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  1. Well there is now broken car in Sweden and Argentina Let's get some more of it in Dirt Rally 2.0
  2. CM has come a little further with cars that are damaged. But missing more of cars that keep more out on the road. CM I is doing the right thing
  3. NielsJakobsen

    Next DiRT Rally Improvements

    Because you don't see so many in - Increase in unexpected moments happening, such as other competitors broken down, and/or more crashed cars on stage. Is enough because he pressed the F2 button. Laughs! So enough therefore you don't see so many cars that keep you side of the road In DR 2.0, you can drive wildly fast because nothing happens than you just press F2 and you're ready again. Not I think is realistic. But that's the way it is in this game.
  4. If CM does not want to use the cars that are in Dirt Rally 2.0 Could you use other cars, maybe Toyota that is not in rally 2.0
  5. Has read that car factories that have licensed racing games will not see their cars being shown as smashed in racing games. If that's true, is that why CM doesn't put cars in that are smashed in Dirt Rally 2.0 and only lets cars be parked in the side of the road?? CM could make other car models that are not part of Dirt Rally 2.0 and cars that are smashed are probably not always visible to what it is of the car model. Now I have run over 500 hours and 8 – 9,000 km. Know all the roads now and it gets boring then. Now it can be turned off and on in Dirt Rally 2.0 so I don't think it's going to be a problem for those who don't like it. Sorry about the translation
  6. Orangejuiced83 Maybe you should try the flight simulator, it will probably provide an exercise for you now that you are getting sick of DR 2.0 Here it makes sense that horizon is not locked. but otherwise I want to give you the right in that Dirt Rally 2.0 should have the opportunity to lock the horizon so you don't get sick. but also think the car works better when the horizon is locked and you sense the car following the road
  7. Now I don't have the big trouble getting sick, only a little in some specific lanes in Argentina, not all the lanes in Argentina are uneven. But I would like to CM would do so there was the possibility to unlock the horizon, because I think it gives a better experience of being inside the car when you can see that the car is infringing in turns and you can see the car dives when braking and rising when accelerating. The video from other games that have locked horizons probably shows a word.
  8. Super with rain in Finland Smooth roads, then something happens
  9. Great if CM has done more at Unexpected Moments ?? Now up to 2 animals have come across the road at the same time Cars have been parked more on the road and now you have to avoid them. Not like before where they kept without danger to other cars. More of this
  10. NielsJakobsen

    Broken car / Animals that gets put into the game

    Almost 500 hours drive, it is getting boring. So the CM needs something more! Look at all the suggestions CM has received from the user
  11. What controls / triggers the broken car in the different stages? Is it the computer that decides when or else when the broken car gets put into the game ?? The same goes for animals… Seems when the CM is coming up with a new rally stage, so in the beginning there will be many and gradually it will be smaller, Helicopters were often there just when Finland came to DR 2.0 Now you never see them! Can't make so the frequency can be changed? And people who don't want it can just turn it off.
  12. Great desire for color change on your Golf 2 and 4 Seems they are a bit dull in color. Isn't that a big job to change for you?