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  1. We think it should currently work when moving up a tier. We do have a fix in test to resolve the issues for players who have already earned the achievement. I'll update you once this is confirmed and assigned to a patch release.
  2. I've merged two threads which appear to be about the same issue.
  3. We haven't just lowered the points for everyone, but have adjusted some other numbers that adjust player-to-player ratings to help move players in a better general direction. Please keep adding your feedback though.
  4. Hi @Wonvie, The session list shows the current session quality as reported by host. Once in a session, you will get an updated rating within the lobby based on your ability to connect to other players in the lobby, your bandwidth (usually upload is the limiting factor), and your latency to each of the other players. The rating will usually be flashing as the game connects you with the other players and will update as this happens. You should see this value settle down after a short period of time. If you rating always stays on the red bars, then I'd suggest setting up a private session with just the two of you in it to check your connection to each other. If it is just you two in the session and your upload speeds are both fine then it is likely to be latency bringing the lobby rating down. This could be a result of your internet configuration or the distance between you. To check this, you could do an internet speed test, selecting a server that is close to where your friend lives to check the basic latency between you. I think a latency of over 100ms will produce red bars in the lobby - we may have adjusted the threshold values of these in 2019, although we made other changes that should have improved some of this. Also, I'd suggest you both switch to ethernet connections if possible, just to rule out the extra latency from your wifi setups. If your latency looks fine, then the issue could be in the sessions that you are joining, or the players within those lobbies. A video or screenshot of the lobby might help confirm this. Thanks.
  5. Hoo

    F1 2019 Wont Launch [SG]

    Hi Nordvest, We need more info in order to help you out. To start with, please let us know what platform you are on, how you are launching the game and what is currently happening when you attempt to launch the game (e.g. application doesn't start up, or it boots to a blank screen, etc.). Please also ensure that the game is fully updated, as the game will not launch on some platforms if it is updating the game files. If running on Steam, please also confirm that your PC meets the minimum specifications listed on the Steam store page, and attempt the verify the local game files before launching the game. Thanks.
  6. @DarrenAH - The changes do also reduce the increases in rank, but the overall direction towards a player's actual rank should be clearer and should should get you to that rank in fewer races than it took before (despite the increases being smaller). We are still looking at a bunch of other issues, so I'll let you all know once there is more info on these.
  7. The weighting is adjusted per assist, with different weightings per assist. Traction control has highest weighting. These values are small and intended to influence the skill ratings over many races, so won't make a significant difference in a single race. The various changes that we've made will should make things better for all players, so no need to rush to using no assists too early! I'd recommend just using your preferred settings for the time being and see how the re-balanced system works over the next week or two.
  8. Hoo

    Online rank

    I'm afraid not. If there is a particular issue that has caused your rank to show an incorrect value then our support team may be able to investigate the problem further.
  9. I'm afraid not. That issue is back with the dev team to review.
  10. Hi All, Just a reminder that patch 1.09, which is going live today, should have the above changes in. Please note that there is also a weighting value used that should confer an advantage to non-assisted players in ranking evaluations versus players with assists. This is not intended to be punitive for assisted players, but should help non-assisted players rank up a little quicker when winning, or drop less if losing to assisted players. Please continue to give us feedback on your experience with the skill ranking once 1.09 is live and I will ensure that the info goes to the dev team. Thanks!
  11. Hoo

    F1 2019 UDP Specification

    Hi All, We're looking at the potential bugs that have been reported. I'll let you know once our QA team have investigated these. I'm still discussing the name issue with the dev team, so there is no news on this at the moment. Thanks.
  12. Hi @DarrenAH - there is another thread here which looks like the same issue: If could add any onto that thread that would be great. Bonus points for videos! Thanks.
  13. Hi @burningAPOLLO, We've had a couple of isolated reports of this. Are you able to confirm what platform you are on and let us know anything that might have happened prior to this (what session / track did you come from, did any players join or leave, etc.)? If you are able to provide video footage showing the lead up to this incident (from the previous race session) that would be really helpful. Thanks.
  14. Hi, If this is still happening on the latest version of the game then please update this thread so that we know the issue is still active and email through your Steam ID to our community mailbox so that we can locate your crash information (make sure you choose to upload the crash dump when prompted though). Info on how to get the crash dump and where to send it can be found here. Thanks.
  15. The popular posts are set automatically, so we don't get to manually edit this list. In terms of the issues raised, we have some initial changes that are going into test now and will hopefully be ready for patch 1.09. These will address the balancing of the skill rating system so that there will be fewer severe drops in rating, and overall reduced volatility in the session results. From our initial tests, this shows a much clearer direction towards a player's actual skill and has eliminated the massive drops in rank reported by some players when losing a race. Additionally, we've tweaked the safety rating system to better group players according to their current safety rating. The prevents some cross-contamination of our groups, allows people who are driving well to move out of the bottom rating quicker and increases the pool of A-rated players. We've also got another bunch of things that we're working on, but it would be great to get some initial feedback on the above changes once the next patch goes live.
  16. Hi All, The dev team are currently investigating a range of changes which they hope will address many of the points raised. The only issue which they have come back on already and ruled out is allowing skill rating in Unranked sessions, as this could break / unbalance the Ranked mode. If you can give the team a week or so to continue their investigations then I'll hopefully be able to update you with the details of what changes are being considered and when they are likely to appear. Thanks to all who provided constructive help in the thread - it was very useful to help guide the discussions with the dev team! Hoo.
  17. Hoo

    F1 2019 UDP Specification

    Sorry - I don't have any alternative suggestions at the moment. Some of the other app devs might have some workarounds though?
  18. Thanks all for the feedback. I've been compiling this and sending this onto the dev team to review.
  19. Hoo

    F1 2019 UDP Specification

    In a MP session, this will return a default value as we do not provide players names in online sessions at the moment. For AI drivers and in offline mode, this will be the driver name.
  20. What platform are you on @bricks28?
  21. If you are already past silver 1, the trophy should unlock the next time you complete a race. 🙂
  22. Hoo

    F1 2019 UDP Specification

    @ElectricTurtle - I think this is taken from the centre of the car chassis, which falls just behind the driver's seat:
  23. Hoo

    F1 2019 UDP Specification

    @CanTQuiT - we are reviewing the naming policy, but I don't expect this to come soon. The route we are considering involves players giving explicit consent for other users to have access to key UDP info, so apps should not be build around the assumption that you will have access to player's sensitive data. This is something we can't do. If you can provide specific use-cases for us to examine, that will help us refine our proposal to something that is both useful to you and compliant with the latest legal guidelines.
  24. Hoo

    F1 2019 UDP Specification

    @AndyHamp - if the maths is all correct then I wonder if one of the numbers used for the calculation is frame out, e.g. distance remaining?
  25. Hi All, I've merged two threads on the same subject. Also, the dev team have reviewed this issue and think that this should unlock at silver level 1. We will let you know when this change is likely to make it into a patch. Thanks.