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  1. I've merged two threads which appear to be about the same issue.
  2. Hi @burningAPOLLO, We've had a couple of isolated reports of this. Are you able to confirm what platform you are on and let us know anything that might have happened prior to this (what session / track did you come from, did any players join or leave, etc.)? If you are able to provide video footage showing the lead up to this incident (from the previous race session) that would be really helpful. Thanks.
  3. Hi @PawelSb, the error is caused when you fail to make a direct connection to the host machine. Sometimes, this is caused by network issues, but we think your suspicion about a bad network game may be correct in this case as reports of this error type are very low in frequency and so we wouldn't expect it to occur for multiple search attempts in a row. We aren't sure why this is happening though, so will need to investigate further. If this dead session is still present next time you then you could try playing a couple of 25% sessions which may shift your stats enough to match to a different
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