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  1. Who's watching right now? I can't stand the tension ;) Go Kiwi!
  2. At least they made it harder for Ogier by messing with the starting order. He is struggling as a road cleaner, isn't he? And yeah, RX is great to watch and there is drama and controversy right from the beginning. Go Mr. Hollywood! 
  3. Hayden Paddon has almost half a minute advantage over Ogier before today's last leg (3 stages). Boy, do I wish him to win in Argentina! 
  4. Yeah, they push WRC+ whenever they can (it's all over WRC website), but RedBull as such is more about extreme sports as opposed to classic rallying. Just a guess.
  5. hmm, ok my bad, thought it was still Redbull WRC Promoter is Red Bull and Sportsman Media. It's a joint company, so I don't know why Red Bull's promotion of WRC on their own media website has taken such a big step backward compared to last year. Good point there, I didn't do my research right ;) It probably is about money, what else? 
  6. The official promoter is WRC Promoter GmbH. Red Bull is not even listed in their Partners and Sponsors list, nor in the broadcasters list. 
  7. RedBull is not the broadcaster. They feature last rally's highlights but only for a limited time and one rally at a time only. 
  8. Engine cooked, end of rally. Breen has shown the boys how to drive on the "best bit of Tarmac in the world" :) 
  9. I was asking about punctures to check if  Codies haven't overdone it. But it seems to be OK :)
  10. Anyone got a puncture yet? Any puncture.                                          
  11. @KevM, I envy you like hell! Make sure to support Kajto for me ;) BTW: My brother was his high school friend :)
  12. "And another one gone, and another one gone, another on bites the dust" :)
  13. Rally drivers don't need speedometers. They only slow them down by showing how ridiculously fast the car is moving! ;)
  14. Maybe, but it has already obee done on RaceDepartment :) 
  15. Yeah! It's Tuesday guys! Oh, scrap that. I just woke up after a good day's sleep after a nightshift, thinking it's the next day. Damn. 
  16. Is it Tuesday yet?                      
  17. I personally think that the author had has his hands on a console release, where he found Renault 5 Maxi Turbo, Alpine A110, bonus Mexico stage and Stig's, a mean Paul's console cousin - Ben, as a co-driver :)
  18. This year's Finland Rally will feature Ouninpohja 2, a famous stage driven in opposite direction :)
  19. I think RookieOne was saying about drivers not teams. 
  20. 4 min faster than me ;)  http://www.fiaworldrallycross.com/article/9100/loeb-joins-world-rx-with
  21. Found some regs that apply - called Rally 2. This is a set of regulations that allow a driver who retires from an event to re-enter the next day at the cost of a five-minute time penalty. They can still be classified and potentially earn WRC points. That's old stuff mate. 2015 season introduced a penalty of seven minutes added to the best time driven in the relevant category or ten minutes if it is the last stage of the day. As for Mr. Hollywood's comeback it might be possible with Toyota in 2017, but time will tell ;) 
  22. I agree, the gaps are not really a bad thing and just as you said ad a sense of authenticity to the footage. I love hearing the car approaching too. How about that for a realistic hardcore noscope camera mod: one stage-side camera only, for the entire replay. Three minutes of silence, then vvvvvvVVRRRROOOMMMMmmmmmm, then three more minutes of silence until the replay is over. There is never silence on rally stages ;)
  23. As for the gaps, they give a sensation of being a spectator on a real life rally when you await another car only hearing its sound in the distance :) 
  24. Lovely. Same here especially enjoying the drive with the 208. Too boring for me. I fell in love with the snappy and tail-happy DS3 :) 
  25. As for the Music 2000 - I still have a tape somewhere with my music tracks recorded :)
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