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  1. Adblocker it was. Thanks guys. Just writing some stuff to make this post longer.
  2. Call me stupid but I can't find the game footage you are all talking about. Clicked the link but all I get is the pair talking in dutch for 2.27 minutes.
  3. I did my separate handbrake from my son's tigger baby door bouncer. I used one of the metal parts as a lever (it already had springs) and put a round part from a metal bed frame around it to create a handle. I also used a door catcher (if that is a proper name for it) from an old wardrobe as a stopper/connection. I connected the whole bit to my G27's gearbox module as button 1. Works like a dream :)
  4. I didn't like how it handled the jumps, myself, it felt a bit exaggerated compared to its real-life counterpart (judging by rally footage). I think it should be better in D4 with the improved aerodynamics though. Here is RSRBR's take on aerodynamics in Audi Sport Quattro E2. Beat that DiRT Rally! https://youtu.be/FZKAkyRF8D0?list=UU1Y-Tv8siZScv-UBc2RxZAQ
  5. The same video was posted 4 posts earlier, mate. BTW: the guy may have a beard, but he is called P. One, not P. Coleman :D
  6. The Semetin stage in AC is a carbon copy of the Semetin stage created for RSRBR and is an exact recreation of the Semetin stage that was used in the 2009 Barum Rally Zlín. I've driven it on both titles in the past and somehow I liked it more in RSRBR with an NGP car. As far as I know Semetin (and a lot of other tracks) was initially made for RBR-Czech mod. RSRBR got it later. There are other RBR mods apart from RSRBR, including Italian RBR-World, where you get time penalty for being late for a stage/service area, as well as for getting there too early!
  7. From FIA WRC 2017 Sporting Regulations: A Manufacturer:7.2.1 Undertakes to take part in all the rallies of the Championship with a minimum of two (2) World Rally Cars complying with the 2017 Appendix J, Article 255A.7.2.2 Wishing to score points in the Championship must register for the Championship with the FIA no later than 16 December 2016 using a registration form available from the FIA.7.2.3 Will be awarded points according to Art. 5.3 of these regulations. For any one Manufacturer, a maximum of three (3) nominated drivers may be eligible to score points of which only the 2 best pla
  8. http://www.fia.com/file/51625/download/12790?token=gSsdhJDW http://www.fia.com/file/52451/download/17389?token=6Ut7sm_Q This: What evolutions will be permitted on the engine throughout the season? Patrice Davesne: “We can make changes, but some parts of the engine are frozen by the regulations for three years. For example, bore is not allowed to change, the distance between cylinder and distance between camshaft we can’t change. But we have three jokers per year and, for example, we can change in the same year the pistons, connecting rods and oil sump. Each year there are three jokers and we c
  9. I found this explanation at https://www.gov.uk/guidance/the-highway-code/annex-4-the-road-user-and-the-law "Most of the provisions apply on all roads throughout Great Britain, although there are some exceptions. The definition of a road in England and Wales is ‘any highway and any other road to which the public has access and includes bridges over which a road passes’ (RTA 1988 sect 192(1)). In Scotland, there is a similar definition which is extended to include any way over which the public have a right of passage (R(S)A 1984 sect 151(1)).It is important to note that reference
  10. We won't be doing recces or having recce cars in DiRT 4. I think in future if we can get a more adjustable co driver system beyond the Early <-> Later adjustment we have now then a recce would be a useful tool for some people. Recce would definitely be useful for creating custom pacenotes using this TOOL. I believe that Your Stage pacenotes system requires re-using sound samples so implementing similar tool directly in DiRT4 or in future titles shouldn't be a problem., right? ;)
  11. Oh well...                                        
  12. It has to be the Moon                         
  13. If such comments exist, I would like to reiterate my point of the pace-notes taking priority over reaction - there's no point in the co-driver being more 'alive' and 'present' if it means he skips pacenotes. And while we're still on this topic, I +10,000 that earlier comment about having Samir's codriver as an option. It's bound to happen at some point, now that I've plus-over-9,000'd it... They will never take priority.  Samir's co driver is not going to happen. The original video was edited with malicious intent from a 40 minute video that Samir had originally posted. His
  14. A bit more info here: http://www.autosport.com/news/report.php/id/127886/mikkelsen-still-working-on-private-17-vw-deal https://www.autosport.com/news/report.php/id/127804/teams-fail-to-agree-on-private-vw-programme
  15. At the end of the highlights show Andreas Mikkelsen said he will be the guest reporter for Rally Sweden. No drive for him, then?
  16. Shame they only show one stage live, everything else is day highlights in the evening. But can't complain considering the price ;)
  17. Unfortunately he did get hit by i20's rear-end. You can clearly see him taking pictures/filming on the side of the road from Hyundai's on-board camera moments before impact. Hopefully he will be OK. Interestingly, WRC.com doesn't even mention a spectator being involved... http://www.wrc.com/en/wrc/news/january-2017/monte-ss1/page/4221--12-12-.html
  18. http://www.motorsport.com/wrc/news/volkswagen-still-working-on-privateer-polo-plan-for-2017-864722/ There's still a slim chance of seeing a new-spec Polo R this year, but All-Attiyah is no longer in talks with VW. 
  19. Just keep the spacebar pressed until your hand hurts. Should do the trick ;)
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