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  1. Is not a real livery. It tries to emulate the Martini liveries but it's far away from the real thing.
  2. Could anyone try to make this one? I know it's similar to the default one, but it has nice details that are different.
  3. Is it the Fabia WRC just a reskin of the Fabia R5? https://twitter.com/BillyCherokee/status/1105267107082764288/
  4. I'm gonna try to make that RS skin for Dirt Rally. It looks sweet.
  5. Of course, how did we forget? Dirt 4 is having a lot of patches and improvements in this four months, is not dead. My bad.
  6.  I don't get it. Onrush is motorstorm, Gravel is a copycat of Sega Rally / Dirt 2 flavour. I don't think these are the kind of arcades people want to play now. Maybe a proper and modern, with super graphics, Sega Rally, maybe a Driveclub 2, but these games with 0 personality? I hope to be terrible wrong but these games will be ignored by the big audience.
  7. Dirt series is officially dead until next announcement. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZsyAWu7B5Cs
  8. Suuuuper interesting. You can see how different is the grip and the oversteering with tarmac or gravel specs on the same surface. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=steJX25mD_0
  9. If you hear this podcast (in Spanish), the modder says there are some physics part in the code that makes no sense. But they are fixable. For me the "rush theory" is stronger everyday. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DYSMtquiJ5A
  10. One more question, are there any real stages like in DR or SLRE?
  11. Dunno, I supposed only the Porsche did that. So I imagine it could be something with being the only RWD in the game.
  12. Yes, I did. RWD physics in WRC 7 must be terrible.
  13. with THREE diferent manufactures. Or you mean Ogier? Difficult to think a fourth manufacturer after Citröen. I don't know if Citröen it's a smart move for Ogier.
  14. Watching it live. Feeling very very sorry for Latvala. Looks like it's the same electric problem had in Poland.
  15. Ok, after several days playing, with the career mode almost finished, I can give my impressions.  FFB: Big step back. At least in my DF GT the center force is too high and the suspension and little details have disappear. Don't know if is a bug or what but BIG step back from DR. Graphics: Not so important for me, is a win-lose point. Some things are better other are a bit worse. In general I like the new look, the big thumb up is for for the new lighting system. Physics: Again, miss and win. I love the new tarmac physics but gravel is worse than DR. You loose the rear so easily, even w
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