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  1. For anyone seeing the issue where it shows error code WS10047 or NS7, please can you confirm how often you are seeing this issue? It would be good to understand how often you are hitting this problem as we aren't seeing this in our test lab. For players seeing other general disconnections, please log this in a separate thread as it looks like a different issue. Check here first in case this describes your issue: Thanks.
  2. Hi @Dinogaming2 - to help work out what is causing this please could you answer the following questions: What peripherals do you have connected to your Xbox (including any headsets or controllers)? Do you still get the issues with input or audio when your TMX is disconnected (so using just the controller)? If so, please could you try again with all other peripherals disconnected apart from the Xbox controller and let us know if the issue still exists. If the issue is only present when your wheel is connected then please could you confirm what firmware your TMX wheel i
  3. Hi All, Here are some extra things to try, or additional info that might help work out what is going on here: Please could you confirm what NAT type your Xbox reports when checking your internet connection in the dashboard? If not already enabled, please turn on uPnP on your router to see if that improves connectivity (even just as a brief test to confirm if this helps). If enabling uPnP resolves the issue, then try disabling it again and forwarding the ports listed here to see if that works. Thanks.
  4. Splitting topic as this looks like a different issue.
  5. Thanks @Dafwills03. We'll see if this is something our QA team are able to identify for us.
  6. Thanks for the info @Typpy . We've logged a bug report for the dev team.
  7. HI @Dafwills03 - when testing through the laptop speakers, were the Sony headphones still connected to your laptop? We have had other reports of wireless headsets causing audio issues, so want to confirm whether you are still getting audio issues when this device is completely disconnected / disabled from the system. Thanks.
  8. Thanks. We'll take a look and see if it tells us what might have happened. We may also need to get hold of your save file to help test this internally. This can be found here: Browse to where Steam is installed, usually this will be C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam Browse to \userdata\xxxxxxxxx\ (where the x’s are your unique Steam user ID) Right click on the 1080110 folder (this is your F1 2021 save), zip it up and attach it here
  9. Hi @v12vanquish135 - please could you attach the crash dump file too? It should be located here: C:\Users\user\AppData\Local\Temp\794563-20210713-143123.dmp. Thanks.
  10. HI @Typpy - please could you also attach the crash dump file and the hardware settings files? These should be located in the following locations: C:\Users\philo\AppData\Local\Temp\794563-20210712-215141.dmp. C:\Users\philo\AppData\Local\Temp\hardware_settings_config.xml Thanks.
  11. Hi @Dafwills03 - from your dxdiag on another post I can't tell which audio device you are outputting from. Are you able to confirm your audio setup here? If possible, would you also be able to confirm if the audio behaviour changes when using a different device to output sound (e.g. using HDMI audio from your GFX card versus using headphones directly from your motherboard audio)? Thanks.
  12. Thanks for the bug report @Dafwills03. We'll take a look at the crash information and see if it tells us anything useful.
  13. Are you able to confirm the drivers that you are using and the firmware version that your wheel is on? We'd recommend updating to the latest versions from Thrustmaster if you haven't done so already.
  14. Please could you confirm if either of the following cause the FFB to start working again: When on track, enters the Controls, Vibration & Force Feedback settings menu and changes the steering wheel preset that you have enabled, or toggle the Vibration & FFB setting Off and then back On again If using windowed mode, set to full screen non-windowed mode, save your settings and then reboot the game Thanks.
  15. The spec is attached to the original post in the thread. It's a downloadable Word doc.
  16. It's expected to be available once the 2021 forum opens up. I believe this will be tomorrow. You could try this link and keep hitting F5 until it works!
  17. The only situation I'm aware of that has this behaviour is if you are the second player in a splitscreen game - we only send motion data for the first player. There is possibly a bug caused by playing another session after splitscreen, or if switching players/profiles within the game, where the game might be getting the first/second player mixed up, but we'd need more info in order to investigate (i.e. the full set of steps that the player has taken since launching the game to repeat this problem).
  18. Almost certainly! The aim is to release this spec in about 3 weeks time. Feel free to bump this thread if you haven't had any news by then.
  19. For anyone who was accepted into the beta, there is a provisional thread on the UDP system here: Please note that we cannot discuss the beta outside of the private beta forum, so do not respond in this thread. Instead, please keep all discussion in the beta thread linked above. Once the spec has been locked down, we'll post the finalised F1 2021 UDP spec in the public forum section before launch so that everyone can access this information.
  20. This looks to be left over from the legacy format. We'll update a future revision of the docs with a correct value.
  21. Thanks for the report. I've asked for clarification over what values this should be using.
  22. 1) This should be available now. 2) Can this be calculated using the m_pitStatus flags? 3) Done. 4) We changed how this works in patch 13, so it now has an extra couple of fields on the end and should now update each time a driver passes through (previously would only update if a driver set a new speed trap record). Apologies for missing this one - it was an old change that didn't make it into the build for quite some time, so got missed. New spec for the SpeedTrap event is: struct { uint8 vehicleIdx; // Vehicle index of the vehicle trigg
  23. Thanks @Keisam, I've passed this info onto the dev team to review. I think the spectator delay bug was fixed shortly after launch, so hopefully you don't still see that.
  24. Hi @Keisam - do you have an example of how this might be used?
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