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  1. http://www.fia.com/news/wrc-summary-regulation-changes-2017
  2. - Elfyn Evans swaps places with Eric Camilli in M-Sport for Monte Carlo Rally (and probably for the rest of the season too). http://www.motorsport.com/wrc/news/evans-joins-m-sport-for-monte-carlo-camilli-down-to-wrc2-859627/ - All-Attiyah postpones his plans for private VW team until 2018 (I told you it was too late to sign up the team for 2017;) http://www.motorsport.com/wrc/news/qatar-volkswagen-wrc-project-delayed-to-2018-862446/
  3. My understanding of this situation is that it is now too late to sign up for the 2017 campaign as a manufacturer and to homologate a new car. Privateers can run VW Polo R only in a pre-2017 specification.
  4. You dont need tu be Manufacturer in order to compete, if you are Manufacturer you are compromised to do every rally of the calendar. For example DMack WRT would not compete with his own team in Monte Carlo, but Elfyn Evans will compete with DMack tires in M-Sport team. And Nasser will not start in MC if he finance VW campaign,  that's why VW didn't appear.  From FIA WRC 2017 Sporting Regulations: 4. CARS ELIGIBLE TO ENTER WRC RALLIES - World Rally Cars, complying with the 2017 Appendix J, Art. 255A, when entered by a Manufacturer. - World Rally Cars homologated before 31.12.2013
  5. http://www.fia.com/news/wrc-2017-fia-world-rally-championship-manufacturers No VW then.
  6. "Two years ago I was fortunate enough to be able to drop into Codemasters studio in Southam and I returned again in late November for another behind the scenes look at proceedings.  Much awesomeness was demonstrated and many cool things were seen: but that’s about all I’m legally allowed to tell you!" (Stephen White) Can't wait for 2017 :) 
  7. http://www.wrc.com/en/wrc/news/december-2016/red-bull-tv/page/4138--12-12-.html  :)  :)  :)
  8. "(...) news of other crews in M-Sport’s driving team will be revealed in due course." (m-sport.co.uk)
  9. It was actually a clip from one of TG live shows. I was tricked... 
  10. But they haven't called him 'the Stog', they've called him 'the Ben Collins' :)
  11. There hasn't been an opportunity to compare next year's cars' performance directly so it's really hard to put them in order. Can't wait for Rallye de Monte Carlo 2017!  
  12. I don't know if it's gossip but it seems like Paul is working for a McLaren F1 team.
  13. Guess Neuville talked them into it :-) Those two are just two peas in a pot! Friends who push each other to the limit! I would like to see Mikkelsen at Hyundai. Is it allowed to have two drivers in the 'Hyundai Motorsport N'-team (second Hyundai team)? As far as I know, there won't be a second Hyundai team next year anymore because factory teams will be allowed to run 3 cars in a team (only two highest positioned cars in a rally will score manufacturer championship points though). Well, there will be two teams using M-Sport's Fiesta so who knows? 
  14. When I was driving my dad's car back in the 90's (Fiat 126p) I used to switch the engine off completely at the start of the descent leaving the key in ON position just not to lock the steering wheel (anti-theft feature). There were no servos so brakes and steering still worked ;) Engine off = no fuel burned (there was no fuel injector too).
  15. Barbecue pizza!                            
  16. Running order back to normal from 2017: http://www.autosport.com/news/report.php/id/126982/controversial-wrc-running-order-rules-changed
  17. Kubica never had an advantage of a works team car, yet he was sometimes winning stages. He smashed the opposition in WRC-2 though. I like both Colin and Robert, flat out all the way :) 
  18. He was crashing a lot because he was pushing beyond the limits. Colin was crashing a lot too.
  19. Rumor has it that Robert Kubica could be driving a third Toyota in seven rounds of the WRC campaign (if Toyota decides to sign up a third car). But it is just a rumor atm...
  20. It's definitely not Ogier's fault that the Championship looks like this. FIA tried to curb him by changing starting order rules but it failed. He is simply the best atm. In other news: http://www.wrc.com/en/wrc/news/october-2016/hanninen-toyota/page/3993--12-12-.html
  21. 'W' translates in English as 'IN'. My money is on Intense Navigator, a rally co-driver simulator.
  22. Well, privateers' cars are nowhere near as fast as factory ones. I'll agree with u on that, but they certainly aren't underpowered to the point where u have to buy upgrades the more u drive the car. It is a video game at the end of the day ;)
  23. Well, privateers' cars are nowhere near as fast as factory ones.
  24. 4 stages, 44 seconds ahead. Without sweeping the road, there is no doubt who is the fastest of them all.
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