if it's a wee-break or a cigarette-break. ;) And of course, unfortunately you don't see anything about progress/status in the lobby selection screen, what really can be a pain in th
  25. As for gears, there's always try & error. If you drive on your own, try to get into or at least close to the reds and adjust the ratio accordingly. Just keep in mind, that when driving with others and slipstreaming, your top speed will be way higher. Being in the 5th when you have 6 gears makes no sense, as your acceleration will only be worse with no benefit. So best way to try that is do custom cup and training on the track, set up your car and don't forget to set the AI to a level that fits you. that way you can practice slipstreaming with them and will see the effect.
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