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  1. Hi @LCFCVB77 - unfortunately I can locate your report code on our servers. Would you be able to do a full reboot of your Xbox, launch F1 2021 and then try posting an updated report code? We also have some of other questions: Are you able to play Time Trial mode ok (posting to leaderboards and downloading other ghost cars)? What country are you in? Who is your mobile provider? Do you have access to any other internet connections / providers? Thanks.
  2. There is whole bunch of physics that works this all out, so not really something that we can provide through the data in the UDP system. We have a simplified version for remotely-controlled players in a network session, but this is still something that we can't really give a simple answer to.
  3. Hi @LCFCVB77 - this sounds different to the more intermittent issues of NS7 being reported, so there is perhaps something else going on here. Are you able to create a new thread will a full bug report and @ me on the thread so I can follow up with you? Please also include a summary on how your network is set up (connection type, modem, router, etc.). Thanks.
  4. When you say "automatic search", do you mean selecting a session template in Social Play, or using Ranked mode? Thanks.
  5. I've also edited the title to reflect that this relates to Xbox crashes during replays and cutscenes. Please report other issues in their own thread so that we can find the right info more quickly. Thanks.
  6. Hi All - we added a fix for at least one instance of audio stuttering seen on Xbox which was released in v1.06. Please let us know if you are still having issues with this. Thanks.
  7. Merged additional thread on this topic. Fix scheduled for release in v1.07.
  8. Thanks for the confirmation @Darnell18. Have fun on the track!
  9. This sounds like a different issue. The original bug here was players being kicked out of an active session shortly after joining the session. If you're getting disconnected at the end of a session then we'll need a new bug report with appropriate info to investigate.
  10. @Wlad2110 - please could you let me know what happens once v1.06 is out (should be very soon now)? That should also contain some fixes around NAT and uPnP support which could be relevant to your issue. If you are still getting problems in v1.06 then please let me know and we'll do some more investigations.
  11. Thanks for everyone that has confirmed the previous issue as fixed. Also, extra thanks once again for those who helped provide details on this issue and extra logging support to allow us to track this down. I'll mark this issue as fixed now and close the thread. If this issue occurs again in the future then please log a new bug report. For any other game issues, please search our forums for existing bug reports that you can input to, or log a new one if it hasn't been reported already.
  12. Hi @Aproxity - please could you provide a little more info to help us narrow down this issue? Here is the standard set of questions we need for a bug report: A detailed description of the issue. Report Code Platform? Game-mode? [ONLINE] The amount of players in your session? If you know the players forum username, please tag as many people who were in your session here. [ONLINE] Were you the host? [PC ONLY] Please post your DXDiag, including the make and model of motherboard. What troubleshooting have you tried? Please list everything you tried
  13. Hi @Thibiiii - there are a couple of similar reports already. Please can you confirm if this is the same as either of these:
  14. Hi All. We have some fixes in test that are scheduled for release in our next patch (v1.06). We believe these should resolve some of the issues around NAT traversal and IPv6 connections that are being reported here. However, we can't yet confirm if this will resolve the NP7 errors. Please continue to provide info in this thread and we will keep feeding this to the dev team. In particular, please look out for particular session hosts that you cannot connect to from a fresh launch of the game. Video footage showing the session joining process from the multiplayer menus would be very useful too,
  15. Hi @Classicflaw - we've got a post here about hotspots not working correctly: Please can you respond on that thread with any additional info to help us track this hotspot issue down? In particular, we'd be interested in enabling increased logging to establish why this is failing for you.
  16. @Darnell18 - The lack of uPnP is likely the key issue here as it is difficult to handle forwarding of ports through a mobile provider unless you can route it through a PC app as Wlad2110 suggested. With regards to the lack of logs, we can't work that out. These should be sent to us via a standard internet port which shouldn't be blocked, but we're getting nothing through on your account. Only blocking of traffic to that specific address would cause that behaviour. It is possible this is being blocked by the mobile device, but again difficult to diagnose. We have got a few fixes to N
  17. Hi @Darnell18 - we haven't been able to repeat this issue internally. We are able to successfully connect and join sessions via a mobile hotspot (although using a different provider). This has been referred back to our tech team for additional ideas, particularly as we aren't able to acquire logs from your Xbox. If any other users are experiencing this issue it would be great to hear from them to help compare mobile providers and setups in case these are the cause of this issue. It's worth noting that we do have some general NAT improvements lined up for patch 1.06 which may help, althoug
  18. Hi. I'm just reposting this as this information seems to have been lost in this thread. We expect the above fixes to be rolled out in Xbox patch 1.05. This patch is currently in test and will be released once it has been approved by all appropriate parties. As @BarryBLmentioned, we also have additional fixes that should improve some of the NAT and IPv6-type issues reported on other threads. These extra fixes are going into internal test this week - if successful, we will aim to release these additional fixes in patch 1.06.
  19. A quick update: Firstly, many thanks for the info everyone has provided. This has been extremely useful. Extra thanks to those players who also offered assistance with additional logging. The information that you provided showed there to be several different issues at play. We have made good progress on a couple of these issues and will be aiming to roll out some fixes in the next Xbox patch (v1.05). These fixes should resolve some cases where players were being removed from a session after loading into the track and may also fix some instances where players would fail to join another s
  20. If anyone is unable to connect to a specific host, but can connect to other lobbies normally, then please let us know (@Hoo and @BarryBL). We are keen to identify these players to request their assistance in tracking down the cause of this issue! We are still investigating this issue as a priority on the team. We have some pending changes to improve the error messaging, plus fixes for other network bugs that are expected to go into our next Xbox patch (v1.05). These changes may improve some instances of players failing to join a session after previously being removed from a session, but w
  21. Hi @Veremith. This sounds like a different issue. Would you be able to create a new bug report thread for this issue, including the info requested in the standard bug reporting template? Videos and report codes would be particularly useful for this sort of issue.
  22. Just merged a couple of threads on this issue and updated the title for clarity.
  23. Thanks for the report. We'll ask the team to take a look.
  24. Thanks for the info. We'll see if we can repeat this issue internally.
  25. Hi @Darnell18, We have a few more questions on this: Please could you briefly describe how your hotspot is set up (equipment used, connection type). Please run the network test within the Xbox dashboard and let us know how it describes your setup. Please confirm whether you are able to access standard web pages using the Xbox's web browser? When launching F1 2021, are you able to access the following functionality: Online sessions Time trial leaderboards Podium Pass shop and store pages @Darnerz - are you also conn
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