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  1. Hey CM team, first of all thank you for this great game. After 100+ hours of in-game career and My Team experience, i have few suggestions for the next patch (or the next F1 title) to increase the longevity of this F1 chapter: - Mechanical failures for the player -> it's too much easy obtain an indestructible car after 1 season of R&D, activating the failures due to an aggressive driving style or a couple of defective components should increase the unpredictability of the races - 2nd driver rivalry -> basically the 2nd driver in MyTeam and in Career is just another guy
  2. well well well We have a PC platform with a rusty keyboard and no wheels We have those lovely daily challenges We have a huge amount of time We don't have talent and speed, but who cares?
  3. Helloooo CM, here few screenshot from these challenges. As always, PC platform and a rusty keyboard No editing.
  4. I think these new cars and liveries are the best. Platform: PC Steam From the R2 Italian Championship and daily challenges
  5. Platform: PC Steam A rusty keyboard as steering wheel. The Multi-class Italian Championship (with the 208 R2) + challenges
  6. Few screenshots from recent sessions Steam, un-edited (and un-crashed )
  7. Hey guys, i've got a problem with the daily challenges: no co-pilot sound and the tires sound is... uhm, messy, sounds like they're scratching a vinyl. I didn't installed any new software, is this happened before? Any tips?
  8. from the daily challenges + few private tests to be a better driver for 2020 platform: Steam
  9. Done 😉 (BTW Best Racing Game with a Mario title? Pure nonsense)
  10. From the daily challenges + the last shakedown of the DiRT WRC Italian Championship Platform: steam (btw, the Stratos in Greece and the 240z in NZ are the perfect cars in the perfect location, right?)
  11. from Daily challenges and the DiRT WRC Italian Championship platform: PC Steam and a rusty keyboard
  12. There you go with the daily test in Finland :) (This time i've used a little bit of color correction for the Lancia screenshot)
  13. Platform: Steam PC Wheel: the same rusty keyboard since 2010 Finally, Finland is here and it's "bumpy-er" and "crashy-er" than ever
  14. Nah, disagree, the 4-headlight Escort is perfect for the '70s 🙂
  15. Aha!!! it seems that the next DLC car will be the... Volga M21
  16. Platform: still Steam Wheel controller: still the rusty keyboard Still daily challenge with half-Golf + Day2 from the Germany DiRT WRC Italia championship
  17. Platform: PC steam wheel device: a rusty keyboard From daily challenges (and a small tribute to Russell Brookes)
  18. PC keyboard user Daily challenges with classic cars
  19. Daily challenge and few test. Platform: steam Medium spec. PC
  20. Platform: steam, medium PC spec Some daily action: And testing the new beast:
  21. Steam PC version "Keyboard gamer trying to attack the hotlap in New England" spoiler alert: he failed
  22. My favourite pic by far, from the actual daily challenge in my pc steam version:
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