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  1. @Darnell18 - The lack of uPnP is likely the key issue here as it is difficult to handle forwarding of ports through a mobile provider unless you can route it through a PC app as Wlad2110 suggested. With regards to the lack of logs, we can't work that out. These should be sent to us via a standard internet port which shouldn't be blocked, but we're getting nothing through on your account. Only blocking of traffic to that specific address would cause that behaviour. It is possible this is being blocked by the mobile device, but again difficult to diagnose. We have got a few fixes to N
  2. Hi @Darnell18 - we haven't been able to repeat this issue internally. We are able to successfully connect and join sessions via a mobile hotspot (although using a different provider). This has been referred back to our tech team for additional ideas, particularly as we aren't able to acquire logs from your Xbox. If any other users are experiencing this issue it would be great to hear from them to help compare mobile providers and setups in case these are the cause of this issue. It's worth noting that we do have some general NAT improvements lined up for patch 1.06 which may help, althoug
  3. Hi. I'm just reposting this as this information seems to have been lost in this thread. We expect the above fixes to be rolled out in Xbox patch 1.05. This patch is currently in test and will be released once it has been approved by all appropriate parties. As @BarryBLmentioned, we also have additional fixes that should improve some of the NAT and IPv6-type issues reported on other threads. These extra fixes are going into internal test this week - if successful, we will aim to release these additional fixes in patch 1.06.
  4. A quick update: Firstly, many thanks for the info everyone has provided. This has been extremely useful. Extra thanks to those players who also offered assistance with additional logging. The information that you provided showed there to be several different issues at play. We have made good progress on a couple of these issues and will be aiming to roll out some fixes in the next Xbox patch (v1.05). These fixes should resolve some cases where players were being removed from a session after loading into the track and may also fix some instances where players would fail to join another s
  5. If anyone is unable to connect to a specific host, but can connect to other lobbies normally, then please let us know (@Hoo and @BarryBL). We are keen to identify these players to request their assistance in tracking down the cause of this issue! We are still investigating this issue as a priority on the team. We have some pending changes to improve the error messaging, plus fixes for other network bugs that are expected to go into our next Xbox patch (v1.05). These changes may improve some instances of players failing to join a session after previously being removed from a session, but w
  6. Hi @Veremith. This sounds like a different issue. Would you be able to create a new bug report thread for this issue, including the info requested in the standard bug reporting template? Videos and report codes would be particularly useful for this sort of issue.
  7. Just merged a couple of threads on this issue and updated the title for clarity.
  8. Thanks for the report. We'll ask the team to take a look.
  9. Thanks for the info. We'll see if we can repeat this issue internally.
  10. Hi @Darnell18, We have a few more questions on this: Please could you briefly describe how your hotspot is set up (equipment used, connection type). Please run the network test within the Xbox dashboard and let us know how it describes your setup. Please confirm whether you are able to access standard web pages using the Xbox's web browser? When launching F1 2021, are you able to access the following functionality: Online sessions Time trial leaderboards Podium Pass shop and store pages @Darnerz - are you also conn
  11. We can't see the issue here. It looks like the telemetry data needs filtering out based on the button events.
  12. This might just be the available players when you are searching for a session in the same skill and safety rating category as you. I'll see if the network team can check the current matchmaking settings for any issues.
  13. Hi @fryuio - the original error code you got suggests that the session you tried to enter no longer exists. It would be expected to see this occasionally as there might be cases where a host terminates their session as someone else tries to join. It seems like you can join sessions though, so I'm not certain of what the issue is. Please can you browse through the sessions in the Social Race mode, find a session that already has 10+ players in it and try to join that session. That would tell us if you have any issues joining sessions with more players.
  14. HI @fryuio - unfortunately I can't see that report code on our system. Please could you try again and provide an updated report code when the issue next occur, and also provide the time / time zone for when the issue occurred?
  15. Hi All - we've made a little bit of progress with the extra logging provided by some of our community. This has allowed us to work out what error is being produced. To help us work out why this is happening, we are hoping to find two players / friends who always encounter these errors when attempting to connect to each other's session (please note this is an error when first connecting to a session and not after joining the session). If there are two players who experience these issues and are happy for us to enable some extra logging on your account then please get in touch! Thanks.
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