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  1. Hi @blindbirdCRO - we've been unable to identify the cause of this issue. There are a couple of network fixes planned for the next patch, so it would be good to see if they have affected this issue at all. Please let us know once the next patch is out. Thanks.
  2. As BarryBL mentioned above, we have a potential fix for this issue scheduled for the next patch release. We haven't got a date for this patch release yet though.
  3. If you can play online using a different account then it would be the issue described here which has a potential fix pending. If it is not this issue then you should create a new thread with all of the appropriate info needed to make a full bug report.
  4. Hi @BernoAU - we've checked this one internally and the PS5 is correctly producing 0x00004000 in the UDP output when R3 is pressed. It might be an issue with the user's pad or telemetry setup?
  5. This is a limitation (or optimisation) of the ghost lap data. This will need further investigation to see what is possible.
  6. @ThibaudPHP - I believe that "11" is only used for the second F2 sprint race, with "12" being used for the main feature race. However, I'm not sure whether the main race in an F1 race weekend will use "11" or "12" - I suspect you will find out the answer before I do!
  7. It looks like the m_sessionType comments against the weather entry contains a typo. This shoud be the same as the PacketSessionData comment, which reads: uint8 m_sessionType; // 0 = unknown, 1 = P1, 2 = P2, 3 = P3, 4 = Short P // 5 = Q1, 6 = Q2, 7 = Q3, 8 = Short Q, 9 = OSQ // 10 = R, 11 = R2, 12 = R3, 13 = Time Trial However, this should be reporting "11" for an R2 session and not "12". Are you seeing both R2 and R3 sessions reporting as "12"?
  8. Hi @blindbirdCRO - I've changed the title of the thread to help me pick out the issue from other online issues reported. Are you able to briefly describe your internet setup (type of internet connection and how this connects to your PC). Also, are you able to try any other type of connection to see if this produces a different result, e.g. connecting your PC directly to your router, or using a phone as an internet hotspot? Another thing to check is whether your router has uPnP enabled as this typically improves the connection process between different devices. If you don't want to
  9. Thanks for the extra info. The symptoms you describe are very unusual and not something we have seen before - you proceed past the initial session joining flow but then it fails at the very last step, so you are not completing the join process. We aren't able to replicate this behaviour, so are trying to figure out what might need to happen to cause this type of failure. Are you able to clarify the following: Do you always fail to join certain player's sessions (like the RaZor and Dux examples above), or does it seem to be random? Are you able to join any other private sessions
  10. The telemetry damage is a little more complex than expected, so hasn't been looked at yet. I've updated the doc with the F2 driver and team info.
  11. I've updated the thread title to indicate that this issue affects specific user accounts. The workaround of switching to a different profile should allow you to connect to online sessions until a fix is in place. For players experiencing issues connecting to online sessions, attempting to connect using a different online account should confirm whether you are suffering from this issue or not. If it is a different issue then please report this in a different forum thread. As suggested by the comments above, we have confirmed that this is caused by an issue with the saved data attached
  12. Sorry - I see you have already commented in that thread and it didn't help. 😞 Looking at the above info, does it connect ok on the first connection attempt but then fail for subsequent session join attempts?
  13. There is a chance that this might be related to the following issue: https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/88431-unable-to-join-any-multiplayer-sessions-using-specific-online-accounts/. Would you be able to confirm if switching to another account allows you to connect to sessions more effectively?
  14. @stormhold7 - the suggestion isn't for use to switch to another profile permanently, but to use that as a way of confirming if you are hitting this other account-based issue, or whether something else is happening in your case. The thread for the profile issue is here for reference: https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/88431-unable-to-join-any-multiplayer-sessions-using-specific-online-accounts/.
  15. @baron247 - I've replied to your other thread as your issue looks different (a more general connection issue rather than the NS7 connection error). To update on other elements raised here: We're looking into the issue where some users fail to connect to sessions on one account, but another works fine. A potential fix is being investigated, but carries some risk and so is with our QA teams for futher review. We think this issue may be the cause of some instances where users will always fail to connect to a session. This issue can be confirmed by creating another live account and se
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