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  1. I don't think we record additional penalties on TT game side, so the behaviour you are seeing in the UDP output is probably correct. Let me know if you see this in any normal race session.
  2. This should fire on each penalty awarded. If you are only getting one sent per lap then this is wrong. If you can confirm this behaviour I will ask our QA team to investigate further.
  3. Thanks. I've added these to the backlog and will let you know if we can get these implemented.
  4. It should be possible to calculate sector 3 using m_lastLapTime and taking away the stores values for sector 1 and 2. If it's drifting out by a few ms then this could be a precision issue or data coming through on a different frame. I've added a task to the backlog to either store the previous lap's sector times, or work out why there is a discrepancy in the values. I've got a query in with the dev team about the lap start / end issue, mapping sessions and flashbacks, so we'll see what they suggest.
  5. Thanks for all of the suggestions so far. We have been able to sort out a couple already. Some of them look unlikely due to the complexity of the issue but are being discussed internally. Others have been placed on the active backlog and we hope to resolve some of these before 2021 launches (after which the spec should be locked). I'll do a combined update on the open requests in the future to help keep this thread a little tidier.
  6. Increase the number of buttons sent in m_buttonStatus to 32 Added to the backlog.
  7. Handling of first lap, outlaps and inlaps. This is tied into the current game functionality, so might be difficult to accommodate in the UDP output. I’ve forwarded to the devs for further investigation. Handling of repeated progress data due flashbacks I merged your suggestion in with @krz9's point above about the same issue and sent it to the dev team for further discussion.
  8. Initial feedback on your requests: Some mechanism to identify the end of a lap / start of a new lap. Does m_currentLapNum work here? This might be difficult with our inlap / outlap idea in quali sessions though. We also have the final session results to give the total time. Are you able to provide an example of what you are trying to do? Exposing the AI difficulty level set for the (offline) session Added to backlog Exposing an identifier for the Grand Prix weekend across sessions (so that qualifying and race sessions can be tied togethe
  9. Understood. I've updated the request for the dev team.
  10. I assumed you wanted something in the event packet, like we provide for penalty notification. Did you mean for this to be included in the LapData packet to indicate how many warnings a player received in a that lap?
  11. Here's an initial response to your requests: Add a new, separate event for warnings in packet 3. We’ve added this to our backlog Add a means of detecting when a stop-go penalty has been served We’ve added this to our backlog Provide information about all assists used (currently just does a subset of them) We’ve added this to our backlog Add a way of indicating when a real player is in a paused state We’ve added this to our backlog Add checkpoints to help with delta calculation Yo
  12. Now is a good time! If anything is too complex to add for F1 2021 then it is still useful to know now for the future.
  13. That looks like a good idea. We'll see if we can implement something along those lines.
  14. Thanks for these. Here's a quick response on the issues that you posted: 1) No enum value 0. As this is based on the data coming directly from the game, this isn't an easy thing for us to change without reorganising the game data itself (which we can't do at this stage). As such, we will leave this as it is, unless we can find another way to flag valid / invalid values containing 0. 2) Tyre wear as floats. We will change this to floats. 3) DriverIDs are now conflicting. We understand the issue, but aren't yet sure how we can fix it as it again ties in with other data coming from
  15. If any regular contributors to this UDP thread have applied to the beta then please send me a PM and I will pass on your details to the "Beta Application Review Committee" for consideration.
  16. It's still disabled in game, but is actively being discussed at the moment.
  17. Sorry - I probably need to update the original doc. 74 Dams ‘20 75 Uni-Virtuosi ‘20 76 MP Motorsport ‘20 77 Prema ‘20 78 Trident ‘20 79 BWT ‘20 80 Hitech ‘20
  18. Hi All, We noticed some issues where certain network configurations were struggling to connect to our game servers correctly. We made some updates in v1.05 to change how this system works which we think should have resolved many of these cases. We still expect users to see these error messages at times when the servers are actually down, or when other unexpected network errors occur. If you were previously having persistent issues with this then please let us know if this has changed for you since v1.05. If you are now seeing regular issues since updating to v1.05 then please le
  19. Sorry - we have not managed to get to this yet. Unfortunately, there are a couple of other issues that the team has had to look at. We will try and get to this as soon as we can.
  20. Thanks for all the feedback so far. We will be going through this next week with the team to identify any bugs that we can fix. Regarding the player names issue, if anyone can provide examples of other current games that also provide player names through a similar API or output system, that would be very helpful for us to use as reference. 🙂
  21. a) That looks correct. v1.01 is missing the DRS activation zone, suggested gear changes and a few bug fixes. b) Hopefully soon!
  22. To confirm, the final UDP spec listed in the first post in this thread applies to v1.02 or later of the main game. Xbox users will need the next update to bring the UDP in line with this specification. I think a couple of the later changes were not available in v1.01. Apologies for the confusion with this.
  23. The 1.03 main game should contain the full UDP implementation used in the final beta version. What specific issues are you seeing?
  24. We've checked this internally and believe the doc to be correct, using 0-3 for the settings. Our test app shows this to be outputting as expected using these values.
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