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  2. Hmm, why would I want to have two versions of the same game?
  3. Man, you really hit rock bottom...
  4. Now you can create your own pacenotes for it ;)
  5. What we really need is a point'n'click Stage Creator using Google Maps. Or Google Earth. Oh, sod it Codies, give us the whole Universe!
  6. +1  Try Bonnet cam before fix, works for me. Skip replays on rainy stages also because they freeze the game too Or you can set your Graphics Settings to Ultra Low. The issue disappears (with cockpit cam and full replay).
  7. Taaaaaaaaaannnnnnaaaaaaak yeeeeeeeees! Body is 2 e's short.
  8. Kris is Citroen's development driver and has given feedback on Dirt 4's rally handling. Given problems of both of these it seems that maybe (just maybe) he isn't that good of a rally driver after all ;) OK, OK, it was only a joke, no need to throw rocks at me... 
  9. https://youtu.be/2ePy2zfTVwc
  10. Will you get it by 9th of June (or 11th at least) to be able to participate in the special i20R5 event?
  11. My family came first too on this sunny Sunday afternoon so I missed out on the achievement. No regrets though ;)
  12. Same here :) Awesome, should I make a separate thread to 'organise' it or will being online on Steam and some chat messages be enough?  Tonight I'll be at a local rally with @ThierryNeuville, but tomorrow and on Sunday I'll probably be at home. (GMT +1 / Dutch) I'm in CEST summer time so its UTC + 2. Let's create a chatroom on Steam and that will be enough. How many slots are in the event anyway? I wasn't really playing multiplayer Rally Cross a lot and can't remember, to be honest.  Just checked it because I wasn't sure, it's 8 slots. So we need 5 more steam friends and
  13. This video is well Polished!
  14. So basically if someone gets high enough rating for their shared stage is being rewarded for clicking Generate Stage button...
  15. Microsoft one step (day) ahead ;)                     
  16. USA the 6th, everywhere else the 9th as confirmed a while ago from @KickUp. Good for usa! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B8tS5BudtEk
  17. Silence in WRC 2017 Thread after a rally means only one thing. Ogier won.
  18. Once I've heard that voice I've known I know it from somewhere and it's an actor. Where did you find out?  One of our friends at simrace.pl posted this information (I don't know how he knows or where from, but the voice seems to match somehow). I wasn't aware he recorded for previous Dirt games as well. Here is his quite impressive list of achievements: http://www.filmweb.pl/person/Jacek+Kopczy%C5%84ski-139725
  19. So apparently Polish distributor hired a professional dubbing actor Jacek Kopczynski to record Polish co-driver calls. I know he is known from games like Assassin's Creed, Mass Effect and The Witcher, but why?
  20. I hope it wasn't anyone from rallying community because they would give themselves a bad name after this. Now that the co-driver calls are being put together from set of samples it might be easier to mod them than it was the case in DR (I managed to do that a while ago. But because it would take ages to translate and swap all of  Paul's recorded calls I gave up and came up with a different idea how to achieve customized co-driver calls).
  21. No, there was no rallycross in Dirt 4 because there was no Dirt 4 before. You meant Dirt Rally, didn't you? ;) 
  22. I have to agree but also disagree with you here. The term fearless is a bit of a misnomer, all people feel fear in dangerous situations unless they are insane. But what it often refers to is bravery or perhaps supreme courage despite adversity. So in the world of marketing, fearless just sounds a lot better! Big games that cost a lot of money to make need marketing and they have to create something to sell the brand and the product and spark folks imagination and get them excited.  I personaly think that 'fearless' works very well for a Rally game and is very appropriate to the sport. Be
  23. It was done in Richard Burns Rally back in 2004 but nice to see good ideas being implemented in D4 (flying finish, etc.).
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