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  1. He did a Q&A on his instagram and someone asked it but as it was on instagram stories it's automatically deleted so unless anyone has made a screenshot I guess not.
  2. Wouldn't make a difference for me cause i never crash *sarcasm off*
  3. Wow I absolutely love that video of the escort in Poland looks really on point. Edit: Can't wait till friday to get my hands on it and try it myself(which will probably result in me spinning 40x per stage)
  4. you can make an invite link and post it here
  5. @urgaffel comes in a flat brown pack that you have to assemble yourself with a sub-par instruction manual..  If that gives you any hints of his origin?  B) And parts missing or extra? 
  6. The dash in the Fiesta is still the roadmode It's the R2 Fiesta in that video, not the R5 oh oops just skipped through the video a little as to not see too much of the stages didnt notice it because of that
  7. The dash in the Fiesta is still the roadmode
  8. That footage looks good/better than D4 to me though it's hard to tell if it really is from these small clips 
  9. It was always like that if I remember correctly
  10. look a bonus streamhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tp8qJuY0Itk edit: Handling looks a little better especially considering its on hard tyres and jon is trying to slide it big time.
  11. I know I'm from the Netherlands, maybe a stage like achtmaal de hel(the Hell)? would be awesome imo
  12. Be careful about reading too much into desk ornaments: Dutch Fallout Stages confirmed as DLC
  13. Nope I can't login on mobile so I have to wait till I get home to answer
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