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  1. gfRally

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    A lot going on in my life, haven't posted much, lately. So I thought I would share this nugget - not my words, it was posted on a facebook group. Who in hell had the dumb idea to invent rallyracing? Two drunk guys with a warped sense of humor at a bar? Inventor: "We should invent a new more expensive motorsport." Other Guy: "Oh, you mean like dragracing?" Inventor: "Fawk no! Too straight. Too short, Nobody lives a quarter-mile at a time. Make the finish hundreds of miles away with turns." Otherguy :"Oh, like NASCAR." Inventor: "Fawk NASCAR! Make them turn booooth ways." Otherguy: "Uhm,..Roadracing." Inventor: "Roadracing?! Thats for damn pansies! We'll make them do it in the dirt and mud so it takes them weeks to powerwash their cars. Make them get dirty and blow chunky dust-boogers. Manly enough they can wear their-little-sister's-skinnyjean-racingsuit-and-fairy-shoes-and-no-one-will-care manly." Otherguy: "Yeah, .....thats still just racing with a carwash." Inventor: "NO!! We'll make them break their **** so they have to fix it during the race, .... in a forest, .... with no tools. Put HUGE rocks in the road, grow trees in the ditches for them to whack, gotchyas over crests. AND!,.. we'll make more turns than they can remember so they have to take a friend who can remember everything to crash into and to help fix broken ****." Otherguy: "A really good friend or a desperate ******* he is." Inventor: "Oh, but here is the better part. Tease em. Put HUGE glowing boards with finish flags at the end so they can see it and have hope they are almost done. BUT THEN, put a BIG jump before the finish with more **** like stumps and boulders to land on." Otherguy: "So they just do it one time?" Inventor: "Fawk no. We start the race very early and run it very late so they have no sleep. Have checkpoints to make them drive all over bum-fawk countryside. We make them share a pee in the woods. And we'll call it rally [/DrunkenSlur] because they rally wanted to finish it." Otherguy: "Brilliant! and then whoever still isn't fixing **** can have a party to compare how much **** they broke to see who the biggest loser was. Inventor: "And drink to forget so they will come to the next one." And that is how rally was born. Suckers!
  2. Love this design, nice change for the DAT-SUN 😉
  3. @SimVansevenant I can agree with that! A couple of those are very good.
  4. Looking over all these R5?liveries between ARA and WRC etc. I have noticed that everyone is using a basic design/pattern, yeah its changed up some, but many of them are just 3 colors. Now art is completely subjective I understand many probably like them. However as someone that had worked in the automotive wrap industry for many years, there are a lot of templates that are available of which many are similar and follow basic shapes. I wish more designers thought outside the box with color combinations, patterns, textures, etc just to differentiate themselves. Ken Block has been somewhat successful in for designs that are rather unconventional. anyhow not a rant, just an observation that I wonder if anyone else picked up on this?
  5. yeah, hope someone does a couple of these, nice to see some ARA liveries in the New England events
  6. @F2CMaDMaXX no pics are showing up
  7. gfRally

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    I'm going to try my best to make it, I've been there almost every year for the past 10, it a beautiful location. ++ Solberg this year
  8. gfRally

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    Rumor is that its going to be a national rally next year since ARA took it over. Where about are you? I'm about 3.5hrs away on the PA side, you know about STPR in Wellsboro PA, right? Anyhow it will be interesting how next year works out, will some events go into a rotation for national rallys or will there be a longer season with new events being shuffled around until there are national events every 6 weeks? Have to see... Not entirely sure. There are quite a few, but depends on the teams budget, really.... I don't follow the BMW's as close as Subaru's, but they always sound awesome coming thru the woods!
  9. gfRally

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    So last weekend I was in at the Southern Ohio Forest Rally, took some pix, thought I would share. Not as good as @ttbst 's photos, but I like what I got. Full album here: https://www.flickr.com/gp/181663275@N04/3Po5U5 Interestingly there are quite a few Fiesta R5 cars showing up here in the US now. There where 4 plus a hybrid shell with Mitsubishi engine (cheaper) - and this was a super regional, not a national event.
  10. Current, old one was mostly red. Yes I think OTR will be her first National entry. I think she lives up your way.
  11. @F2CMaDMaXX yeah Jeff Seehorn drives, but yeah, Karen is the codriver.
  12. If anyone is up to it, I would love to see a couple of the North American Rally cars liveries done:
  13. Im going to be blunt since Codies seems to have lost the will to communicate even vaguely. I think the team has moved on to F1 and isn’t concerned nor have the time to deal with us. The team is a skeleton now and is probably undermanned to tackle anything. Honestly they cannot even bugfix so why would they have time to do this? Trust me I’m rather peeved at the whole situation. Its not the old DR team now 😞
  14. gfRally

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    Can you point me to a game with good sound using FMod? Seriously, I don’t think I have heard one.
  15. gfRally

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    What a shopping trolley? This is the only trolly I think of.