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  1. Rallyday. I was there! Well... 4 years ago. But still ;)
  2. I somehow abandoned DR to indulge myself in the world of F1, F1 2016 exactly. But I am awaiting DR2 or whatever the DiRT Wizards are preparing in their lab with anticipation. 
  3. The owner shouted the same. Wait, it was propably more like "Oh! My dog!"
  4. It has to be the most popular dog on the Internet at the moment :)
  5. Are they making a video game themselves? 
  6. I think it's just marketing gibberish. There is nothing specific on their website. http://www.cxcsimulations.com/news/the-red-bull-simulator/
  7. Why nobody told him to use Reset Car? Would only cost him a couple of seconds...
  8. I just watched the RedBull TV coverage and saw Craig's tears. Epic.
  9. I really admire your patience @Porkhammer :) 
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rjo-c8fwLZw Sebastian Ogier's body is 40 characters too short.
  11. Skoda has won many rallies and championships in IRC and ERC series. Rallying is not only WRC.
  12. Because sadly ERC is not as popular as WRC. But there are many great stages in RBR done by modding community, Semetin and stuff. 
  13. "Talk DiRTy to me" (I know the body is too short, you don't have to remind me every single time!)
  14. Meeke benefited from low starting position by building a gap and then not letting it go. Brilliant drive. That's exactly what Latvala needed to do in Argentina but suspension failure prevented him in doing so. I believe that in Portugal JML's luck run out on SS5 when his power steering broke on the exact same corner and the same exact rut that send Paddon and Tanak out of the rally. 
  15. Wow, Paddon burned his car to ashes. Tanak managed to set it on fire in the same place a bit later but locals prevented him in recreating Hayden's magical trick by using a hose pipe. Quite adventurous afternoon in Portugal. 
  16. @JZStudios @RinusRally  It was just a set up for a photographic session a while ago (he can't reach the pedals). The monitor comes down and closer for the real thing. He sits on daddy's lap as the Recaro seat is his everyday car seat. Daddy controls pedals, gearstick and handbrake while he is in full control of the steering wheel. Full harmony :)
  17. I don't know which day of Rally(cross) School this is but my son is quite an advanced driver now :) All the best KevM!
  18. You're right, it seems to have disappeared. If you're in the UK you can catch-up here: https://www.my5.tv/fia-world-rally-championship-highlights/season-1/fia-world-rally-championship-highlights
  19. Oh god I wish I could get it to look like that.... *____* You're just teasing us, right? I bet you're capable of something like this:
  20. At least he congratulated the winner saying: "In the last one Hayden did an amazing time. He definitely went for it and I didn’t do enough. I had the feeling that my driving was clean but I was not pushing too hard because I was scared to take zero points (...) Well done to them. They have done a great time in the last stage. I have to say that I am a competitor and I don’t like to be second, but it is much easier to accept to be beaten this way. The difference happened behind the steering wheel. They have done it, well done! They deserve it!"
  21. Going back to establishing start order. I was wondering if they could go back to qualifying stage to achieve this (similar to ERC with drivers choosing start positions) but then someone would have to be a road sweeper on that very stage anyway. So the best idea is to let them play a stage in DR. The same road conditions for everyone :) 
  22. https://youtu.be/X-Jpt92dJ9M Body is 40 rocks and 12 swear words too short. 
  23. No, the reason for their success is low DOR and bonnet cam. 
  24. He just smashed the Power Stage and won it by 11.2 sec! What a drive! Well done Hayden Paddon & John Kennard!
  25. Yes! Yes! Yes!                                                                      
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