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  1. As far as I know group b cars did not have handbrakes/were not useful (as they could not disconnect the rear wheels?) 
  2. Will cars with dogboxes now be able to shift without using the clutch when using the manual h shifter + clutch? 
  3. I saw in the video that when there was a broken down car there are spectators telling you to slow down. 
  4. I would prefer to have an Irish tarmac rally over the German to be honest really liked the German ones but after looking at circuit of Ireland videos I think those are just a tad more awesome
  5. Thanks for clarifying so I can't choose you @KickUp as my Co driver if I would like to? 
  6. Was a bit disappointed at first  but everything that is said makes me more excited about it In career mode is there the possibility a stage is run twice during an event that's one of the things I missed in DR in real events some/most stages(depends on which event)  are ran twice or even 3 times. Will there also be a female codriver not that I don't like @KickUp or Nicky grist but in d2 and d3 I also preferred the female Co driver.  I don't know if this was already asked but will there be tyre choices? 
  7. I'm hyped but I'm also disappointed with no Monte and Finland I really liked them I had hoped the stages from dirt rally would be carried over to the next game and new stages would be added to create a big roster of locations 
  8. Will there be longer stages?? Body to short 
  9. This gif of excitement is 40 characters to short Edit why the f*ck do gifs not work on mobile
  10. Hey Don't forget the Toyota 22b e2
  11. Thanks will try that Errors are 20 character too short
  12. For some reason everytime I want to start a stage in the league  my screen goes black and it goes back to main menu with the message that racenet is not available although Ive most of the times done the daily already
  13. I can confirm rallycars do fall in love with snowbanks as mine did aswell 
  14. Even more????? That would mean I would not finish 1 stage in Greece
  15. Yeah what a drive from Paddon I did expect him to win this after Latvala's crash. Feared for the win after Ogier took 20 seconds off. But what a drive in the power stage 11.2 seconds faster!!!!. Congrats Hayden Paddon & John Kennard
  16. Your League looked really promising, until you posted this ^^^ why?
  17. same order every season in WRC order pls. My ingame name is the same as my forum name.
  18. After watching Vajb's stream of SLRE I can say with 100% certainty that I will never invest in this game. :D Not even on a 90% off sale! I hope citroen and toyota also notice its a bad game and give licenses to codemasters
  19. We will strike not do our dailies if we don't get our news :D
  20. Paul told us that next week we would get more info right? Maybe he will tell what car it will be?
  21. Is it sure the 207 will be in the 2000s class? It is a S2000 car so I thought it would be a new class with maybe the Ford Fiesta S2000 and the Skoda Fabia S2000.
  22.   also in real life, no more sedan  in the wrc class :( and toyota is ready for 2017 comeback with a toyota aygo!!!!!!!! what's next?     smart wrc????    :'( Wrong! Toyota will make a comeback with a Yaris WRC which is a little larger, its about the same size as the current WRC cars
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