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  1. veyronfan

    Qualifying times in My Team

    This has been well documented and codies have said they are fixing it. The grid is showing the fastest times the drivers did over the entire of Saturday. Dont worry, the grid order is still correct.
  2. hhmmmm. If thats the engine performance chart literally as it is when you very first start the My Team mode then that is a bit odd. You would think that if you didn't answer any interview questions to give your engine R&D some already installed upgrades, that the engine would be a stock Ferrari unit like all the others. Maybe they are trying to say that if you answered all the questions to boost your engine department, it would be on par with the others? I think personally all the engines should be slightly apart on the chart at race 1, so Ferrari units all occupying the top but not all equal. Because from pre season testing to race 1, teams would have theoretically had time to get some upgrades on the unit. Hell even in the game we know that you can chuck on a load of R&D things after the last race with any points you have left and they will be done by race 1 the following season. So why couldn't Haas, Ferrari and Alfa have done some upgrades from 2019? The game even let's YOU get some upgrades on before race 1 by giving certain answers in interviews.
  3. Exactly why I drive in cockpit cam only. Don't get any fulfillment from having worked hard to get to the point where I can drive with all the assists off like real F1, but then can switch to magic view and gain laptime.... what's the point? Might as well turn all the assists back on lol On the subject of ABS. In this game I already find the braking WAY TO EASY with ABS off. Unless you do something really stupid you basically can't lock up. You can run 100% brake pressure, which is the default value now for gods sake!, and 50 brake balance with ZERO rear locking. I'm not totally against the changes as it helps those of us who couldn't or wouldn't exploit the old braking system, by running it unrealistically rearward or with ridiculous pressure settings, to stay competitive. Personally I'm for as much realism as possible. So ABS SHOULD make you faster by a small degree. But I also have pushed for years now for a realistic brake setup where running the brake bias more forward decreases braking distances with the increased risk of front lockups. There's a reason the real drivers can be seen moving the bias forward when coming up to a big high-speed braking point. Ironically on f1 2019 this was actually the case on many tracks, I tested it thoroughly. However the overall gain by going crazily rearward was often far more powerful for all the other braking zones, bar the 1 or maybe 2 BIG stops on the track.
  4. veyronfan

    Race Starts revs to 13,000

    There is a bug with 1st gear, several reports about it on here buried in the hundred plus threads. I'd be willing to guess if you don't turn any of the engine or ERS settings up from what the game puts them on as standard for race starts you will still find the same or at least similar issue. It also happens at monaco at the hotel hairpin. When you slow down in 1st gear to very slow speed and the revs drop below a certain point they will suddenly plummet. If you then try and put just a little bit of throttle input in they will do nothing for a few moments and then suddenly shoot up like crazy as you have been experiencing. Some of us think it's a turbo bug. Massive turbo lag basically causing throttle input issues when going extremely slow or stationary in 1st gear.
  5. veyronfan

    Parc fermé not working properly

    Weirdly on xbox 1.02 I have opposite problem. With parc ferme enabled it not only restricts all the normal stuff once qualifying has begun, but it also locks the tyre pressures in as well. Now unless there was a very quiet rule change that I missed, I was sure that tyre pressures were adjustable at all times under parc ferme just like front wings and differentials?
  6. veyronfan

    Tyre overheating

    Literally every real race at hungary since Pirelli came in lol. In previous games setup and driving style only made a minor difference to how much they overheated. You had to go waaaay to slow to keep the front left in check round Hungary. On F1 2020 if you adjust setup appropriately, lower the pressure on the correct individual tyre (front left at hungary) and just back off a little bit at the worst long right handers, it actually stays very much under control. I even tested it myself and posted a vid of how I was driving and the tyre never even went anything but green on the mfd.
  7. Yes this happens at every race. Entire quali system is bugged, including the quali practice programme at certain tracks!
  8. 1. A detailed description of the issue. Please include any error codes here. The Qualifying practice programme on My Team mode is broken at multiple tracks. I have the 9th fastest car on the grid, AT BEST, yet the game wants me to LITERALLY set the fastest time of ANYBODY to just get the green pass score for the practice programme, not even purple pass time! On 105 difficulty, 100% session lengths & full simulation mode assists. Then come the race, on the same settings, I'll be suddenly flying past other cars!! 2. What version of the game you are using (Shown on the start screen in the bottom left corner of the screen) 1.02 Xbox 3. Game-mode? My Team season 1 4. What are your replication numbers? Minimum test attempts are 4. Please also add EXACT replication steps for us to try too. Has happened at multiple tracks over the season. Most notably at Baku and now at Canada, as shown in attached image. To replicate, simply load up 1 of many tracks, Canada in this instance, in my team mode with all assists off, 100% distance and set appropriate difficulty setting so you can just pass the qualifying sim programme with appropriate effort and compare your times to the rest of the field in much faster cars. 5. What troubleshooting have you attempted? Please always try to attempt to fix the issue Game restart, simulate rest of session, let the session run in real time, different setups etc makes absolutely no difference. 6. What peripherals are you are using (gamepad, wheel make & model etc) Xbox controller 7. Any screenshots or video of the issue? If the video is long, please include a timestamp for when the issue appears. So after many attempts, and dropping the difficulty down to 104, i managed to just pass the quali sim programme with less than 3 tenths to spare for green pass mark. As you can see, that very lap time was faster than all the top teams drivers managed on the same soft tyres!!!!! In a car that is fighting Williams performance wise, I should not be topping sessions while only BARELY hitting the teams minimum requirements.
  9. veyronfan

    Tyre overheating

    Ok and again I'd like to see an example of this happening that ISN'T caused by shoddy driving. I don't see why you uploaded a vid to supppsedly demonstrate your problem of tyres overheating in a situation that you believe they shouldn't that only demonstrates the tyres overheating in a situation where they ABSOLUTELY SHOULD BE? It's a bit like me reporting a problem with my cars brakes saying that when I brake normally/gently they go full on and then when I demonstrate the issue to the mechanic I drive forward and then stamp full force on the pedal and go "see what they did". It's a Sim/arcade game that's trying to be a better sim when you set everything to SIM. If you want it to be more like an arcade game like the previous versions then turn the sim settings down..... don't complain that there's something wrong with a game thats simulating the real world too well when you ask it to lol
  10. veyronfan

    Tyre overheating

    "gave a link where a YouTuber, who mainly plays F1 games, denotes the same issue and you can see his driving style on a wheel." Mate I just finally found the bit of this vid where he says about the tyres and he literally says exactly what I just did lol. He said "in this game you need to lower the tyre pressures", "the tyre pressures have more of an effect in this game" and "in hindsight I should have lowered them more". His front left goes yellow through the massive high speed double right handers, where EVERY F1 DRIVER is told to look after the front left!, at full speed and nearly full lock lap after lap, in a back marker car, and that's your idea of a problem with the game? It's doing exactly what it's supposed to!!! Full speed, lots of lock lap after lap through 1 of the most tyre killing sections of race track on the F1 calender, on full simulation settings, with a setup he admits wasn't quite optimal, and they go yellow..... and that's wrong? Ok
  11. veyronfan

    Tyre overheating

    If your driving in the clip is shoddy and that's what is causing the issue why upload it as evidence of the issue. Please upload a clip of you driving in the more smooth and refined way that you described with the setup I suggested, as you asked for, and show what happens please. On the older games I drive the same as I did in my clip which even you admitted was "clearly better" and in races I always had my front left going orange if I pushed too hard for too long. In this game the extremes are better modelled, in both directions. So if you REALLY scrub the tyre it REALLY heats up, but if you look after it better it actually DOESN'T heat up or wear as bad as previous games. The amount of esports f1 players I've already seen talking about f1 2020 and the fact that "tyre wear isn't anywhere near as scripted as 2019" or words to that effect is quite staggering. This game does a better job of simulating real F1 than previous games if you set it to SIMULATION mode. If you drive even slightly hard round Hungary in reality the front left burns, we've seen and heard that from real F1 for years now. If you don't want it to simulate realistically what your doing then turn the sim settings down or off. The fact the previous games did a WORSE job of simulating tyre temps is not a negative on this game, it's a positive of this game and a negative of the old games. Again, please just show us a real representation of the issue your having so we can make accurate and fair judgement on it. An over dramatisation doesn't help. Ty
  12. veyronfan

    RPM Bug (at start)

    yes I have same issue. It feels like enormous turbo lag. Seems to be a 1st gear issue as also happens at monaco at the hotel hairpin. You go down to a certain rpm in 1st gear and then it suddenly bogs down massively and when you try to accelerate it does nothing for a couple seconds and then suddenly the revs shoot up uncontrollably. For starts I have to now barely touch the trigger and just wait until the revs catch up with the input and then try and let some trigger input out to hold them there. Which is damn near impossible.
  13. veyronfan

    Track limits are ridiculous

    This ^ And I'm glad someone else finally mentioned the run off areas having too much grip. I refuse to drive my car all but 1 mm over the OTHER SIDE of a track limit kerb out onto run off areas and be able to just brake and turn in to the corner like its normal track. There is a reason the real drivers don't do this, it's called a fear of crashing lol. They don't even brake or accelerate on the normal kerbs unless they absolutely have to lol.
  14. "when the engeneer ask me if I want to change my strategy I have to choose between "keep the same strat" or "do nothing". There's no new strat possible". I've also had this happen. I've also had the engineer telling me to come in just a short way into a stint on barely used tyres for no apparent reason. He says "we're changing the strategy, box this lap" but I don't get any option to say no and it doesn't even show what the new strategy is? Can we also PLEASE finally have the ability to adjust strategy during the race? Just add 1 extra menu slot to the car adjustments mfd page to adjust the lap number of next stop? It's not that hard. MFD front wing adjust, tyre compound choice, pit stop lap. DONE
  15. veyronfan

    Track limits are ridiculous

    I agree it's annoying when you get penalised for using a part of the track the real drivers use without issue. But lets be fair here, the rules say the white line is the track limit and the line is in the correct place relative to the real tracks. Now having said that, if there are notable bits of tracks that in real life the stewards make a very clear exception to the normal rule of the white line for, then yes it would be nice if Codies could make those adjustments to match reality. But to be fair they can't really do that until AFTER the real race when they then know what needs to be changed. And is that a priority right now when we have game breaking issues to deal with? The rule is the same for everyone on the track and the rule is true to the real F1 rules so not really a big issue if you ask me. Not yet anyway.