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  1. Strange damage 'calculation'.I just had a silly situation in CatC at Mount Panorama. Right at the start after the first corner I got 'sandwiched', or 'arrowed', whatever you might call it. :DOn my right there was a car half on grass, half on track and about a 3rd or half a car length in front of me, exactly the same on my left side. When the grass-runner tried to get on the track, he pushed me left, into the other car and himself 45° in front of me, same happended with the left car. So viewing from top this must have looked like an arrow. :DWe drove about 2 seconds this way until I decided, th
  2. So far I feel a bit penalized by the way xp and money is distributed. It is always the same base amount, regardless of how long I drive.I've already read about people complaining about Clans that do 1 lap races to boost their rating. I really don't care about that, BUT as I get better sponsors only with higher levels, it bothers me still. I like longer races of 5+ laps, but at the moment your system punishes this by giving way less xp and money in comparison to the time I spent racing. So I think scaling cash and xp to the number of laps driven, or even the distance driven (according to 'offic
  3. The qualifying is simply bugged, nothing more.I had it in EVERY single quali, that my 1st 2 sectors were 2-4seconds faster than the front runners and in the end just 1 second faster.Don't know why, but this always happens, when an AI player is in front. If I try to beat my own time, the sector times are perfectly fine.So there is nothing unfair about it, just messed up. Just as TheKazzyMac said, plan 2-3 seconds ahead and you know, if your time is good for pole. If it's just too hard, you should probably decrease difficulty. :P
  4. Earning Platinum was way easier this week. Being in the top spot amongst players is only harder, 'cause more players doing them now and getting better. Still I managed 3 Top 1% this week (and hope they'll last - so, everyone, please don't try anymore :D ) and the rest top 10% or better. If it's time trial, use the ghost of a better one. In a race, as always, if not first after 4 corners, try again. ^^Endurance actually surprised me, as it is the exact same challenge as week one.
  5. No, it always shows only the 20 times in front and behind you. It classifies you as 21st, which is in 99.999% false. At one discipline I'm at position 47 a.t.m., but ingame I'm listed at 21, consequently showing positions 26 to 67. The 'jump to the top' button also just shows the 1st in your group (in my case 26), not the real first. Especially in time attack, where you can chose a players lap as ghost it is annoying, as, after doing your first run, you aren't able to select one from the top runners anymore.
  6. As said, in the Party Challenge I got an instant reward for Platinum and thought I got that last week in every discipline. At the end of the challenge-week you get rewards for your overall position in the player classement, regardless of the goals from the game itself.So this time I just got awarded for being first in the race against the AI, nothing more. Medals seem useless that way, so I think that's a bug.
  7. That much?!I only managed to get a top 1% in the 1st weeks touring and remember around 100k for that. 2nd week I got about 470k for everything, with a couple of Top 6% and 2 Top 15%s. Anyway, it still seems a bit broken. Last night I played the party challenge and got my 10k for platinum awarded, but in any other discipline I only got the money from winning the race, nothing at all for medals, though achieving platinum in every one of them.
  8. Yeah, sorry to disappoint you, but as Goonertez already said (and I still know from GRID, he's a pretty good and clean driver), Repair Costs are way higher than any possible income.So this has nothing to do with realism...Let's break it down...I win a race in touring with full driver field  and there's a basic 12000 Cr (I think).Aids pretty much all disabled (except ABS), adds another 20-30%'Car experience' (my Civic is at 50), so around 35% I think.That makes ~19-20k Credits.Sponsorships? Yeah, here is where they should come in place to compensate my costs. But a.t.m. I get around 2-300C
  9. Yeah, it's ridiculous. Reading the patchnotes...rare, sporadically, potentially... obviously stuff that surely should get fixed but appears sometimes, so not really pressing... THIS IS RUINING THE GAME!I wish had this game in physical form so I could throw it in the garbage... cause this I'll probably do in the very near future. There's no point in playing online. I HAVE to do all the challenges to finance the coming 50 races. Buying a new car? Upgrade it? From what money?!At least just fix it to 50% of the income or whatever, as long as you found a new 'system' to rip off our earnings.
  10. That wasn't clear for me. He just bumped words one after another. He said for $50... and honestly, until I saw it just now I didn't expect a console game being so cheap (in germany it's 60€! for PS3, that's 162%!!!), so I assumed he was playing on PC and simply mentioned, that he doesn't like the PS3-Version either. :D
  11. I wouldn't say that. At least in Cat.C I drive with 'whites' most of the time. And by the time you learn to avoid bad drivers. If I see, that yellows or reds are behind me and a critical corner is coming up, I usually slow down (and let them pass) or take a line, that no one else would take. It might cost me 2 or 3 seconds, but in the long term I end up somewhere at the front anyway. That keeps me out of trouble most of the time and I managed to keep white from day one, exept from 3 occasions, where I dropped to green and once to yellow due to being hit pretty hard.So only when I know that whi
  12. Awesome! You managed to write five lines without a single stop or comma. How do you expect anyone to read that and take it serious? To cite you... 'this is a big pile of written crap' :DTo your problem... did you disable steam cloud for the game? that is supposed to help... so far I still have the same save, nothing's corrupt. Thanks for clarifying that. It's probably the easiest way to code, still it's not a very desireable solution. Bad timing and the 2nd has a big advantage while the 1st might get hit or simply held up. But ok, very rare occasion, so who cares... ^^
  13. (When) are lapped drivers ghosted? I recently did an online race over 9 laps, AI was turned on (medium I think). I led the race by far and on lap 6 or 7 I started lapping the backrunners. When I got near them, they were NOT ghosted so I really feared for a sure victory. Only AFTER I passed them I've seen when looking back, that they were ghosted. Luckily it was only the AI I had to overtake, so they generously got out of my way. I don't think, 'real' people would do that, especially those way behind, probably with a mediocre impact rating. Isn't there any way to ghost the 'soon to be lapped'
  14. Pretty simple solution to that. Everyone, that has a bad impact rating (meaning red) gets corner assist on. They won't stand a chance in winning any race but have a chance to better themselves. that guarantees, that all clean racers won't get hit by surprise by reckless morons. Of course, only, when impact ratings for hit drivers (from behind) are fixed.
  15. I think, RD3 hat THE best trackseletion of every single racing game so far.Every DTM Track, every V8SC track, some internationals. REAL tracks, that challenge the driver, not that Tilke stuff from Formula 1. I really don't care about the cars, I think there's plenty of choices for every category. If I look at CatC, there's already 70% BMWs, 25% Chevys online. Just a bunch of people driving the Civic or Focus. So adding more cars would probably add nothing real to the game, except a few laps with these and then back to the old ones.IF new cars, all of them should be so perfectly balanced, that
  16. How is one user making platinum impossible? Sure, you probably won't get THE best time, but that's not what you have to beat, just the fixed goals.Anyway, I find it kind of funny, that I make sh*tloads of money there and it's gone by the end of the week just for upkeep of my own car. ^^ @MrDeapWhat is that view in the top left of your video? Was that edited in afterwards or is there any mod to get a second window right in the game?
  17. Not only more money for racing clean...When I do a race over a longer distance, my car degrades more but payout always seems like (playercount + 1 - position) * 1000, done.A championship bonus would be nice aswell, like 20% of price money * races * position for the first race and for every additional race + 5% to reward longer championships and consistent drivers.
  18. So what about the online money bullsh*t? Did you forget about it or is it planned for a patch in the far far future?It's not only annoying, it's totally ruining the game by now. Why should I come online and therefore why should I play the game at all? No matter what I do, I WILL use all the money I've got.I'm down to 77% now with a single race without incident (and I just reached lvl50 for the car). That's roughly $22000 in repairs!!!!!!! There is no single reality in this game, where I could earn that much money in a race to at least even out!Maybe with level 9000, big sponsors and whatnot...
  19. Yeah, a.t.m it is ridiculous. I HAVE to find a session that's full and I HAVE to finish in the Top 3 in order to just not lose money.My car has 500km on the clock, that's NOTHING! Every race I have to pay 15k just to repair that stupid thing, no matter if I crashed or raced clean. If I race with just 5 or 6 people I just know I'll lose money, no matter what. So my car obviously gets old and worn out, after these endless 500kms (even a DTM engine lasts a whole season with at least 2000km running). And now I should get a new one? I wasn't even able to buy a better engine. And full tuning-setup s
  20. Even if this was mentioned in this thread and several others, this can't be stressed enough.This game needs a proper rear view mirror!The cockpit-deblurrer shows, that mirrors are implemented. I don't understand, what person comes to the decision, to do working mirrors and then blur them away. Mirrors are not for show, they have an actual use!You did a pretty agressive AI and online racing got a lot more closer due to reducing the lag that was present in GRID1. I simply don't want to get surprised by someone hitting me and not being able to react soon enough.BUT I don't want mirrors that only
  21. I totally agree. Already met someone from back in the GRID days and had trouble following. I know my racing line, but I can't be precise enough for the last 2 tenths.I didn't drive with wheel here, but I remember from grid, that it was only possible to be fast with pad, if steering assist was turned on. Hope, this advantage (for wheels) isn't present anymore. As for chat... YES, TEXT is absolutely crucial! I don't care about Mics, don't want to use a headset and don't understand most of the british chaps with Liverpool slang (or whatever it may be) anyway. On top most transmissions I hear are
  22. First of all, I'm thrilled about the new handling. This is the best since, I don't know, Toca 2? 'Realistic' (for a Simcade) acceleration, breaking and cornering, not these ludicrous lightning speeds like GRID1. Finally it is kind of challenging to get a perfect lap, yet in a good environment, not like most Sims. The AI is pretty weird to me. It's fantastic, how they use every mistake to attempt overtaking and how they agressively defend their position. BUT constantly pushing me off the track in a corner, while I have the inner line, or even on a straight is rubbish. Especially, as the stay on
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