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  1. What? Naaah, GRID1 was horrible in that term. The slipstream was so extreme, that online, when a small group of people were having a 2 seconds gap and you were alone, you weren't able to catch them anymore. We did laptimes that were 2-3 seconds faster than driving alone. That wasn't realistic and it ruined the game. Regarding online now, you definately have slipstream, but it is weak and that is good. It makes it harder for the top groups to depart from the rest. Offline feels a bit weird, right. But more like they have simply better cars, but aren't able to drive them as good as you might. Th
  2. I find it horrible to have a wysiwyg editor for forums. It's like word. Doing bulls*ht in the background, that you don't want it to do, like...changing fonts - but I see, these seem to be not available anymore. Still, why is the wysiwyg-editor in another font than the actual post/code-editor? Makes no sense, doesn't improve writing (too small and clumsy font) aaaand, actually, it is NOT wysiwyg per definition anymore. ^^ quotes - I see posts, where people quote someone and write IN that quote. So I don't know what they are talking about, cause taking apart the text in what was said and what wa
  3. Look at your controller setup. There are actually TWO look back functions. If you're on controller, most likely the right analog-button pushed back is... surprise... looking back! :DAND you can add another button to lock back. For me it is X on the x360 controller, but I think I changed it to that. And a virtual rear view mirror is already confirmed for the upcoming patches. ;)
  4. Why is it automatically bragging, if I want to beat the best times on the board and not just some random goal to get a medal?I have one of the fastest players in grid on the team, so I constantly try to beat him, without success, unfortunately. :DAnd again, practise doesn't help. If I am half a second off anothers time and I loose exactly that half second, because an AI driver blocks a corner, I can practise as much as I want, that won't help. Sure, on some tracks you can have luck and pass the AI where it doesn't impede you, or use it in a corner to your advantage, but that is luck and not sk
  5. Thanks for clarifying. That explains a lot. :DWell, you call it legit, I'd call it a glitch, as already confirmed from Loore.A car that is worth 5Mil after a couple of races is beyond reality. It's not a 1 time built Ferrari, it's a used touring car. :DI don't blame you for doing that, but as it seems, every one is using something else that shouldn't be there, as it makes no sense.Some glitch their riches by selling cars for uber-money, some boost their xp by running 1-lappers on an oval, some boost their everything by 50%.
  6. @Looreas the other ones before me said, AI in Time Trial is the problem. If I want to run for the fastest laps (not just platinum) I have a pace that is usually 10 seconds faster than the AIs. And then they block me. They take the racing line through a corner, dead slow, the slow down out of a corner 'to let me pass', while staying right in my way, so that I end up in their rear. The need to be faster.Set 'medium' as the minimum strength and leave it up to us to increase the strength up to very hard. That way, we'd probably hardly catch them so fast. For the races, same thing. I did the curren
  7. Wat has this to do with 'work for things'? In my case... I get Platinum in the 1st run most of the times. But that's not my goal, it is being in the Top 1%. Not to brag, just cause it's a challenge for me. Problem here... if you have to fight to get past the AI in Time Trial, you lose at least half a second. That means, you can forget that time for sure.Just to make it clear, getting a nearly perfect lap to compete with the top times, you have to work damn hard. Some may get that after 6 Laps, and so do I with very few challenges. But most of the times you get better from lap to lap and it tak
  8. Good for you! Please, enlighten us. How on earth would anyone reach lvl90 in two weeks? And how are repair costs no issue for you? In the current state, it is pretty hard to aquire money. Yes, there are the challenges, so I'm at 1.2Mil., but aside from that there's pretty much nothing to get from online races.And funny it is, how you say that you laugh at the people that value xp leaderboards and in the next post you proudly present a picture of your great achievement yourself. :D When I play online, I basically live off my savings from the challenges. So how you managed to get 18Mil really in
  9. It's like gaski said, it's just too complicated. You can retry as much as you want and you can get money/xp for every time, but only if you take the long way through the whole menus and that's just bogus logic. And, just to complete that, the time I've done is shown in that window where I can restart or continue, so that IS actually saved. @gaskiGreat list and pretty much that stuff, that bothers me, too.The basic game is awesome, as it is. It's the little things - reaching information, navigating through menus, comfort options, that without only cost time but gain nothing - that make the 'big
  10. Yeah, just had this idea aswell, @rjeady. Not simply increasing the AI setting, but leave the option to increase the AI as much as we want. Therefore not so good players still have medium AI to race with and the better ones don't have the problem to run into the next car after 10 seconds.Either this or ghosted AI seem to be good choices for me.
  11. I'm getting so sick of this.The AI is set to medium in every challenge and therefore they are dead slow! You can't drive a proper clean lap, if you don't decide to stop right at the start and wait 20-30 seconds.And please nobody say 'this is realistic', NO it is not. In real life, I go out on the track when there's a gap and I have drivers that actually drive similar times and not 10 second slower. It's just annoying. And no, it's not even same chances for everyone. It's purely random what I get in front of me, how fast that AI is and when I can overtake it.Taking Brands Hatch CatC challenge f
  12. @gorwhat you say was more, that visual damage didn't concur with mechanical damage. That indeed was a problem, Grid 1 had.But here you could clearly see that it wasn't 'real'. He drove with keyboard, obviously. Didn't get a single corner right, and then such a time? Never! And then that slowing down right before the finish line. The game wouldn't do that for any reason (even if buggy) and a player would only do that, if he cheated and tried to 'cover' that. Fastest Lap gives you sponsor money, so why slow down and risk anyone else getting that? Regarding upgrades...There's the possibility to d
  13. @VGSpeedProYes, choose custom cup in single player, set training to 20mins, choose car and track and go.I just do training then and skip the race. It's unfortunate, that it is only 20mins, but well, CM always did a nice presentation and forgot to think properly about some things, that might be useful for the player. :DI hate it though, that you set a time in training, go back to change setup and that previous time is 'gone', not saved. So remember that, if you want to compare times with different setups.
  14. You can test the upgrades in custom cup mode (offline). The cars are new (100%) and you can enable/disable all upgrades. @crazehayes1984Except for gear ratio and downforce I hardly see any laptime difference. BUT the feeling of the car changes.Take the old Dodge Charger for example (from the recent tuning challenge). W/o TC this car is a b*tch out of corners. Change suspension to soft and you get way more grip; the car gets easier to control. I think setup should be done how you like your car, nothing else. Some peolpe like understeer, some oversteer, some a perfectly neutral car. Every one wi
  15. GA got a lot 'slower' than GRID1, so I think, wheel should be way better.Back in the days I preferred wheel at first, but realized soon, that the controller with faster reaction times was way better for online gaming. At least, when trying to avoid people or counter-steer when being hit. Still 'im planning to get a T500RS in the next couple of weeks. The cars feel more realistic now and keeping them steady through corners, without sliding, is mental torture. :D
  16. @gaskiCM actually has the proof on their server.By chance I stumpbled upon a cheater when chosing a ghost car for a challenge. He was, as the OP said, not the best, just amongst them. When seeing the ghost, I knew why.He had a speed hack (or whatever), so he accelerated insanely fast on the straights, but was too dumb to drive properly through any corner. That levelled at a good but not superhuman time. Regarding the Leaderboard:Don't know, if it is just displayed wrong, but if numbers are right, cheaters were removed. Except for the Toruing (1%) I was in the Top 3% in every challenge. Racenet
  17. I have the feeling, the don't make any (positive) difference at all. I just did a couple of practice laps with a Cruze at Mont Tremblant (Short, like current Formula-Challenge). Without engine upgrades (did no setup) I was able to do way more consistent AND faster laptimes than with all 3 upgrades installed. Consistent = within 2 tenthsWith upgrades I was within 5-6 tenths and was at least 1 tenth off of my best lap w/o upgrades. Maybe they need a proper setup to really work well.
  18. Or not... :DI raced there only once with CatC and seemingly was the only one smart enough to increase gear ratios and lower downforce. Despite being hit and spun at the start I managed to pass every single one of them without any effort (with an initial gap of 15secs to the leader) and win with a 5secs gap. That was indeed a fun race. I had trouble keeping the car on track, as much as I laughed. :D As for my favourite track... I like many of them, but 1st is Mount Panorama. Pacing full throttle up the hills and leaving the rest behind, then down again through the awesome Ses (whatever you may
  19. Not very specific. Custom Cups go over a couple of races and have an overall points table. My definition of a championship. :D
  20. @MrDeapWhat wheel are you using? I'm still on gamepad and some of the times are impossible to reach. With the Caterham I managed a 53.4, but only with traction control on. Without, it is impossible to control that b*tch of a car with the limited sensibility of a pad. Unfortunately, GRID1 wrecked my last wheel. Flappy paddles didn't even 'click' anymore and had no resistance at all. :D
  21. Even if you don't read it... as said, this, for me, is just a 'cosmetic' issue. Yes, there are leaderboards and these depend completely on teamsice (assuming every member is spending the same time ingame), but except for these stats, they have no influence in ay way on the game.XP/money for yourself on the other hand do, as said several times. Yes, everyone has the option to drive how long he likes and that's perfect. But by chosing to drive longer distances (what I prefer) I progress way slower than these other guys (and by that taking way more time to get new garage slots/cars). That's every
  22. So do you see the flaw in the current system? It is exactly that. The 1-lappers get paid ~15k per 2 minutes, the 3-lappers get paid 15k for 6 minutes, same for xp. Problem is, that these people, that do the 1-lap races, do this to get more everything in shorter time, gaining an advantage over everyone else. And I'm not talking about a better place in some rank system, I talk about content... more cars through more money, more garage space.This is a game, it should be balanced. If someone wants to invest thrice the time and gets thrice the money, that's perfectly fine. But exactly here the
  23. Please tell me, how the hell would I kickvote someone? I'm on PC and I still have not found that option anywhere. I've never seen anyone being kicked, either. Is that a console-exclusive feature?
  24. I wrote about that yesterday...http://forums.codemasters.com/discussion/2602/suggestion-scale-money-and-xp-to-race-length#latest @FOSTBITTEN Rewarding nothing to custom lobbies, honestly, would be the dumbest change ever. What is wrong about them? I have raced 3 times in Quick Races and that's it, never again. I want to chose for myself, what car I drive (this especially!). AND I want to chose the players I drive with, not being shuffled together randomly. I pretty much only drive touring, more specific CatC. I don't drive SuperTouring, CatA, or CatB. Quick Races take this choice for me.
  25. It's a bug, mentioned in some threads here... regardless of your position you're always shown 21st, as long as you actually are 21st or 'worse'. Take a look at the race net page and you'll see your actual position.Kicking... never had that, but to this day still wondering, how and where to do that? Or is that a console exclusive feature? Which button when to push? It all feels so random there, thanks CM for that, b.t.w. I can deactivate others Mics only when in lobby, I can view others stats only when in lobby, and I've seen never anything to kick someone. Well done!
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