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  1. Why have all the problems with Co-Driver when you codemasters can just open the Co-Driver audio files so that people have the opportunity to record their own notes. Then people can get it in their own language too. This was possible in the game ”Rally Championship”, here you could access audio files and I myself have recorded notes in this gam
  2. Do not know if the different cars in DR 2.0 are set up with the brakes for the vintage? Thinking of ABS brakes that came in the mid-1980s, so the cars included in DR 2.0 are equipped with the right brakes for the model / year in question Do they think cars from 1960 to 1985 probably do not have ABS brakes? and must block brakes in the game The new cars must have ABS brakes and you should be able to feel it in the steering wheel more or less depending on the year. Under Assists: Anti-Lock Braking System is on / off But does it seem like ABS brakes? or does it just help to not
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