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  1. Hoo

    F1 2020 UDP Specification

    It's still disabled in game, but is actively being discussed at the moment.
  2. Hoo

    F1 2020 UDP Specification

    Sorry - I probably need to update the original doc. 74 Dams ‘20 75 Uni-Virtuosi ‘20 76 MP Motorsport ‘20 77 Prema ‘20 78 Trident ‘20 79 BWT ‘20 80 Hitech ‘20
  3. Hi @okaui, Thanks for the bug report and additional info that you provided. This issue should be fixed now following a game server update. We can't remove the XP that you have already been awarded, but this shouldn't affect anyone else now. Regards, Hoo.
  4. Hi All, We think we've tracked down the issue - it seems to be present on all platforms for certain users (or those with certain mails). We've got a fix in test that we will role out into the next available update. Thanks.
  5. Just merged two threads about this. The issue should be fixed now.
  6. Hi - I've merged two posts which are about the same issue.
  7. Hi @byGui, You should have received an in-game mail about this. Thanks.
  8. Hi All, There might be a couple of different issues here, so if you could provide full bug report info and send through any save files to us that would help us to track down what is happening. Thanks.
  9. Hi All, If you are seeing a new and persistent issue since updating to v1.05 then this might be a different issue to that originally reported here. Please can you add your information to an existing thread that relates to your issue, or log a new bug report thread if one doesn't already exist, so that we can investigate properly? If you receive an option to send your crash information to the developer during any system crash then please do so. If possible, provide a few words to describe what you were doing when this crash occurred (this option is only present for PS4 users). This info is really helpful in identifying the frequency and cause of any crashes that you encounter. If you think the issue might be related to your save game, then please also provide a save game file for us to test with (see steps here for info on how to do this) and let us know anything significant that you might have been doing in your previous working session. If you can't remember what you were doing in your previous session then please send us a report code and we can use this to locate your session history (your report code is a 12-character code that can be seen in the bottom-left corner of the screen when viewing the "Settings" screen in the options menu). There is an existing bug report here which sounds similar to some of those being reported above (Xbox user on v1.03/1.05), so please check it out to see if that covers the issue that you are seeing: Thanks.
  10. Hi All, Thanks for confirming the fix. This issue took a lot longer in test than expected, so please accept our apologies for the delay in getting this out to you. Hoo.
  11. Hi All, We noticed some issues where certain network configurations were struggling to connect to our game servers correctly. We made some updates in v1.05 to change how this system works which we think should have resolved many of these cases. We still expect users to see these error messages at times when the servers are actually down, or when other unexpected network errors occur. If you were previously having persistent issues with this then please let us know if this has changed for you since v1.05. If you are now seeing regular issues since updating to v1.05 then please let us know and we will investigate further. Thanks.
  12. Hi All, We've done a server-side update this morning that may affect this issue. Please could someone who was experiencing this issue try entering the Podium Pass and let us know if you can access now? Thanks, Hoo.
  13. Hope you enjoy the game! Let me mark this one as solved and close the ticket off.
  14. Hi @BARSZCZO - this looks to be this issue which is covered in a different thread:
  15. Hi @AndrewLai - are you able to confirm what country / region your PSN account is registered to? Thanks.