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  1. In RSRBR all the important archives are password protected. I know that DR works in a different way, but maybe something along those lines could help. But then again, even passwords can be broken... Oh, how I hate cheaters! Anyway, keep up the good work @Hatward!
  2. Yeap, for more and more content turn your heads towards modded RBR. No money involved = happy rally geeks :)
  3. Ford Fiesta Rallycross driven by Reinis Nittis.
  4. How is a service area right before Power Stage realistic-ish? That doesn't happen IRL. Just saying ;) 
  5. I wonder what other languages are going to be implemented in April? Anyone? 
  6. Clearly, you don't know Robert Kubica. If he had been doing what you suggest he wouldn't have ever reached F1 and WRC. Good luck in your pushing, mate! :) He said that he wasn't aware that he hit anything due to mud obscuring the view, but the stewards didn't give credit to his story.
  7. None taken my friend.   Everything is relative & in that respect, I'm better at what I do, than he is at what he does! :) Yeap, disrespecting others as opposed to pushing beyond limits ;) Personal traits aside, most people forgot how Robert smashed the opposition and won WRC-2 in 2013. One-handed, and bruised emotionally after that terrible accident and saying goodbye to his beloved F1. I'm far from calling him a hero, but I admire his determination. Just a step lower from Alex Zanardi's level ;) To change the subject; a true sportsmanship:
  8. I like his driving style and passion for the sport but his chances for the crown are very slim atm. However, time will tell. 
  9. No offence, but is it because you envy that he already achieved more than you ever will, Kev? ;) 
  10. The pre-event test crash joined with this one resulted in chassis of Robert's Fiesta being too much out of shape to try and repair it. Meeke out too. Gearbox damage. Damn. 
  11. Invisible you mean? And one can only wonder what "stuff" you were actually attempting to do... ;)
  12. Probably for the same reasons as lack of  PVP rally. But it makes me wonder why there are so many files leftover, which are completely unused, yet still take up users disk space? Splitscreen, garage, intro, model of a female co-driver, voice of a Scottish co-driver, etc.  :neutral: 
  13. Yes, anti-lag. Funny enough, Robert also says that the car was stood half on the road half in the ditch, but moments later Elfyn Evans had similar problems with grip and hit his right-rear damaging the suspension on Robert's car. Moreover, the hit pushed his Fiesta further down the ditch and onto another tree. But it seems to me that Robert takes full responsibility for the incident, saying that he underestimated the grip, judging it only on the previous icy corner, which was a lot dryer. And that he didn't switch the anti-lag off. Respect.
  14. "Splitscreen camera control configuration file.This xml contains the configuration for the OverrideCamerasControl system that is used to fix the vehicle interactive cameras settings during the splitscreen game mode." (from ../DiRT Rally/cars/generics/splitscreen_cameras_adjustments.xml) I guess this mode has been ruled out of question? ;)
  15. Robert is not able to pull the handbrake, so he pushes it instead. This part of the track is very tricky. SS6 and Camilli off 200m further down the road.
  16. Well, the difference between RBR and DiRT Rally damage model can by clearly seen here ;) Unfortunately for Robert, RBR is closer to reality...
  17. Not Really. It will loose around the same as when Raikkonen left. A fanatical following, but not much else. He is not able to be fast and on the road. He have crashed 26 times in 27 events with a WRC-car. He have retired in 33% of all the rallies he have started - That is including the Rally-2 system. If it had been like pre-2005, his two seasons would've been like McRae in 99, without the victories and top 5's. I also do not agree that he is the quickest on tarmac. He was quick on some stages in Spain, he tends to have 2-3 stages each rally where it works out. But he is far from the fastest o
  18. American is not a race, European is not a race. After all, we are all the same species, regardless of our place of birth or physical features :) As for Mr. Block himself, I wish him a lot of success, because he is a fun driver to watch. 
  19. He didn't refer to his skin colour, so no rasism here ;)
  20. Is there any WRC rally in US? I don't think so...
  21. Elfyn Evans, partnered by a new co-driver Craig Perry, will compete in a full British Rally Championship campaign in a Ford Fiesta R5 backed by DMACK.
  22. Yes, Kubica comes from karting and circuit racing, but he also has good rally kilometres under his belt, pre-WRC too. And he is driving with one hand!
  23. VW had Ogier and Mikkelsen as test drivers for the whole year 2012. After fighting for the title with Citroen, Ogier basically took a year off, competing only in a few events in WRC2 for Skoda. Ogier was engaged in a full wrc2 campaign missing only New Zealand ;) 
  24. I wouldn't rule out Toyota for 2017. Look what VW did in their debut 2013 season. 
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