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  1. Oh and @KickUp the rain bug also happens in rx and landrush after the race when it switches to an interior view of the driver. 
  2. Guys I have a problem can't decide which r5 to buy the fiesta or the Hyundai? 
  3. Really in love with the game itself handling feels great and the branding suite is awesome driving my opel adam r2 is really a pleasure want to say thank you to Paul and the team for this game  Edit: sorry just noticed the bug thread so removed the bug part
  4. If it works the same way it did in DR I will probably do it what would be your preference keep it blank or replace it with something?  I'd love to see the livery turned into an anti-Sun car. That would be fantastic!  Was thinking of turning it into the scums
  5. If it works the same way it did in DR I will probably do it what would be your preference keep it blank or replace it with something? 
  6. Those guys are mostly also the guys who tested the game last year 
  7. I bet that Alvarez'  first name is Sebastian it's just the next generation of rally winning Sebastian's first we had Loeb than Ogier and now we have  Alvarez 
  8. Tommorow my new salary is there so will be waiting with my mouse on the pre order button to click it at the moment the moment the money is there. 
  9. About the nothing to report from the Marshall when this is said is there still the possibility of a stopped car on the stage as it could have stopped while you were already on stage 
  10. If it's on a reasonable time I will probably join aswell. 
  11. I used to use a button on the wheel but I hated it so now I use a joystick(I didn't use enough)  as a handbrake really love it as it's always in the same place I can now pull it without looking and you have better feeling aswell. 
  12. Even shorter wheelbase?? the one in DR was already almost a square
  13. Nicky will now not call out the notes any more but sends them directly to your brain via telepathy
  14. I heard that you could only see them when driving without headlights on
  15. Can you please stop asking the same question every hour? 
  16. Don't know if this is already asked but will shakedown part of the first stage like in dirt rally or will there be a new short stage generated for it
  17. It's something that still annoys me everytime I see it
  18. The spam is still there guys I've flagged all of them some are on 4 flags now who's our hero
  19. Am I the only one not seeing spam any more? 
  20. I dont like spam Spam is 24 characters too short
  21. @KickUp will be still be able to make custom liveries in Photoshop and use those? 
  22. get a cheap ffb joystick and make some thing around it(something like a piece of wood)  so it can only travel back or forward(depends on how you want to have it)
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