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  1. The grounds of your praise is exactly why those minor issues exist; limited time as well as unfortunate and untimely events. Just be happy they're not game-breaking issues like what has been seen on the other side of Codemasters with F1 2015, as well as too many other games from other developers.  The quality control comment was a tad rude, considering the size of the project and the fact that the majority of the game throughout early access was pristine for a product taking that path of development.   Why should I be happy they're not game breaking issues? I wasn't complaining a
  2. No offence, but even not a rally specialist can hear the difference between two voices (not to mention languages). I know roughly how making Co-Driver voice can be hard, because me and versedi are trying to achieve it right now ;) But I don't want to pick on you guys, as you have done a wonderful job, probably on tight budget and with limited time. Well done. 
  3. It makes me wonder if there is any quality control at Codemasters. Bugs here and there, and now these co-driver issues. If there is a vacancy I am more than happy to help (my co-driver mod is checked thoroughly before release) :wink: 
  4. PL DiRT Rally leauge still works allright. We have own cars, setups, and mechanics. But it was created before 1.0 release...
  5. Apart from FMV intro it has already been done ;) http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/nicky-grist-co-driver-for-dirt-rally-teaser.8532/
  6. The problem is in the track layout. SR had closed circuits so it was rather easy for the game engine to implement dynamic changes during one race. I don't see how it could be achieved on A to B tracks in DR, where the stages are loaded each time.
  7. You can actually hurt a car on a frozen bank. I know from RL experience ;)
  8. Running a stage in reverse direction makes it a unique stage. That's how it's done IRL rallying.
  9. Can someone explain to me how would the co-op mode work? Would it be done online so my friend can give me directions? What about the lag? I don't see a point in split screen mode either because he will see exactly the same piece of road. The codriver sits in the same car. Sit down together with your friend and off you go! https://youtu.be/pju3c20BVCY
  10. I'd rather not have any more content at the moment. I wish Codies fixed all of those bugs instead! C'mon, we can even set up leagues properly.
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