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  1. @TUSMBOX‌  Nope, they weren't. Watch that video (not mine), shows the event from week 2. He was able to drive close to them on straights without them hitting everything beside them. So not just less effect, they just didn't do that back then. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DLFsB5v6Q-8
  2. GT is another planet. They have sold over 70 million copies, that means on every 5th Playstation console ever sold GT was played on. Forza should be around 16-20 million sold copies by now. S forget the argument of 'limited number of users'. They are the biggest and best done racing games on their platforms. Both employ ~270-300 people exclusively for these games and are subsidiaries of the consoles producers (MS and Sony). They don't have to bother about money, they get what is needed, as both are important (launch)titles in the history of these consoles. When Loore talks about a 'small team'
  3. How should I know that? Party mode = random tracks, random car and eliminator/point to point. Driving so close was deliberate, I wanted to show what these manicas do, just in case the devs didn't do that on purpose and haven't noticed. But such an agressive AI is the first time. The Lancia Cup was on the same track and there was no AI driving that agressively. If pure frenzy is your impression of party, I never wanna drink a beer with you. :D 
  4. naaah, pure rallying is not what I meant. I was talking about regularity rallies (TSD, Time Speed Distance) only, so no rally cars, no rally tracks, just TSD-mode... you have to match a given time for a certain sector... so consistency and a low delta-time gives you a win, not the fastest time.
  5. @MiatakiasGR‌ Wait a minute! You want to compare NfS-'tuning' with Gran Turismos tuning? In NfS (Underground) you got actually 'style'-points, or whatever they were called. So I had to take my nice looking (stock) R34GTR and give it the ugliest rear lights I've ever seen, to earn more points.GT has actually use for that stuff. A spoiler adds downforce and stability and so do the side skirts you can get. GT lets you upgrade/tune, what actually improves the car's performance, except for color and wheels. To the content of GT/Forza you wish... Loore already explained, that they are a small t
  6. So you didn't play G:AS and bring up a list that includes content, that is already half in G:AS? Play it first, then add new feature wishes. GRID1 handling should never reappear. Yes, like @RTAnoskills‌ said it was fun, but G:AS is simply betterflashback should be discarded... doesn't belong in a racing gamecockpit won't fail due to a mirror, more likely due to the massive amount of time needed, to create them in decent formyou can already buy used cars and sell your old onesspoilers, neon? honestly? This is a racing game! fancy stuff like this costs weight and makes the car look ridiculous. I
  7. There is really no other possibility. Germans, spanish and french pretty much only use their own language, so 2/3 of the players don't understand them. IF they speak english, chances are good that you don't understand them properly (as non-native english speaker), cause they aren't used to to talk english. With the british there's the problem, that some of their accents are really hard to understand if you're not that good in english. And clans simply limit their voice-chat to members, so no chance to say something to anyone else during a race. And then there's the annoying bunch of guys
  8. @Loore‌  I'm not sure, if you really understand what the problem with the current challenge is... it's not about AI being ignorant, keeping racing line regardless if you are there or hitting you in the back. It's about them going frenzy. I did a short replay-video to show, what is meant. http://youtu.be/HS5ihk2D-ek As you can see, that yellow car suddenly turns hard into me, on a straight, without reason. And that is happening all the time in this challenge. Not only to me, but in a battle of AIs aswell. The only way to 'safely' pass them, is to overtake them with at least 4 or 5 meters
  9. That's just ridiculous. The AI was hard and ignorant, we already knew that, but that's a whole new level. I only managed gold so far, because I was scared of overtaking 2 AI cars close together in front of me. I knew, whatever I do, the 1st I get will slam into me and probably total me into the wall, or if I survive, the next will crush me in the corner. So for that I had to wait for 3 corners behind them, until I could safely pass them. But not only that, in this challenge the giant flaw in AI cars is shown. They literally are driving walls! These are RWD-cars, so when I hit someone with a hi
  10. @ThierryNeuville‌ I never demanded a perfect Sim from CM and I never will. I always liked the physics of CMR or DiRT and of the RD-Series, too. It has always been a good mix of high-level-arcade and sim-ish physics, except for GRID2, what, in my eyes, was pure arcade in the worst possible way. I expect exactly that from a CM game, sim-ish! G:AS for me has by far the best engine so far of every RD/Grid issue. So in that case they did a brilliant job!These 'small' problems, unfortunately, hit their peak in G:AS and even the previous titles had many design issues, that nobody except CM under
  11. How was that sarcasm? It was pretty much the truth. The challenge should give you more variety than the playlists. And yes, challenges are created randomly, I think loore mentioned that when talking about the 'AI being too slow in Time Attack'-problem being fixed by increasing the possibility of Time Attack. :neutral_face:  Not being paid for medals, yeah, that was mentioned in many other threads. Sometimes it does, sometimes not. It's like winning the lottery.
  12. @ThierryNeuville‌ are you kidding? An elite team? Outstanding, what they achieve? I really don't care how big or small a team is. A small team is no excuse for inferior quality. We got a game that is full of bugs that make it impossible for many, to continue playing at all (corrupt saves). Bugs, that ruin everything you achieved (broken cars, cars down to lvl 1). Then there's countless half-baked features that either don't work properly or are simply poorly designed, so that they just make no sense (racenet issues with horrible AI, ridiculous and absolutely useless repair costs, fixed money/xp
  13. One comma is enough... ;) Why would there be a problem with the game? The problem is more likely your driving.  white = clean and fair, no contacts. green = clean, but some contacts yellow = beware, constantly has contact red = can't get 10m without hitting a car And well, if I remember right, we met once on track... either it was you or one of your colleagues. And hitting others when they want to overtake you, just because you can't keep your car on track and then insulting them doesn't help with your impact rating.
  14. @jerrymackturner‌ You can buy 5 additional slots. You don't get them immediately. So instead of the 30 slots for 'normal' users you can buy up to 35 slots. Still ridiculous. 5 years ago you could simply buy every car.
  15. No, it's PC. Ghost issues appeared only after the patch, so that might be the reason you don't get that. The xp/money bonus after achieving platinum (I'm talking about post-race, the 10k xp, 20k money, noth the 70-100k after the week) has been there since week one. Sometimes it works, most times simply not.
  16. What patches do you mean, @V8R3L3NTL3SS1‌ ? I already posted the same. Both my CatC touring cars jumped from 60-70 to lvl 1 after buying some new cars. And that happend after last weeks patch for PC. I never had corrupt saves, or cars that sell for $0 or millions, though.
  17. This is just ridiculous. And I'm not talking about te stupid AI, that you didn't manage to simply ghost in the last patch. No, I'm talking about xp/money not given and ghosts being totally random. For touring I got NO xp nor money for platinum. For endurance I got it after the first run. For Formula I got it only after the 2nd run, despite achieving gold in the 1st run (which should get you something aswell). For Tuner and Street, again, I got simply nothing. This is plain stupid. How can you fuck this up so badly? Users advance faster on pure random! Ghosts are ridiculous. I used one of a fri
  18. There simply are no rewards. As most of the other 'features' it looks nice at first, but is shallow in the end. Constant money/xp per event, linear damage (regardless of driving), no incentive for fair driving, no reward for constant driving (championship). It could be soo great, if they had invested 2 or 3 more months in these features. It would have been a 'real' online-career. Now it is like GRID, just with damage and money that isn't needed.
  19. My cars are bugged! I bought a couple of new cars, 3 or 4 I think, nothing suspicious there. When I switched back I saw, that my two old CatC cars were suddenly level 1! They were 74 and 62 before, somewhere around there... I could sell them, so they are not shown for $0, but for the retail-price. All statistics to the car (distance, races, wins etc. are gone, too!). All tuning parts are still included, though, so I have a level 1 car with full tuning capabilities. Only upgrades, though bought (but not installed) are not available anymore, but if installed, still in. When racing with them (no
  20. Level definately not. My 2nd car was levelled quicker and higher, yet it was cheaper to repair, as it had less mileage. But well, none of that matters anymore. Just bought some cars, and the rest of them is back on level 1, though tuned. Awesome job with that patch. 3 disconnects since yesterday aswell. Never had one before...
  21. @Loore‌  K, nothing to do then. Still, it there any possibility, that there'll be a real practise mode for every car on every track? I don't care if there's a leaderboard with it or not, but the only way currently is to use the max 20mins practise when doing a custom cup race. ...and with that said... previous settings are not being saved! That is pretty annoying, as I have to set up the custom cup from scratch every time instead of simply changing the track. Same goes for online.
  22. @Assiemodis‌  It's not the upgrades, it simply is the mileage. My 2nd car I brought up above lvl 50 was till that point completely without upgrades and still the costs rose. It was lower than the previous one, but only because the mileage was lower. Due to the Boost Pack the car just raised faster, relative to mileage. It simply rises to fast. Less than 500km and damage is down to 80%. If any, the costs should be bound to the distance driven, as parts simply degrade over time. But after that, most things are simply replaced and the counter should start at zero. No one in their right
  23. @CaptainJack‌  Don't you contradict your own statement? You say it's to learn tracks and in the previous post you say 'there is more than enough in TT'. How is it? Sure, if I know the track with one car, I know it with another, too. But that doesn't include, that I actually can drive fast with another car on this track. Of course, when I practise, I do that for online. But how, if 90% of the tracks driven there aren't in TT, at least for that category? It doesn't help to practise street courses with slidy vehicles, when I want to know them with much stickier touring cars. Yes, theoretical
  24. @jerrymackturner‌ I highly doubt, that the tracks are limited to any cars in terms of licensing. Especially, as you can drive every car on every track in custom cup and online. This is just another silly attempt from CM, to do whatever they do, to limit the player for no reason. And create leaderboards? It's not that they'd have to hire people that write down every time on blackboard. Sure, with ~25 disciplines and 80 track combinations that would be ~2000 lists, but who cares? They are loaded on the fly for the user and in the end it is nothing more than text. A player name, a car ID, an
  25. Soooo, yeah, should I laugh or cry now?I mean, great, patch, finally and lots of things seem to be done (most bugs of which I never heard of).Time Trial! Awesome, finally training on tracks! But... WHERE ARE THE TRACKS?! Sure, you like to stick to your playlists, but if you'd have looked at your statistics (if you have any), you would've seen, that even in CatC, most of the time in custom cups the Grand Prix tracks are driven, I mean the full ones. I did Hockenheim Short only once online, same for Brands Hatch, or Mont Tremblant. Usually it is the long one and by usually I mean at least once o
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