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  1. On the issue of vehicle damage, we do carry over some damage parameters from older F1 titles that are no longer supported in the latest game. However, some damage values that should be supported are not being replicated in the UDP data. This one has been sent to the dev team for further investigation.
  2. @DaveyGravy / @codylane482 - can also confirm that the Xbox version wasn't broadcasting correctly in some cases. We're looking into that one too.
  3. Our test team have confirmed that this is a bug. It has been sent to our dev team for investigation.
  4. Hi @andrewb16 - we've used pitch in this format for a long time. The expectation is that any motion platform device using this data understands the orientation that we are using. Given that many other apps may be relying on it being the current way round, we don't want to change this around at this stage.
  5. HI @Deyth - would you be able to confirm if it occurs in the latest version of the game (released today)? Thanks.
  6. Hi @High500 - pleae could you confirm the following: What type of Xbox kit are you using? Does enabling broadcast allows the data to transmit? The above screenshot show you in the garage - does this start transmitting once on track? Thanks.
  7. Hi @GambaDoCerrado - please could you confirm what the rules and penalty settings were set to in the multiplayer session? Thanks.
  8. I've just moved a couple of posts from a different thread into here. We've got another fix lined up for patch 1.10 that should address some unintended occurrences of the NS7 error. It sounds like there are still some other issues to uncover though. To help us out, please could you confirm what online mode you are playing and whether you are attempting to join using the templates or custom session browser if using Social Race. Thanks.
  9. Closed thread to avoid any confusion with the thread of the same name that we are using to track the main NS7 issues on Xbox: .
  10. The F1 2020 UDP thread is here:
  11. Do you get this error every time you try and join a session? The error message itself is valid - it can happen if a session becomes unjoinable inbetween you finding it on a list and selecting to join it - so we are looking out for instances where this happens all of the time (or more often than expected).
  12. From the description, it sounds like the other player's game crashed. We'd need that player to create a new report so that we can investigate further, ideally with a video showing what is happening on screeen when their game crashes and report codes for their session. @Rango- if you are also the session host then it would be useful to understand what the lobby settings are and how the other player is joining your session (invite, via custom session browser, etc.). If you can get the crashing player to post a new bug report thread then we'll split out this conversation into there.
  13. Hi @Typpy - the 3 crash dumps you have provided indicate a different issue to your original report. Are you able to confirm how often you encounter these sorts of crashes?
  14. @Kholland65, @Badmayhem, @Rango - please could you provide more information about your network setup so that we can understand why you are having issues? This should incloude the reported NAT type from your Xbox's network test. Also, please provide a report code from the F1 2021 game to accompany your report - this is shown in the bottom-left corner of the options screen. If you are able to post logs then we may be able to do further investigations to see what is happening in your cases. Thanks.
  15. HI @Typpy - would you be able to attach your latest crash dump files (as you did above) and we will check whether this is still the same issue that you were seeing before? Thanks.
  16. Here's a quick update on this: We are no longer have any open issues about NATs, so are assuming these to be fixed. The other updates in v1.06 also look to have significantly reduced the instances of NS7 errors. However, there are a still a number of these errors coming through. We have a couple of fixes in place for the following issues: Players failing to connect to sessions due to WS10004 errors. These instances were typically displaying to the players as a general failure to disconnect message, or an NS7 error. Players would sometimes attempt to reconnect to a session t
  17. 2020 telemetry setting should still be available. When loading into a session will players use their own details for car livery, helmet, suit, gloves and car number. However, when players drop into and active session during practice or qualifying sessions they will assume the details of the car that they drop into. Attempting to change all of this data part-way through a race would be very confusing so we don't do this.
  18. Following a follow-up with @LCFCVB77, we think their immeditate issue is resolved. We're assuming an ISP glitch. Any other instances of NS7 errors or failure to connect should be reported in the corresponding forum threads.
  19. That's useful info as it confirms that hotspots generally are working fine, but that there is something with your main wifi configuration that is probelmatic.
  20. This sounds like a different issue. I would recommend creating a new report thread with the full bug information. This should ideally include your report code (displayed in the bottom-left corner of the game optinos screen) and a video of what you see when joining a session and getting stuck.
  21. Hi @LCFCVB77 - unfortunately we aren't getting any of your log info through, which will prevent us from running any additional diagnostics. We're not sure why this is. We are discussing this internally to see what else we might be able to try to work out what is happening. In the meantime, do you have access to another mobile device (ideally from a different carrier) that you could temporarily connect to your Xbox as a hotspot to see if that can connect to a session?
  22. Hi @LCFCVB77 - unfortunately I can locate your report code on our servers. Would you be able to do a full reboot of your Xbox, launch F1 2021 and then try posting an updated report code? We also have some of other questions: Are you able to play Time Trial mode ok (posting to leaderboards and downloading other ghost cars)? What country are you in? Who is your mobile provider? Do you have access to any other internet connections / providers? Thanks.
  23. There is whole bunch of physics that works this all out, so not really something that we can provide through the data in the UDP system. We have a simplified version for remotely-controlled players in a network session, but this is still something that we can't really give a simple answer to.
  24. Hi @LCFCVB77 - this sounds different to the more intermittent issues of NS7 being reported, so there is perhaps something else going on here. Are you able to create a new thread will a full bug report and @ me on the thread so I can follow up with you? Please also include a summary on how your network is set up (connection type, modem, router, etc.). Thanks.
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