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  1. Yeah I'm aware of that. I mean, I've been modding games all my life.
    The point is, we shouldn't need to do this, we keep paying to beta test every year. We keep paying a premium game for only a few skins update and a couple of tracks that can perfectly be just a DLC like Montecarlo on Dirt 3. This game carries the same problems since F1 2010, it's like they just take that base game with the same database.bin file and don't bother to even look that Williams has a Maclaren engine or there's like 90% to rain even in Texas. It's a bad joke already.
    I don't even know why I bother anymore, this will keep happening until they use up FIA's licence and someone else takes over. 
  2. This was always an issue in EVERY F1 game. If you have rain last laps, you will be passed unless you can block the track. 
    How the rain middle race works in EVERY F1? Count 3 laps. First 2 laps you'll see rain pouring down but you and AI will be racing at same pace, third lap track "gets wet" and you have to enter, AI won't. You put inters tires and you might have a chance against AI. If you don't go that lap, you'll race half of the lap on ice while AI will keep driving as if nothing is happening, they race like they are on dry. 
    Mind you I'm racing 25% of the race, so I don't know if the same number of laps applies to more racing laps. 
    Every year is the same, rains every race, AI is not affected by mid race rain, it only works when it's already raining. 
  3. Halfway in the race spotter says "there's chance of light rain in about 5 minutes". 
    Granted it will rain with 3 laps left. 
    You have a few racers behind you waiting for you to make a mistake, you are giving your best to do your race when the rain start to pour down, first lap nothing happens, second lap we all seem to be 1 second slower, the last lap? My car naturally can't drive in wet conditions on soft tires, however AI drives like nothing happens.

    I'm really tired of this stupid sheet, this happens in every F1 game... Stop already, test your damn game and don't give me the "we have the best quality tes..." stop it, every game is the same, the corrupt save, the rain on every freaking race, the rain only affecting you and not the AI, really, EVERY GAME. 

    Fix it already.
  4. "quality testing" 
    I seriously doubt about the meaning of quality there.
    I would do a search but I think that every Codemaster consumer (I own just about every racing game from them) knows that every latest game from Dirt to Grid and F1 has this corrupt save game problem, EVERY.DAMN.GAME.ALWAYS. 
    Why? One would think that after 2 or maybe 3 games they'd learn, it doesn't seem to be the case. 
    But after a few disappointments I decided that I don't want to buy any more DLC, and since I think this might be the end of the Grid series (seriously, what else can they do? this is just feels like a DLC for Grid 2) I don't think I'm buying anymore. Same with F1 games, it's just a roster update and a couple of new tracks, but hey, let's charge 50€, I totally fell for it, well, no more.
    I really like the games but every damn game is the same: corrupt saves; poorly coded AI with cars 100 times heavier than your car that makes you spin by just looking slightly at them; etc.
    After so many years pouring money into some great games, I think that I'm at the end of this relationship where it seems that my (and many others) opinion doesn't count since they keep making the same mistakes over and over again in the next game.  
  5. First, I like to play single player and I can't really play much multiplayer due to family and work, so if your only contribution is "that's why I play multiplayer" I've read that and doesn't add much to the topic.

    So with that out of the way, the topic. 
    So the team asks you to finish the race without a scratch and to have the fastest lap. This happens in Tourism cars mostly, so the first race you qualify first and the first objective can be made unless the second (usually a Ravenwest car) throws himself at your car just to make the turn and fly away like nothing happens because you know, AI cars are 100 times heavier than your car (fact in any Codemasters racing game), anyway, it can be made after a few tries. But the faster lap? Forget it, somehow they can be 3 seconds faster than your best lap and yes, I'm very good at racing games and no, you can't improve the lap time when you go 99% of the time full throttle with the lower tear cars, but somehow even if you manage to get 1 second faster, 3 seconds is just plain stoopid.

    And then you have the second race, where you start last. Somehow on the first race they all keep behind you in a nice single car line separated by half second or so, I mean, they don't care about each other. However, starting last, well, they are all over the track. You can go half throttle and they will be just in front of you, using every bit of the track not letting you pass since they don't seem to have mirrors or give a crap about you, the moment you pass 2 or 3 they become the most aggressive cars ever, they seem to hit turbo bonus or something, suddenly they are all fast and of course, they only know how to brake by bumping you.

    So this is me just frustrated about the idiotic, stoopid and lazy coding for the AI, did they ever tested that when asked the objectives? How the hell you can achieve them when the AI is so poorly coded that is just not funny anymore.
    And I'm sorry if I like to complete these tasks that are part of the game, I know nothing will be done since they don't seem to know how to code AI . And you can't even edit the catchup file since if you do you can't save so to add to the fact that they don't care about you trying to play as they (I guess) intended us to play (why would they put those objectives if not?) but they also don't allow us to "fix" what they can't do right. 
  6. nhill40 said:
    Does the competition get stiffer as you move up the career ladder? If not, I only see 2 options for playing thru a career: 1) crank the difficult way up to the point you are having to battle for mid pack in a backmarker, grinding for xp with no hope of landing a better ride in the foreseeable future OR 2) ratchet the difficulty down to the point you can blow the field away in a back marker car like you are the 2nd coming of Ayrton Senna! Is this how F1 2013's career mode works? I have been seriously considering picking that up but I'm not interested if the career mechanics prevent you from having a semi realistic career arc.
    I think the races do get a little bit harder yes but one thing I have noticed and commented on in another thread is the races are definitely longer as I was doing group 2 endurance with 24minute races in x3 length and it moved up to 30minutes for group 1

    I don't think it gets more "difficult". Races do get longer, my first run was on the normal racing length so it was 8, 10 and 12. As for the difficulty it's always the same, Ravenwest are the best guys followed by K&N and then the yellow ones (Kicker?) The rest are just there to make your life miserable. 

    I did notice that if you play on "easy" and "very easy" Ravenwest guys suck and your team mate rules!  

  7. I'm ok with tire wear as long as it's fair. Those Ravenwest guys are a pain, they don't seem to be affected by tire wear. This is the part that gets me, there are several places where you have to accelerate while turning like first turn at Brands where it's also a bit bumpy, that's always a recipe for spinning out when your tires are on orange; however you can see them AI going away like nothing, while you have to cut throttling they just floor it.

    Also, always night time? Really? That' lazy? I don't think that there is any endurance event that start and end at night without daylight. Why not use the same method as used on Grid 1 when racing Le Mans?  

  8. First, I like to play single player, and no, I can't play too much multiplayer because time restrictions that would make me pause the game too much at some points. 

    Second, I've been playing racing games since 90s, I have all the Codemaster racing games, this does not make me a great driver, but I know how to play these games.

    Having said that, Endurance is stupidly unfair. How so? Well for starters trying to throttle while in a big turn most of the time results in spinning out of control while AI ahead of you runs away like nothing and the one behind pushes you away since you are way too slow to keep up. 

    While after 70% of the race your tires get worn out no matter how careful you drive you have to slow down a bit more allowing AI to catch up because you know, they don't get affected but the same rules as you. On this topic, why insisting on the AI car = tank, your car = plastic car, meaning if you barely touch them (like trying to pass them but they decide to cut you because, reasons) you get thrown away like paper.

    I guess I just need to vent since that Japan track is becoming annoying thanks to AI not needing to brake apparently on some turns while you have to be careful to not spin out.

  9. MaXKiLLz said:
    Just wondering why you didn't purchase a digital download version?
    Hard copy: 50$
    Digital: 49.99$
    I'm sorry, digital people should earn that money. Oh yes they give you the pdf if you want, saving trees and all of that. It doesn't matter. Why would I pay the exact same thing when I get more stuff like a box, a dvd, sometimes nice extras like the boxes of blizzard games? 

    On the AI topic, I hate AI, mostly the usual pair of seconds guys, I really don't like when devs only way to counter your skills is to use the catch up AI; I can't get any fast lap because they usual best second (ravenwood mostly) when starts at the back they make some impossible -2 seconds lap faster than yours. 
    One example, I left one ravenwood guy looking backward (med AI) , half lap later and in Autosport I could see him like half lap behind the last one. By lap 2 he was 4th and by lap 3 he was second at 2 seconds behind me, he just sat there until the end... When checked the results he had the fastest lap at 1.30 while mine was 1.33 and the second AI best was 1.35. (I'm probably making out those numbers, but the ravenwood guy was 3 seconds faster than my perfect lap). 
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