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    11 hours ago, warpengage said:

    Do you know of any way I can read that?

    He did a Q&A on his instagram and someone asked it but as it was on instagram stories it's automatically deleted so unless anyone has made a screenshot I guess not. 

  2. Wow I absolutely love that video of the escort in Poland looks really on point.

    Edit: Can't wait till friday to get my hands on it and try it myself(which will probably result in me spinning 40x per stage)


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  3. Rallystu2 said:
    I've provisionally started setting up a discord. However I'm not familiar with the thing. DiRTy Gossip temp is the name. I'm not sure if it requires invites or not tbh. I'll continue messing about with it.
    you can make an invite link and post it here

  4. bogani said:
    LutzM said:
    I wonder if @urgaffel is a german guy...the name always reminds me of a beer brewed in the region around Cologne...!
    @urgaffel comes in a flat brown pack that you have to assemble yourself with a sub-par instruction manual.. 

    If that gives you any hints of his origin?  B)
    And parts missing or extra? 
  5. sqdstr said:
    Lynx2000 said:
    JorritVD said:
    New footage DR2.0 from DiePixelHelden   
    The dash in the Fiesta is still the roadmode
    It's the R2 Fiesta in that video, not the R5
    oh oops just skipped through the video a little as to not see too much of the stages didnt notice it because of that
  6. Areyouben said:
    Dutch stages trough the Polders would be awesome tho, narrow and fast. Make it mixed surface (As a lot of Dutch rallies are) with asphalt, gravel and mud, run all that in tarmac spec cars and you have a pretty cool event I'd say. :smiley:
    I know I'm from the Netherlands, maybe a stage like achtmaal de hel(the Hell)? would be awesome imo
  7. tbtstt said:

    The Stratos was designed from scratch as a rally car. It is one of only three rally cars where the design started with a clean piece of paper and wasn't based on an existing model in the range.

    (Maximum nerd points if you know the other two)

    Weren't it the lancia 037 and the Ford rs200? 

  8. juu1ius said:
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WyguJ--eT3c&feature=youtu.be - great example of the safety issues. Red tape is no go zone and it's tugged out to maximum and safety standing nearby.   :/

    I hate these type of "rally fans" I know that you want to get close to the cars, and that this is the way you did this 20 years ago and back then nothing happened. But you are one of the causes rally is set as a too dangerous sport. And the reason a great rally like rally Poland could be removed from the calendar next year. It are these people who mostly die or get injured from crashes but we all know that some news sources ignore this. Saying rally is dangerous and should be banned. Although if these "fans" would have been in the correct location behind the tape everything would have gone right and we happily go rallying. 

    Sorry for my little rant. 
  9. Don't know if I'm the only but when doing rally I can look into the future was doing career and was 1st in running order still saw my opponents time at the start of the stage which is kinda weird as he is still behind me

  10. I mean, if you wanted to, you could get back into the sim seat and record pacenotes just for me :] :] :]  
    Don't do it for anybody else though, I want to feel special. 

    Clicked disagree (your nothing special)  I and probably some others too want Paul back in our codriver seat. I really like Nicky but Paul was just a little bit clearer to me with Nicky I sometimes have myself heading towards corners thinking what exactly he said as I couldn't really understand what he said(I drive without hud so hearing the codriver clearly is quite essential to me) 
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