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  1. peterf1

    Question regarding damage settings.

    classics mode, manual engine. really manual.
  2. peterf1

    Question regarding damage settings.

    "Sadly you don't get to hop out of the car and push it to safety or over the finish line." oh yes you can but only in real life.
  3. peterf1

    Game Suggestion - Tweaking Car Setups

    and on top of all that is the controller setup. I have spent much time and frustration mucking around with my Fanatec CSW setup. it also doesnt help if the game crashes and I get back into it on reboot, changing nothing, and the force feedback is totally different.
  4. peterf1

    F1 2019 Game Ideas

    for all voice radio communications, have it so that they can ALL be shown as text popups. I have turned Jeff off and life has improved, but I am missing information. have the option to popup text and stay there until a programmable hotkey to get rid of it, or a scroll box (and hotkey to navigagte that) of all text so I can bring up the latest and previous, or option for how long to keep text there.
  5. peterf1

    F1 2018 Tyres

    it seems that the new forum is not perfect. issue was if not logged in, and hitting reply to a thread, you would login and be taken back to the home page rather than go to thread in logged in mode. that has been fixed. but this time, for the first time, I went to download that zip file for the tyres (thanks, I wonder though why there isnt a patch for it using the normal steam method)... and logged in, and got kicked back to the home page again. also might be a good idea to include a text file in zips like that that outline what it does and how to do it.
  6. peterf1

    horizontal mirror adjustment

    good suggestions, I'd add the ability to change FOV, and all other camera settings whilst sitting in the car, in garage or on the track. and add to save the last car setup from last time rather than default to the middle of the 5 default options. make this an option or the new default. and would it not be nice to have two special hotkeys/buttons (up and down) that could map to any of the car settings to use on the fly, during practice only.
  7. peterf1

    Practicing Specific Corners/Sectors

    I cannot say for sure if you can 'save game' in practise but if you can, then a free app called joy2key for PCs Windows can give you the ability to macro to save game, and then you can do what you want that way, or slower manually at present. https://joytokey.net/en/download (good work on this new forum project codies, logging in from a thread I now stay in the thread rather then get dumped back to the home page)