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  1. Hoo

    Game keeps crashing [SG]

    Hi @vrsmarcell, Please check out the post below and let us know if either of the workarounds helps resolve your stability issues in DX12 mode. Thanks, Hoo.
  2. Hoo

    Game crashes regardless of what I do

    Hi @BuggyBee, Please check out the post below and let us know if either of the workarounds helps resolve your stability issues in DX12 mode. Thanks, Hoo.
  3. Hoo

    F1 2019 crashes after serveral minutes

    Hi @criptero, Please check out the post below and let us know if either of the workarounds helps resolve your stability issues in DX12 mode. Thanks, Hoo.
  4. Hi All, Some users have reported having stability issues when running the game in DX12 mode. This results in the game crashing at random points during play, typically after a few minutes of play. For any users experiencing this issue, please could you try the following and let us know if this helps at all: (NVIDIA users only) Please enter the NVIDIA Control Panel, set the "Shader Cache" option to "Off" and confirm the settings change. Relaunch the game and check whether this has improved game stability. If the above doesn't work (or for AMD users), please try running the test branch below and see if this improves game stability. The test branch is version 1.10 and should be compatible with the standard version 1.10. To install the beta branch, please do the following: Open up Steam library and “Right Click” on F1 2019 Select Properties Select the “BETAS” tab Enter the Branch Password into the box Press the “CHECK CODE” button Select Branch Name from the drop down box Close the properties window Click the “INSTALL” button in the Steam Client Once the game has been downloaded the button will now display as “PLAY” Click “PLAY” to launch the game Branch: asyncdisabledtest Password: sdh098GHY3156uicnfdCVB2907ghjswedfKLJH244 Note: to revert to the main branch, please re-enter the betas tab and select "None" as the branch. Please let us know what system you are running and whether either of the above tests improved the stability of your game in DX12 mode. Thanks.
  5. Hi @iosis, The part of my other reply that was relevant to this topic was this comment: "Skill Rating in Unranked Sessions. As this is a competitive mode, this wouldn’t work in an environment where players could determine the parameters of the competition themselves, e.g. to choose their preferred track or opponents. As such, we aren't considering adding skill ratings into Unranked mode." The team did discuss various options around this, including ways of restricting invites and issues with safety rating. In terms of invites, the system currently isn't able to inspect safety ratings before the invitation is sent, so we'd end up with users being invited to sessions and then failing to join once we check their stats - this would have to include safety rating and skill rating in order to prevent exploits, plus a ping check to make sure these players wouldn't impair the performance of the lobby. After some discussion, the approach that the team wanted to take was to fix any issues with the current safety rating and skill rating system, but keep the general approach where players matchmake anonymously into the best possible session. We have hopefully fixed any issues with A-rated players being in lobbies with D-rated players and have fixes incoming for patch 1.11 which will make the skill system more appealing. We will tell whether these changes are successful following the next update. The point you made about playing with friends and still getting rewards is a valid one, and I will make sure the design team of aware of this perspective when considering future proposals. Thanks, Hoo.
  6. Hoo


    @steviejay69 - this could be your big moment!
  7. Hi All - I responded to this question in the tech support area (apologies - I'm not usually in the general discussion area). We are not planning to add invites to the Ranked game modes. The thread can be seen here for reference:
  8. Hoo


    For anyone who wants to know who the next Dev Liaison is going to be... It could be you! http://www.codemasters.com/current-vacancies/?job=6234C7ED2A 🙂
  9. Hoo

    F1 2019 : Random loss of engine sound [SG]

    @Striker_703 - do you have the video available? It would be very helpful for us to see what steps you took before the sound stopped working.
  10. Hoo

    Infinite Loading Career Mode - PS4 [SG]

    That's great news! Thanks for letting us know.
  11. Hoo

    Game keeps crashing [SG]

    Does this crash with the same frequency in DX11 mode, or does it behave just like the DX12 crash but with the above message?
  12. Hoo

    Crashing to desktop [SG]

    Hi @YEEF567, If this is on PC, then please send through your crash dump file, you hardware_settings files and your dxdiag and we will take a look. Info on how to get this info to us is contained here. Thanks, Hoo.
  13. Hoo

    Infinite Loading Career Mode - PS4 [SG]

    Hi @vava0160, Would you be able to send us your save file so that we can investigate further? To do this: Insert a USB drive in to your PS4. On the PS4 go to Settings, Application Saved Data Management, Saved Data In System Storage, Copy to USB Storage. Select your F1 save and copy it to the USB. Remove the USB and put it in to a PC. Compress the PS4 folder to a zip file. Send the file to us at community(AT)codemasters.com (replacing the (AT) with an @ ) Please also include any information about what you did before turning off your game, e.g. what session had you been playing and when / how you exited the game. Thanks, Hoo.
  14. Hoo

    F1 2019 Xbox Game Freezes

    Hi @LBROWNE97, This is a bit of a puzzle as there aren't many things that cause those sorts of symptoms. Possible things to consider: Are you streaming, or using any other apps on the Xbox at the same time that could be consuming network traffic or system resources? Is your Xbox overheating?
  15. Hoo

    Error Code 1008:H

    Hi, We had a scheduled maintenance period this morning where our online services were unavailable for a short period. These should all be up and running again now. Thanks.