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  1. I have a idea these are from the late 😢 John Campion collection that has been sold off since his death last Fall. I spoke to him a couple of times and we where trying to nail down some dates that I could come to his place in Florida to take some pictures and see his impressive collection, unfortunately my travel plans fell though and then he got leukemia.. Really sad, seemed like a very nice fellow, but I have met very few Irish that I didn't get along with. Feels good to at least have something to talk about here. @PJTierney that would be a great connection back to
  2. Stopping by just to post this. This is are very rare opportunity here in the US, let alone in my home town. Maybe the UK is just oozing of Group B cars that you see daily on the street, but I am quite excited The Macchina of Lancia have been selected as our 2021 Proiettore Macchina! - The Cortile (cortilepittsburgh.org) Usually I depend on the weather as the choice to attend the Vintage Grand Prix, however no weather will stop me this year.
  3. Since the Interview video came up in my feed, I thought I would stop by. @PJTierney I really like this kind of content, miss it from years ago. I mentioned a while back it would be nice to hear from some of the devs on here, but possibly maybe some could spare 15 minutes time for you to interview? Its really nice to get to know a little about who makes these games that we have loved. No gossip on what they are working on now, just talking about what they do and their background. Just a 1 on 1, no big production, over produced marketing thing. We used to get a little of that and it made s
  4. Popped in for my 6month checkup.. wishing everyone well. Glad to see the same faces here! Hoping to go to a rally or 1 this year, stuff is SLOWLY (that's good) opening up here in the US so maybe I will bump into @Mike Dee in the woods of SOFR in a few weeks. I am over amusing myself with the next Dirt title predictions. The window has past in really caring anymore. I am at the stage in my life to realize that 1 or a few voices do not add up to corporate sales metrics and making wish lists, begging for features, etc just doesn't matter. I am no longer of the group they are t
  5. Interesting how a few years ago DR was only slightly familiar to real rally people, or it was 'just a game'. Now after #canceled2020 and everyone searched, including drivers, for thier rally fix, this is now a thing. I did my best to promote it over the years here in the US, not going to say it was all me, but hopefully I got the bug in a couple drivers to play.
  6. And just like most of my posts, I try to be 90% encouraging to the devs, but sometimes there is 10 percent complaining/frustration that slips through, lol. @CMMcBabe Just like real rally... pushing through that last 10 could be the most satisfying. 🙂 I think many see RBR for its no-nonsense rally play.. Not that anything would be taken away from some polishing but after playing it for some time and going back to DR, I do see quite a bit of difference in physics. There is a reason that some top rally drivers prefer it, the car control is very predictabl
  7. reading some of these posts from January, I'll say the same thing that I have been saying for more than 10 years. Dirt Rally (not including DiRT# anymore because of the direction it has gone) needs to be able to save the replays. It seems that the tech is 90% there, but realistically I am sure that last 10 is harder than the 90 that is given, however. None the less something that is editable, customizable, and flexible enough to make content that is beautiful should be included, much the same way photo mode should be. I am biased, I worked on the "Confront the unknown" video that was
  8. Well, I plan to be there, but each event locals will decide if its ok for spectators. I hope by June this 'Rona **** is somewhat cleared up.. I have my doubts, though.. hopeful but reality is sad
  9. Does the XBSX seem better than a current PC as far as power? Like Is the fog taken away on Finland?
  10. Not going to beat a dead horse, possibly a positive with EA owning CM - Licensing money will not be a problem, possibly getting licenses will not be as hard, either. I don't think we will see Forza like deals, nor should we want that, but maybe a few more manufactures will be persuaded now.
  11. Wow, I had to come here after finding the news. I have a lot to say, but I will make this post brief. (EDIT: lol, riiight) A small company is a hungry company, hungry for people’s approval and satisfaction. This drives sales (obviously) and hopefully/eventually turn a profit to continue. If you enjoy what you are doing and pour your heart into it you most likely will succeed, you won’t make billions, maybe not even millions, but you will go home every day satisfied of your work. Large companies are greedy, and publicly traded companies are worse, they only
  12. PJ, your doing a fine job here. Nothing will bring the past back nor should it be faked. The "old crew" were unique in how they worked, what they liked besides gaming, etc. I said this before, though: When they popped in here, it was in a light hearted way, not drudgingly like it was part of the job. Sure they got pelted with many questions, and some complaints, but they posted enough other things (memes or whatever) to show they where one of us, passionate about the title, and just plain human. I doubt it did anything for sales in the grand scheme, but it made US fans of the games even m
  13. @PJTierney Never saw your website before. Impressive amount of art you have done. I remember back when you posted a couple of illustrations, but that kind of scrolled by on the phone. Taking a bit longer to look at what you have done is really cool. Also saw the Tutorial you did for Digital Arts, I remembered that very well, because I was using a similar approach (and still do). I was un-easy about the approach, coming from very traditional art techniques and ideas, still feel like its cheating if I don't have my Copic markers and pens out in front of me. However I bought a Surfa
  14. Waiting on any Dev response If only Porkhammer where here
  15. IF memory serves me right, the Solbergs commented on this, this is why they were not playing in 1st person view. They had no feeling of the rear end position of the car. Something like that.. This year has been a big blur to me
  16. Knock, Knock... Hey DR3 Devs! I think it would be kind of you to say hi now and then, maybe introduce yourselves, tell us how YOU have been involved in real rally. Yes, we miss the old personalities that used to be here, but we would like to know you a little, like you actually care about who plays your games. This is not a rant, but the Gossip thread was FUELED by developers passion talking here and at least put a faces on the hard work that just ends up a line in the credits.
  17. If anyone would ever listen at CM.. these tools help to promote your product, don’t just chuck us a bone, give us the whole meal, and we will tip you well with much content.
  18. I know you don't want to find out, but I wonder if he can really do anything. I have been in the design business for over 20 years in various capacities. If you design something FOR a customer and the transaction with that customer is made and finalized. They are allowed to do as they please once files are handed over. For example, you cannot copyright a logo that you design for a customer. Somewhere there is someone dumb enough to agree to it.. the designer is laughing all the way to the bank. However this is the greed that the world now feeds on. Everything has a price on it (wh
  19. Been to PIMA, didn't realize that it was Private. I got a number of unique photos there, as well. Not too often do you find a B58 Hustler outside with typical desert dust on it, instead of the rather pristine museum pieces. MSFS is around 120gb to download. I think they say 150gb hard drive space after decompression. All in all... I am glad I got it on Gamepass, it crushes my system, and as much hype as there is about the scenery being so detailed, this is based on BING maps not Google. They do not have the most up to date data, also stuff like bridges are kinda right but t
  20. Restoration hangers are the best. Up close and dirty. I had access to the Smithsonian AIr and Space museum's restoration and warehouse facility umm... (wow 20 years ago now) That was incredible to photograph! Some of the stuff that I saw there hadn't seen in public for more than 40 years. Many of the pieces have since been moved to display at the Udva-Hazy Center in Washington DC (technically Virginia) which is more like Smithsonian Air and Space museum 2. Still waiting to see a few of the planes that where way back in the dark corners. Going to the UK would be very overwhelming, s
  21. My second passion is aviation, man you guys suck at identifying these. I admit the middle one could be a Hurricane or a Spit (hard to model at this scale). I guess as an American the first and last are very clear, I'll give you Brits a something for being confused, since these may not fly as regular over there.
  22. At least we can have some awesome screenshots, maybe CM will fire their legal department and hire some new ones with balls so there isn’t any more ‘licensing’ issues excuses, next time.
  23. Good for Paul. Glad he is back in the drivers seat of a new racing game. Besides with Codies buying up other racing studios, its good to see some [worthy] competition. I have nothing against Codies, but competition pushes everyone for quality.
  24. Haven't seen much in Racing game news that has got me excited about, then I read this: https://www.racedepartment.com/threads/pcars-3-new-developer-blog-post-upgrades.187838/ This is a feature (NOT UPGRADES, but how they work and the limits) that I have been wanting in DR for a long time. This should not be available on every car, Group B cars should stay the same. But I have mentioned in the past, for me it would be perfectly acceptable if licensing was an issue, that a could have low end cars where made up (a la Wreckfest) that are basically starter cars like most run in here in
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