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  1. Hi All, Some users have reported having stability issues when running the game in DX12 mode. This results in the game crashing at random points during play, typically after a few minutes of play. For any users experiencing this issue, please could you try the following and let us know if this helps at all: (NVIDIA users only) Please enter the NVIDIA Control Panel, set the "Shader Cache" option to "Off" and confirm the settings change. Relaunch the game and check whether this has improved game stability. If the above doesn't work (or for AMD users), please try running the test branch below and see if this improves game stability. The test branch is version 1.10 and should be compatible with the standard version 1.10. To install the beta branch, please do the following: Open up Steam library and “Right Click” on F1 2019 Select Properties Select the “BETAS” tab Enter the Branch Password into the box Press the “CHECK CODE” button Select Branch Name from the drop down box Close the properties window Click the “INSTALL” button in the Steam Client Once the game has been downloaded the button will now display as “PLAY” Click “PLAY” to launch the game Branch: asyncdisabledtest Password: sdh098GHY3156uicnfdCVB2907ghjswedfKLJH244 Note: to revert to the main branch, please re-enter the betas tab and select "None" as the branch. Please let us know what system you are running and whether either of the above tests improved the stability of your game in DX12 mode. Thanks.
  2. Hoo

    F1 2019 UDP Specification

    I've updated the original post to include these.
  3. Hi All, Thanks for the various bits of info. We've managed to see this issue in test and are now investigating this further. We'll let you know if we can make any progress with this issue. Hoo.
  4. Sorry - I'm still being told next week.
  5. Hi All, We have received reports via our crash reporting servers that some users are failing to load into their career games in version 1.15. However, we haven't had any reports of this on our forums. If you have experienced this issue on PC or PS4 then please could you send through your saved game file and our dev team can investigate this issue further? Info on how to send us your save file can be found here: Many thanks, Hoo.
  6. Hi @Hygradeb, One of the community members above has reported that they are no longer seeing this problem, but we don't think that the issue has actually been fixed. We are still unable to repeat the issue internally, so we need anyone who is still experiencing the issue to send us their save game and video so that we can try some additional tests. Thanks.
  7. Hoo

    Patch 1.15 FPS issues

    Hi @trwalker1994, Are you able to update your gfx drivers to see if that helps with either of your issues? Thanks.
  8. Hoo

    Patch 1.15 FPS issues

    HI @trwalker1994, Would you be able to send us the following items: Your dxdiag Your hardware settings file Your crash dump zip file that is generated when the game crashes using the DX12 exe Instructions for gathering the above materials and where to send them can be found here: Thanks.
  9. Hoo

    Patch 1.15 FPS issues

    I've just updated the PC known issues section to include a potential workaround for the DX12 stability issues. Please check this out and let us know if it resolves your issues:
  10. Hoo

    crash of f1 2019 with dx11 and dx12 [R2]

    Hi, To help work out what is happening, please could you send through the following items: Your crash dump files (located here 😄 \ Users \ Nekro \ AppData \ Local \ Temp \ 574390-20191025-191112-0.zip) Your dxdiag Your hardware settings file Instructions for gathering the above materials can be found here: Thanks.
  11. Hoo


    Hi, To help work out what is happening, we'd need you to send through the following items: Your crash dump (located here C:\Users\Micro\AppData\Local\Temp\574390-20191025-012632.dmp) Your dxdiag Your hardware settings file If you can send these through to us, along with a description of when you are getting these issues, then we may be able to help. Instructions for gathering the above materials can be found here: Thanks.
  12. If you could send through your save files and links to the videos then we'll send them onto the team to look at.
  13. We would need save games that show the issue, so if it is currently working for you then no need to send these over to us. Hopefully it continues to work fine for you! Is someone able to confirm whether they are still seeing the issue in the latest patch (v1.15)? Thanks.
  14. Hi @YesItsReallyMe, Any save game that exhibits the problem should be fine for us to work with. Regarding the video, this is just the standard system video created when using the "Share" button on the PS4. Having this video allows us to follow the exact steps you take to replicate the problem. Thanks.
  15. Hi All, We're back looking at this issue and are still struggling to get it happening, despite the additional info provided above. To help us make progress with this issue, is anyone able to provide the following info: Your save game file which contains settings that can easily demonstrate the issue. A video showing you playing the game from a fresh boot, with a description showing when the force feedback feels good / bad. Please send the save files and links to videos through to our community mailbox with a reference to this forum thread and we'll get this over to our test team. Info on how to send us save info can be found here: Thanks.
  16. Hoo

    Logitech G920 Lsb Rsb Support [SG]

    This is a separate issue from the Xbox keyboard support issue. The dev team have been in touch with some of our partners for more information about this issue, but we haven't had a breakthrough yet.
  17. Hi All, I've not had access to the test team for the last few days as they were locking down the next patch. I've passed the latest info over to them and they will hopefully resume testing of this issue soon. Thanks.
  18. Hi @1512marcel, This is currently being investigated by the team. I am hoping to have an update on this next week. Thanks.
  19. Hoo

    F1 2019 UDP Specification

    @skoteB - we identified an issue with our internal testing app that was causing us to see this issue (the team didn't think this was a problem with the game itself). This is with our QA team to retest with our latest app. I'll let you know once they've had a chance to look at this again.
  20. Hoo

    F1 2019 error

    Hi @Ahmatto, This error indicates an issue connecting to the game servers. Occasionally, we have brief periods of server maintenance where access is temporarily unavailable. If you are always receiving this error when booting the game then please try the following: Full reboot of your system (I don't know what platform you are running, but you will need to do a hard system reboot) Reboot your router If you are still having issues after rebooting then please let us know what platform you are running on and send us your online ID / gamertag (by direct message) and we will investigate further. Thanks.
  21. The camera settings should not have any effect on the force feedback. It will obviously change your perception of speed and movement, but the wheel forces should be the same. We have been using default camera settings so far (T-cam with no adjustments), and a variety of wheel settings as listed in the post above. If you delete your custom camera settings and use the default settings (possibly switching back to the t-cam) does the force feedback work ok?
  22. Hoo

    Unable to save the game [SG]

    This message typically shows up when trying to go into offline mode with uninstalled patches. If you're getting that message after having previously run the game, then it sounds like something might be wrong with your Steam installation. I would suggest reinstalling Steam and verifying your local game cache to see if that helps.
  23. Hoo

    TT different than the others

    Hi @Hygradeb, For the wheel mapping issue, please let us know which settings you changed and which of these changed settings do not work correctly until you restart the game. Thanks.
  24. Hi All, I was using this thread to handle the specific Xbox wheel issues reported in the original post. There is a separate thread about the force feedback on the T300s on PS4. Our initial attempts to replicate this issue haven't worked out, so I suspect (like the T300 issue) that something else is going on. I'll check in with the test team and will let you know once I have more news. Thanks.
  25. Sorry all, we haven't been able to make any progress with this one so far. The various suggestions above aren't causing the issues for us here. We're still looking into this issue though and trying the various steps suggested by everyone.