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  1. versedi said:
    PolarClaw said:
    Long time to wait for other players and the bug that you will loose your technicians while playing is one aspect which holds people from playing this. And there is a bug that the game freezes at the end of a stage reaching the marshall which will result in a 7 point penalty ... 

    So I'm not wondering that nobody is playing the Pro Tour
    You can loan cars, you don't have to use your team.
    What is the point of having your own team then?

  2. DmitryZ13 said:
    Hi to all my mates who is waiting for the moment when we will be able to edit skins for this game. Me personaly I WILL NOT BUY the game untill they will not make any support for skins. Coz lets be honest all the codemasters racing games was fun coz we was able to make new skins for the cars. And how amazing it was to play with ur favorite racer livery...heh good times. What i want to say for me this game become boring without new skins. Why u did this codemasters i dont know.... any kind of modding is for the personal use only. Its a pitty to see how they killed the game....i mean they made it just like other games ''game for one time and then throw it''.   But i still have some hope that for those ppl who care and who is making posts in this topic...for those who still looking for the solution...im sure we will find some way. And you CODEMASTERS emmm nothing to say about you...so stuppid from your side to do that... you really showed how you care about players.
    So you haven't got the game but it already got boring. Hmm...

  3. grancab said:
    PaloSamo said:
    They prefer selling a new game for the masses, than giving us the possibility for modding the game and make it last for a long time like RBR
    RBR wasn't made with modding in mind. Mods were created a tad later by a community of passionate fans. As for CM I don't know what their intentions were/are and I find it interesting that you do.
    That's not true... in patch 1.02 RBR developers introduced the "plugins folder" and a example plugin to allow some mods... you can run BTB´s stages using the rx plugin, you can have better pacenotes and better camera positions using pacenote plugin, you can compete in online events thank to RSRBR or RBRworl or RBRczech, you can modify hanbrake linearity (and do a lot of other things) using fixup plugin...
    You're right, I just found this info from Patch 1.02 release notes:
    * Modding DLL (A readme document will be released soon.)

    But as far as I know above mods work using files outside plugin folder. But I agree that WorkerBee's plugins are wonderful! (Codemasters?)

  4. versedi said:
    Edit: I just had the best stage made by Your Stage in Pro Tour.
    Two cities in Spain, first one 5-6 corners blasting between buildings, second one with immediate turn right. I don't think even one tile repeated. Saved it <3
    Now you can create your own pacenotes for it ;)

  5. JZStudios said:
    I've gotten brought up in there, but it's ridiculous. There's like 90 new posts a day, and no way in hell am I reading all of those.

    I'm also super upset now that no one in the gossip thread has seen Ferris Buellers day off.
    I have seen it but i don't usually remember (famous) lines after one viewing. And I couldn't be bothered to watch it again.

  6. So basically you are saying that Anton Vit from youtube is a different person, who happens to use the same nickname, play the same game and use the same broken English? What a coincidence, isn't it?
    Come on man, cut the bull feaces. We all know it's you, my dear! You even posted one of the videos yourself! What a comedy this is.

  7. AntonVit said:
    1 Database.bin hidden + crypted = bye bye ACAT
    2 Car.ctf crypted  = bye bye car tunning
    2 Livery.pssg crypted  = bye bye Skinomania
    3 Cameras.xml hidden + crypted  =  bye  bye  zissakos1 with you tool
    4 Location folders and files crypted = bye bye (File Replacing for ACAT("Noobs" (sorry) version making))
    5 Vac included = bye bye  all cheaters, hackers, modder ....

    You still waiting help from Codemasters developers for your wishing with livery modding?

    Who want see his project moded, like game, or song, or film, or other work....
    In future i think games will be have  only 1 file, and crypted  :)

    So, good luck :)
    AntonVit said:
    Uhh, okay then. Pretty sure the Dirt Rally ACAT used a cheat engine, and didn't modify the database.bin, so there is an example. Where there's a will, there's a way.
    Dirt Rally ACAT was made with using database parametres, and it works with these parametres, but what aboute - mod change it database parametres or not change - only the i knows :o  and maybe some one man :p
    Because this.

  8. versedi said:
    Dytut said:
    Yeah, seems to take some time to adjust from DR. Tarmac in DR was weird, so tarmac in D4 is a big step up and I'm starting to get a feel for it. The Ibiza kit car in Spain feels fantastic. 

    The kitcars are absolutely fantastic do drive in Spain , you really have to be careful with the throttle but once you find a rhytm it's like blazing with an Formula 2 bolid. I love it.


    English language doesn't use word 'bolid' to describe a racing vehicle ;) But I agree that they are beasts on tarmac.

  9. TuliRally said:
    chukonu said:
    My PC still freezes until I have to manually restart my PC when I try and play a rain stage :( Has this bug been noticed yet by the devs?

    Try Bonnet cam before fix, works for me. Skip replays on rainy stages also because they freeze the game too
    Or you can set your Graphics Settings to Ultra Low. The issue disappears (with cockpit cam and full replay).