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  1. A detailed description of the issue: Doing a driver career in Mclaren. Since last update patch I'm finding that my cars battery charge level is slowly but surely dropping lower and lower every lap during the latter stages of the race until the point that its pretty much 0% by the end of the race, despite the fact I'm driving every single lap without so much as touching the overtake button. The ERS is permanently in its default medium state. It doesn't happen at every race/track, but seems to happen as soon as the engine in the car has even the slightest bit of wear. I'm doing a 50% race at Soc
  2. Literally every real race at hungary since Pirelli came in lol. In previous games setup and driving style only made a minor difference to how much they overheated. You had to go waaaay to slow to keep the front left in check round Hungary. On F1 2020 if you adjust setup appropriately, lower the pressure on the correct individual tyre (front left at hungary) and just back off a little bit at the worst long right handers, it actually stays very much under control. I even tested it myself and posted a vid of how I was driving and the tyre never even went anything but green on the mfd
  3. Ok and again I'd like to see an example of this happening that ISN'T caused by shoddy driving. I don't see why you uploaded a vid to supppsedly demonstrate your problem of tyres overheating in a situation that you believe they shouldn't that only demonstrates the tyres overheating in a situation where they ABSOLUTELY SHOULD BE? It's a bit like me reporting a problem with my cars brakes saying that when I brake normally/gently they go full on and then when I demonstrate the issue to the mechanic I drive forward and then stamp full force on the pedal and go "see what they did". It's a
  4. "gave a link where a YouTuber, who mainly plays F1 games, denotes the same issue and you can see his driving style on a wheel." Mate I just finally found the bit of this vid where he says about the tyres and he literally says exactly what I just did lol. He said "in this game you need to lower the tyre pressures", "the tyre pressures have more of an effect in this game" and "in hindsight I should have lowered them more". His front left goes yellow through the massive high speed double right handers, where EVERY F1 DRIVER is told to look after the front left!, at full speed and nearly full
  5. If your driving in the clip is shoddy and that's what is causing the issue why upload it as evidence of the issue. Please upload a clip of you driving in the more smooth and refined way that you described with the setup I suggested, as you asked for, and show what happens please. On the older games I drive the same as I did in my clip which even you admitted was "clearly better" and in races I always had my front left going orange if I pushed too hard for too long. In this game the extremes are better modelled, in both directions. So if you REALLY scrub the tyre it REALLY heats up
  6. "when the engeneer ask me if I want to change my strategy I have to choose between "keep the same strat" or "do nothing". There's no new strat possible". I've also had this happen. I've also had the engineer telling me to come in just a short way into a stint on barely used tyres for no apparent reason. He says "we're changing the strategy, box this lap" but I don't get any option to say no and it doesn't even show what the new strategy is? Can we also PLEASE finally have the ability to adjust strategy during the race? Just add 1 extra menu slot to the car adjustments mfd
  7. When I drive Hungary on any of the previous games my front left overheats if I push round every long right hander on full lock at max speed, that's realistic. "no apparent reason for the overheating of the frontleft trye on clockwise tracks." The fact it's a clockwise track is literally the answer to that question? The entire 1st half of your response was you explaining why you basically drove in such a way as would Purposefully cause the front left to overheat. Again, if you drive in a way that should make that happen and you have the game set to SIMULATE reality then what you think is
  8. Mate Im sorry but your driving like someone purposefully trying to overheat your tyres! Steering looks like a keyboard. You went into every corner too fast and totally off line, slid wide and then round the entire corner on full lock trying to get back to the inside, while also on the gas! You need to turn off the simulation settings if you dont want the game to simulate what your driving would actually be doing to your car in reality if you drove like that. Not that it would help much with current driving style but have you tried using the high downforce default setup at Hungary given it
  9. I've been an avid player of the codemasters F1 games for years and I'm now at a level where I can race the Legend AI with everything turned off in cockpit. However when I recently decided to do a full career instead of just using GP mode it became obvious that the AI are as fast in career as they are in GP mode BUT my car is way slower. Perfect example is my career race at Bahrain. I'm in the lotus having gold star'ed the driver test and using my own setup which is much faster than the default fastest setup I'm struggling to lap within half a second of my teammate and the faster cars are lappi
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