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  1. Of course flashbacks should be removed. What is more fun than getting rammed, hitting escape, navigating to reset vehicle, hitting reset vehicle, losing 5 seconds and driving with 3 wheels for the rest of the race? Flashbacks should definitely stay in, that way rammers will never win by purposefully ramming someone faster than them and getting lucky.
  2. @Loore Regarding playlists, i posted this in the big feedback thread. " I like the car class system of GAS, but this leads to a problem in playlists. I like racing Formula A/B/C but not necessarily the other Open wheel classes, but these seem to come up most of the time in the open wheel playlist. Tracks often repeat. You have introduced a track voting system, although you can only vote for 2 tracks at a time. I strongly suggest you extend the voting to 4 random tracks instead of 2, and more importantly introduce a vote to decide vehicle class. So for example, in Open Wheel befo
  3. @Loore I have not bought any new used cars, all are brand new, 5 of them have the $0-bug (PC). http://forums.codemasters.com/discussion/2713/serious-online-bug-pc#latest
  4. I like the car handling and the available cars and tracks. Altough tracks come down to personal preference ill mention my toughts. As for city tracks returning from GRID 2, i'd rather have seen Miami over Barcelona or Dubai. Miami along with Paris and Chicago are definitely my favourites from GRID 2. The 2 city tracks returning from GRID 1 were a bit of a disappointment. Washington has changed too much and the GP circuit of the G1 version is not available in GAS. San Francisco is fine, but i feel the train tracks/potholes should not have an effect on car handling as it only leads to randomness
  5. Hello, yesterday i encountered a strange and serious bug related to bought cars and game crashes. On the 13th i changed the club livery for our racenet club for the third time, then went on to apply the new livery to all of my 10 cars. Yesterday (the 14th) i was about to play with a friend online. I created a custom lobby, chose touring c and used my bought focus. After i finished the first race (5-race event), game froze for 3 seconds and then restarted. During the race i had noticed the car had the old club livery, not the new one, so i changed it to the correct one before creating a new cus
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