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  1. Hoo

    F1 2019 UDP Specification

    @ElectricTurtle - I think this is taken from the centre of the car chassis, which falls just behind the driver's seat:
  2. Hoo

    F1 2019 UDP Specification

    @CanTQuiT - we are reviewing the naming policy, but I don't expect this to come soon. The route we are considering involves players giving explicit consent for other users to have access to key UDP info, so apps should not be build around the assumption that you will have access to player's sensitive data. This is something we can't do. If you can provide specific use-cases for us to examine, that will help us refine our proposal to something that is both useful to you and compliant with the latest legal guidelines.
  3. Hoo

    F1 2019 UDP Specification

    @AndyHamp - if the maths is all correct then I wonder if one of the numbers used for the calculation is frame out, e.g. distance remaining?
  4. Hi All, I've merged two threads on the same subject. Also, the dev team have reviewed this issue and think that this should unlock at silver level 1. We will let you know when this change is likely to make it into a patch. Thanks.
  5. Hi All, We are currently looking into this one. The original intention behind this was to award an achievement for hitting the top level, although I can see why this looks confusing as you would expect the level after 49 to be level 50. We're currently testing whether this works as intended and have passed your comments back to the design team for additional consideration. Thanks.
  6. Hi All, Just to let you know that we have read all of the feedback and are examining the evidence provided. At this stage, we are still gathering info and trying to identify which elements are working as intended, which are broken and which may need rethinking. Once we've been through the issues and worked out possible options we'll let you know what we are planning. This is likely to take some time to get through, so please be patient. In the meantime, please continue to add screenshots of lobbies where the skill points awarded seemed incorrect, or where other issues occurred which affected your skill rating, and we will feed this info back to the dev team to help calibrate the system. Thanks.
  7. Hoo

    F1 2019 UDP Specification

    Hi @trenamax , The option is not yet available. It should present in version 1.05 (which is currently in development). It sounds like the problem you are having relates to the controller settings. There is an option within the Customise Controls menus which allows you turn off controller vibration / force feedback. I think this single options controls all of these effects, so I'd try looking there first to see if that option is enabled.
  8. Hi @AlexTT, We've double-checked this here with our internal app and it is definitely reporting the correct values for fuel remaining. Are you able to check your app factor to ensure that the CarStatusData packet is being read in correctly using the latest spec (the one listed here)?
  9. Hi @AlexTT, The race hasn't started yet as you are still sat on the grid, so the values in the UDP data are probably stale. Once the start lights go out you should get the correct values. Cheers, Hoo.
  10. Hi, If anyone has tried the above solutions and is still getting problems then please send through your dxdiag, hardware_settings file and Steam ID to our Community mailbox and we'll investigate further. Instructions on how do do these things are contained in this thread. Please quote this forum thread in your email and also try to describe clearly when the game fails (e.g. as soon as the executable is launched, before the first video is displayed, once you get to the main menu). If your game crashes during boot with our EgoDumper tool popping up a message, please make sure to press the "Send" button so that we can view this crash information. Other general things you may also want to try are: Check our current known issues list to see if any of these might actually be the cause of the problem (see here) Please verify your Steam cache (see here for instructions) Disable any performance profiling software that you have running as this might interfere with the game launching Thanks.
  11. Hi @AlexTT. We've taken a look at this here and can't repeat the issue. The fuel values seem to be recording correctly in different sessions. Was there a particular game mode where you were seeing this issue, or any other steps you did to get this problem to occur?
  12. Hi All, I have merged two threads about the same issue - game failing to launch on some Win7 machines running DX11. The solutions which have currently worked for other members of the community are as follows: Ensure that you have the latest Windows Updates installed (Windows patch KB2656356 was specifically called out by one of our users) Ensure that you have installed the latest version of DirectX 11.1 If anyone has tried the above solutions and is still getting problems then please send through your dxdiag, hardware_settings file and Steam ID to our Community mailbox and we'll investigate further. Instructions on how do do these things are contained in this thread. Thanks.
  13. The way we report the fuel in races is based on an estimated amount of fuel usage for the duration of the race (some thing like fuel amount - fuel burn rate * number of laps left). This give a +/- value to show you how much fuel you will have at the end of the race. In sessions where there is no end point, I think this just gives the number of laps of fuel left based on your current fuel burn rate. During formation laps, we may be locking fuel levels to avoid throwing out players' total fuel amount for the race, so you may be seeing correct fuel readings only once the race session commences. Would this explain what you are seeing?
  14. Hi @icerion, I wouldn't recommend deleting these. You can hopefully still locate these updates on the internet. If you manage to find them, please let us know if this helps resolve the issue. Thanks, Hoo.
  15. Hi @icerion, Unfortunately, the crash report didn't offer any additional clues. We were also unable to repeat the issue internally using a similar spec PC running Windows 7. Are you able to offer any additional information about the following areas: Setup of your PC (number and type of monitors connected) Full Windows version and whether this contains the latest updates from Microsoft Whether any additional software is running at the same time If you have access to a different GFX card, it would be great to see if changing this fixes the issue. Thanks, Hoo.