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  1. The AI is never the same. They behave slightly different in every race and apart from that, the grid is shuffled, too. That means, that some stronger pilots might end up in front or in the back and therefore everyone has different situations to cope with the AI. Some might have the luck to pass every one of them at the right time, some might catch every one right in a corner. The whole purpose of time attack is spoilt by that. If you just drive to get platinum, that's fine for you, that is possible most of the time, whatever the AI does. But to compete for the top spots, it's a pain in the ass
  2. 1) "Get used to it"? Sorry, but what bullcrap is that? Have you ever seen a not-race with a rolling start? It makes no sense. The game forces me to waste 1 lap every time I try, plus the 20 seconds to wait. I want to play a game, not waste my time! Having the game send me into a useless lap is plain stupid and crappy programming. Look at NfS:Shift... when doing training, you gain control way before the start line, so you have it in your control to get to proper speed. 1st lap not wasted. 2) You honestly suggest waiting because of stupid AI settings?! It's a fucking game! When I start that thin
  3. What I described wasn't how to race on brands hatch, but how to get round the AI. My way has nothing to do with race line. You already know, that AI is ricidulously slow in corners, so take your time when entering and use that. As I said, after Druids I always managed 5th at least. The only time you can and must touch one is in Druids, otherwise you can't pass him.
  4. Whaaat? That was pretty easy, I think. You start last, so the only one bothering you at the start is the one beside you, so don't turn left. Into the corner, look that you don't hit a car as it costs you momentum and drive on the right side. So enter a little bit slower, don't touch and have the higher speed when exiting. That way, you can easily get up to 5th place braking into Druids (and using the 5th as wall). Stay behind the rest for the next corner and overtake the next three on the left braking into Surtees. The last one you'll get on the straight. That worked for me every single t
  5. @sjsharp2010‌  No need for that, though CM uses its totally outdated code for doing that... Depending on how you enter the game, these buttons are displayed. If enter on keyboard, you get these shown, no matter what you use. If you press A or whatever on the gamepad, these buttons are shown until you restart the game.Unfortunately it doesn't switch on the fly, depending on the last given input, as this is done in nearly every game that support controllers today (for the past 4 or 5 years!). @Topic don't really know, as I only use gamepad and never watched a replay so far.
  6. @V8R3L3NTL3SS1‌  Is that your argument? GRID2 was a failure (I agree with that, I immediately cancelled my preorder, after seeing the first gameplay-video), so we rush out a new game? I remember that exact thing happened with EA and NfS. One title was massive crap and they said they would reinvent (or whatever) the series and take their time. Result: after only one year the same as always. There was no need to rush, no one expected a new game so fast. I would've had no problem at all to wait another year and then get a well done game. What I like them to do? Sure, with G:A just fixing the
  7. Well when patch comes out hopefully this week coming . We will see if they made any changes per what the community was asking for. I think even if some things are changed it still won't be enough for this picky community . You call it picky, if I don't take poor design choices for granted? (and there are many of them) This game is good to excellent in its basic structure but has lots of poor designed stuff built around. Wanting that gone is not picky; it isn't the players fault. If many things are annoying, fixing a few of them doesn't make it good, just less annoying. If you gave your car
  8. @TheFinalWord‌  Again, it is not about the leaderboards, it is solely about unjust xp-distribution, so about how you gain XP. Read the OP, the word 'leaderboard' isn't dropped a single time.
  9. I agree on that. :# But honestly, in other companys a game in that state might actually still be considered beta. There are some things, that are more than obvious, like the money/repair thingy. And when I read in other threads, that this and that will be changed and therefore 'the balance should be fine', I'm getting pretty furious. I don't really care, if this is 'only' a racing game or a proper mmorpg. If there's Online and Levels involved, it has to be balanced properly, period. But here's the problem, namely CM. They have some great ideas, start with them, but don't finish them properly.
  10. I don't see your problem. They are currently beta testing with the community's input, are they not? :D  Sure, games should be bug free, but that's an illusion in todays complexity of programs. But I agree, that especially CM is repeating bugs and lacking features in their new games. Considering their huge experience and possibly mountains of existing code for some features, that'd only need a bit of polishing, to work (again and properly), it is weak. But well, I've come to terms with that since GRID. Don't expect a CM-game, that somehow will work simply better than the previous one, but
  11. That's very unfortunate. Yes, fixing the repair costs corrects a massive bug that simply lets you lose money, still the game stays totally unbalanced (this change affects everyone, so relative to other players, the balance stays untouched).  Skill should decide about progress and not using the way with the least needed effort. And XP should kind of represent my acutal skill. If I do 3 Laps on a track, I learn more about car and track than someone that just does 1 lap. Makes no sense ;)
  12. Of course there's no patience. Four weeks after release and still this gamebreaking bug in. And as you say it, Sony and MS and their stupid quality checks... Remember GRID? We waited more than half a year for the ebay- and cheat-patch to be released, even on PC! Why? Cause MS didn't bother to do the QC quickly for xbox.
  13. Then you missed the point of this whole thread. It is all about 1-lap races paying the same as 3, 5, 7, 9000 Laps! And having no knowledge about it? I do a 1-lap race and get xp, I do a 3-lap race and get xp. I'll see, that it's pretty much the same, though I invested thrice the time. One must be dumb as shit to not get, that this is completely out of balance. I don't even need other players to race with, to see that. Even a single-player game shouldn't have that. It's like playing a mmorpg and getting the same amount of xp for way easier mobs (taking only 1/3rd of the time), just because you
  14. @TheFinalWordThat is not correct. Removing the leaderboards wouldn't solve the problem. Someone doing 1lap-races has that xp advantage in getting new sponsors earlier, leveling up the car much faster and earning more money, as their car, in terms of races done (and therefore prize money won) gets more money with less deterioration.  With 1 lap races, there should be no problem in getting a car to lvl 99 and still gain money from races. My highest car is lvl 62 and I'm at the point, where ony 2nd or better in a full field gets me enough money to pay repairs... and that was already done wit
  15. Yeah, I meant that. :D  Cars with a superb power/weight ratio, that go easily beyond 300km/h. With any touring, lower street or tuning car ther'd be no fun on the track. Long Beach is ok, though I've never driven it online. Milan on the other hand was pure carnage online. Taking that double-s through the little part of the roundabout at high speeds demand skill and perfect car control, as you had to clip the curbs, not slide and thereby miss the tire-barrier, that otherwise would have destroyed your car and pretty much every ones behind you. Unfortunately, that happened in pretty much eve
  16. Honestly, I hope not. Le Mans is great and all, but that track is sooo boring to drive and, if at all, only interesting with supercars. All the other classes would die on the straights... tape the button down, get a coffee, nothing to do for one minute. If any legendary track at all, then the Nordschleife. I'd love to do online races there. By todays standards, this track is a must have for a racing game anyway. Which big thing over the past years didn't have it? That alone would justify half of the season pass money, if you asked me.
  17. ... to understand the game's rules.
  18. Huh? They were pretty easy, compared to some other events. Had all of them upon entry to the GP-course on 1st try with that car. Just know when they are slow and use that. Don't try to 'argue' with them on a race line, just drive elsewhere. :D
  19. @andaya he's talking about this weeks challenge, so he means actual payout after a race, not after the week. And there it is bugged. In 1st week you gained 10k in xp and cash for platinum, but after week 2 there was only the usual money/xp for winning the event against the AI (~2-3k) and nothing for the medals anymore.
  20. Do you even look HOW you get that money? Challenges are taken into account for xp/money-boni for distance driven, wins in a car, times on a certain track. Basically most events pay out the same, so any extra should be result of these unique types.
  21. It shouldn't be that way... honestly, there is no aim to get platinum, as it doesn't get rewarded in any way. The only big money you get is from the leaderboard, that's totally independent from the medals.
  22. A little off topic, but...Is there anything you want to express with this thread, kubica4? I've seen a Title that makes no sense at all and two commentaries, that try to say something, but really, I don't get what.I guess you don't want to be taken seriously, the way you write. For a dyslexic you write to much words right, for a foreigner your grammar is, partly, too good. So I guess you just like it to write in a way, that everyone has a hard time to understand (as long as the sentences even make sense). an? AND! ov, iv? OF, IF! thru? THROUGH! This is a forum, people should be able to read th
  23. Well, for finding the perfect setup, you could do the track in custom cup mode. the cars are the same and you have all tuning options, so you can replicate your exact online car. Sure, you won't have a ghost from previous sessions, but still you'd save much money.
  24. That's no issue with the french version, english has the same. The sector times always refer to you best set time, while the messages seem to refer to your previous lap. Makes no sense at all. In fact it should refer to the overall best split times and not even just to your best lap.
  25. It gives you what you want no? It lessens the effects of AI in the challenge but still keeps the 'fastest lap' style mechanic? No, it absolutely does not. It is not races with AI, that's the problem, it is the AI in Time Attack. They are too weak. You run into them after half a lap and your laptime is ruined, as you cannot pass them properly. (not 'cause we all suck, but because they go feeled 1st gear in every corner) Options to solve that problem (more time attack is not a solution to problems IN time attack): Only ghost AImuch stronger AI (let us increase the difficulty of AI, if w
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