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  1. Underdog probably relates to your own level and the lvl of the ones you beat. But as I am in the top 3rd of the players lvls most of the time, I don't remember getting that for a long time. As for the distance milestone. You get this for the individual car, but also for your overall distance driven. I remember the one I got when reaching 2000km (or something like that), which I definately never drove with one single car, as this was at the time, where repair-overkill was still active. I think some of the milestones are possible for each car AND in whole. As said the distance, podiums, wins.
  2. Problem is, that decision is not up to you. I agree, 'morally' it is a nogo, as it is cheating and in no way represents racing as it should/would/could be done in the real world. But if neither Intel nor CM cares about it, it is in fact 'acceptable'. ForEx is accepted aswell even though I find it highly immoral, considering the scale on what this is done and how it can affect some (mostly already poor) countries. Eating animals is accepted around the world, as no one cares, but is it morally right? For me it is definately not right to kill living beings just for the sake of my own well-being.
  3. 20 or 30 seconds is a little over the top. You have to consider the winner only... and most of the times that one should be a half decent driver that is less than 3 seconds off of good driver. Anyway, it is a guess... if I see Cat A, Spa, 3 laps I go with ~135s per lap, so 405s in sum. As this is a guess, cause I constantly forget how fast I go round a track, the 3 seconds more/less per lap don't matter anyway. But I know I can easily take a p*ss if the clock is at 200s. ;) To completion... that would be pretty easy aswell. We get 3 sectors on each track, meaning a 3 lap race split in 9 parts
  4. Yeah, as always in CM games, it is insanely good documented. There is hardly any try and error to get how it works. /sarcasm off Earn money... Racenet challenges: You get 20k for reaching platinum time, 15k (I think) for gold and 10k or so for silver. Due to poor programming, you can, if you are fast enough for plat., get the money for every medal. Reach the silver time in an event, cash in, then redo it and get gold, after that repeat for plat. In that order! Once you earn platinum you can't get the others anymore. With 6 events that makes 270k alone. -> This is an easy way to level a new
  5. That's true, but in this case I agree with TDHSpeed. In a competition everyone should have the same chances, so either tuning for everyone or tuning for no one... but not tuning, if by chance you bought that car and leveled it. I for one never drove it online, except for challenges, so I'm barely lvl20 and can only use the basic tuning.
  6. I seriously doubt it! These guys seem to have some built up rage inside them! Never seen so much bitching before! You still don't get that this is a forum, right? If everything was fine and self-explanatory with this game, it would be pretty much deserted. The opposite is happening with it, though. I've never seen a (racing-)game that was so half-baked in my entire gamng history (ranging back into the early ninetys). Three months through, still some platforms that can't play the game due to gamebreaking bugs. Tons of features that are common sense in racing games simply don't exist and ma
  7. So, you're on to that "24 routes" bullcrap? It is FOUR tracks, nothing more. The can be reversed, only 1 of 2 sectors driven and that revered aswell. That isn't even new routes, it's just placing start/finish in a different position. It's the same as counting Spa as two different routes, while only the start-line is on the other side for Formula or GT. Could I interest you for a 20€-note for 38€? It has two sides, on both you see 20€ so you actually get 40!! :D 
  8. Judas! :D  How can you dislike Bathurst, one of the greatest tracks of all time? ^^ But 4th with 7 minutes or more? What platform? I'm 7th with a 6:58ish on PC... The AI is a pain in the a**, especially in Bathurst, but you can manage to get up to 3rd or 4th spot after the 2nd corner and get 1st after the next... after that it's just driving neat and clean. And properly tuned (lvl 15 is sufficient) even the Utes can be some kind of fun to drive...
  9. Don't have 'em, but search the forum. If I remember right, from week one on the challenges were posted in threads, together with videos of the events, so you might find the whole history.
  10. Is that a joke? The AI is ridiculous! I just did a custom cup race on Cote d'Azur in CatC. I never played Grid2, so I didn't know the track. In qualifying I did a 3:46, while the AI lapped in SEVEN Minutes! That's almost twice the time I needed. In race, of course, they were a second behind me and lapped with my own quali time. Who comes up with that stuff?
  11. I could only think of two consecutive corners where it is possible. The small one I always 'cut', as it's just a white line and there's no penalty, so equal for everyone. The one right before, yeah, that might save you 10m and speed, but isn't there a penalty? Never cut there, not even accidentally, so don't know. To the challenge... screw that! A contest limited to 2 or 3 countries is plain ridiculous. Whoever is responsible for that should rot in hell... or lose his job and never find one again.
  12. The whole XP-system is useless anyway. It doesn't say anything about the actual skill of the player. I constantly race people that have 3-6 times as much races as I do, are on a higher level, but still I lap 1-2 seconds quicker than them. A 'real' leaderboard should balance the own acomplishments to those of the fellow players in a race.  If you race with players that are on the same level (+-5 or so) you gain points if you rank top half in a race and lose points if you rank in the bottom half. If you win against players that are all 10 lvls lower than you, you won't gain any points, or j
  13. Wasn't home, so a little late response... I see a big difference in cancelling an overtake attempt when I can clearly see that there won't be any room in that corner withouth pushing the other one off the track. That doesn't mean I back off that much that I'm not fighting for position anymore, just that I'm giving up on that single corner. This meaning a little off the throttle, sticking to a constant line, not braking early... just enough to stay right behind the one in front, so if he misses his brake-spot, the apex or loses grip out of the corner I'll be there to attack right again. If not,
  14. Honestly? I think you can't drive. You back off when there are 3 or 4 cars in front of you fighting for position? This is not endurance, it's touring cars. You try to gain positions and not maintaining a working car. You constantly backed down and therefore went pretty slow in many corners, including that combination right before that incident. So it's no wonder he suddenly appears beside you, as he probably didn't back down, just because a couple of cars are in front of him. Additionally you didn't care to look back in that section, despite slowing down more than usual. Having known he was be
  15. @RTAnoskills‌  Wow, that is low! You send someone into the wall because of that?! What exactly did he do? Due to that pileup in front you weren't exactly fast in that section, so no wonder he could close in that fast and tried what obviously didn't went that well. And then, what exactly happend to you? Nothing! He hit you a little, nothing more. You can clearly see that he hit the brakes hard and turned in before he hit you, so I wouldn't see that as deliberatly using you as wall. If you weren't there, he would not have been fast round the corner, but he would've gotten it easily. Yo
  16. I really don't remember what it was, but when I did a racenet challenge (didn't matter which one or how often), after finishing, on the cash screen I had some money-achievement (not one from steam/xbl/whatever) that was worth 20k and was triggered every time.  edit: Wins Milestone was it. Just tried another challenge (again), still get it. Unless I get a win milestone every win after the 50th or so, that must be a bug. edit2: Now I get the Location Milestone constantly aswell. Just 5k, but hey... :D 
  17. It would help to know what platform you are on. I'm only talking about PC... and there everything seems to be working now, well kind of... I get xp/money, but the xp that are added to my discipline-level aren't saved. I see in the sum that I get lvl 15 and back in the menu I am 14 again. Great! And another bug is, that I constantly got some achievement (don't know what it was, distance or so) and therefore 20k with every race I did in the challenges... and I did many yesterday, so should sum up to 2-400k for achievements only, without reason.
  18. I found them the best challenge so far. I started my career on hard and took about 4 or 5 races to finally take my first win from ravenwest. After that it was still challenging, but most time it worked for me. As for the rest...I like, that they are, at times, pretty competitive (in GRID1 I could literally drive circles around them on highest setting), fight for position on their own, make reasonable mistakes (maybe too many), defend and take risky maneuvers to attack you. What I dont like...These risky maneuvers are too much and too agressive in situations, where no-one in their right mind wo
  19. @Yellowpinkie‌  The indicators on the bottom screen do help with that. If they're there you know someone's close. If they disappear right before a corner you can safely assume that driver will be next to you now. Give way or take a wider line... as I said, better safe than sorry. Your race is most likely ruined if you're pushed out, so you want to avoid that. And honestly, if one has the inner line of a corner, what would you do anyway? A wider line is the best way to defend your position in the next corner. I always drive that way in the 1st lap, if I don't know the people I drive with.
  20. After the party challenge I kind of fell in love with the car. It is way easier to handle with the right setup. For the formula challenge I levelled the car to 15 (after it went down again due to buying a random car) and bought the most basic setups. Set the car up for stability, not for cornering. I think I set suspension hard, brake bias front and Diff locked (+-100, as I couldn't finetune it). I could floor it  in more corners and the back wasn't so loose anymore.
  21. @Yellowpinkie‌  In that case give up the position and try it in a corner where you can't loose, like brake-blocking into a hairpin. You might have contact then, but on the inside in worst case the other one will spin, not you. Always assume, your fellow mates are stupid apes (apes that are stupid, not apes in general :D ) and act accordingly. I do the same driving in the city or on the autobahn and it saved my car (and probably my life) a couple of times and spared me of any accident in 10 years so far.
  22. If you don't aim for the last tenths of a perfect lap it really doesn't matter. When I tested all four, I was within half a second with all of them. Driving a BMW online, though, is kind of ridiculous. As they are RWD, I am always amused how people in front of me struggle with that car, drifting through corners and I can catch them in an instant. If you get hit by someone, it's way harder to react with the BMW, while in a FWD you just floor it to compensate oversteer. So especially for novices I can't recommend the BMW. But as it is probably the most popular brand amongst these four, that's wh
  23. I guess you'll just have to find a middle way. I drive in bonnet view and don't see any other drivers either, unless they are at least a 3rd of a car length in front. But so far I hardly had any crucial incidents, unless someone else deliberately hit me. And for that case I follow the simple rule 'better safe than sorry'. :D So if I know there's someone beside me and I can't see him, it depends where the next corner goes. If I'm on the inside, I try to take the corner very close. That might take up some time, but it avoids contact. Other way around on the outside, I take a wider line and defin
  24. I had trouble with the Lancia challenge, too. But only because I aimed straight for platinum, so I had many restarts, when I didn't get to P4 or soemething like that before the 2nd corner. Apart from that I hardly had any trouble with the AI. The only challenge I remember with a similar suicidal AI was the super tuners in SF. Once you were past the apocalyptic 1st corner they still defended very agressively and tended to push you, but even there they didn't drive straight into you, while being 1 or 2m away. With this weeks challenge I managed gold with the 2nd time I was able to survive the 1s
  25. @Workhorse9696‌  Exactly that's what he meant. I drove a long time with the 'elite' in touring in GRID1 and you hardly used the brakes. Most turns you threw the car hard into a corner and thorugh that the car lost enough speed to pass it clear and fast, if you shifted right, even better and faster. If that wasn't enough, a little bit off the throttle and a gear down was enough. Binary throttle was sufficient most of the time. In GAS you use half throttle more often, while in G1 you simply stood on it, turned in and the engine did the rest for you. There was hardly any under-/oversteer, ju
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