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  1. On 4/3/2020 at 11:34 AM, PJTierney said:

    You would be right.


    None is planned to my knowledge and you're the only person I've seen that has pointed out something like what you described in your opening post.

    I feel relieved not being the only one. 😜

  2. 20 hours ago, bogani said:

    There are soooo many factors in how a car leaning on a snowbank will end up.

    The DR1 snow banks felt softer and would more easily suck you in while the banks in D4/DR2 feels much more rigid. Something in between would probably have been good. 

    Grip wise i would like a bit more lateral bite but I would also want less longitudal grip. It's a very special feeling using these studded tires on snow and ice. The lateral grip can under the right circumstances be better than general gravel, but not longitudal. Also depends on what the surface is, thin snow base without ice or a more icy base. Lots of factors as well. 

    My biggest issue with Sweden though is the way too bumpy roads that kills all the flow these stages have IRL. 

    I agree.

    21 hours ago, PaulNbg said:

    In DR2, the snow banks are really just like opaque air and have no physical influence at all. And if you dive too deep, you immediately feel the wall of stone. If the effect in DR1 was too strong, you could have reduced it. But is it realistic to turn it off completely, because Monaco has become more demanding and characteristic, and the water points have become more noticeable. The difference between wet and dry has become bigger. Why then is Sweden being castrated?

    I like variety. And I don't like arguments that always just result from "easier is better".

    I TOTALLY agree.

  3. On 4/3/2020 at 3:34 PM, Ialyrn said:

    You may prefer it, but that doesnt mean its realistic.


    Maybe you are right, perhaps it depends on the type of snow. However, they should fix the bug with the snow on the car in one of the sweden stages.

  4. On 4/3/2020 at 2:17 AM, ianism said:

    what do you mean the snowbanks don't work as they did in DR1? in DR1 they didn't work at all. it was like concrete.

    in Dirt 4 and DR2 they work pretty damn well: it's realistic enough and not ultra punishing.

    as for the grip, the amount of grip you get in Sweden is also more accurate to what you would get in reality than DR1. it's not perfect, but it's solid. (I've even seen people say it's not grippy enough. not sure I agree on that...)

    the issue I have with Sweden is that on Hamra/Lysvik (and the sprint stages that are part of those two) dirt sticks to the car instead of snow and it looks super weird. I've posted about this a lot on the forum since Sweden came out a year ago and they've done nothing about it 😞

    as you can see in the shots below. this is at the end of a stage:


    The snowbanks were much better in the first DR, if you touch them you will lose speed. If you hit them, they will swallow you. Now they are very hard, they are like stone walls. I prefer how they worked in DR1. I am fine with the grip. It's a pitty they don't correct the snow in the car at least.

  5. I am afraid we are not getting a final update for Sweden. My biggest concern are the snow banks, it's a pitty they don't work as they did in DR1. Sweden was one of my favourite rallies back then, now it is a boring rally with "white" hard gravel. At least, I hope they fix the 'no snow in the car' bug.

  6. 2 hours ago, gk9147 said:

    new game maybe come in 2021 with PS 5😀


     when finally you see real livrery  for this ford after waiting  lot and lot dirt  games😂


    Is not a real livery. It tries to emulate the Martini liveries but it's far away from the real thing.

  7. carpa said:
    21 messages on Gossip Thread
    They're about the new ARCADE POPCORN from the ex Evo Studios

    Guys, just in case you all have forgotten it, Codemasters have more than one team to work for all their IPs. Just because they're launching a new arcade racer it doesn't mean the DiRT serie is dead...
    Of course, how did we forget? Dirt 4 is having a lot of patches and improvements in this four months, is not dead. My bad.

  8.  I don't get it. Onrush is motorstorm, Gravel is a copycat of Sega Rally / Dirt 2 flavour. I don't think these are the kind of arcades people want to play now. Maybe a proper and modern, with super graphics, Sega Rally, maybe a Driveclub 2, but these games with 0 personality? I hope to be terrible wrong but these games will be ignored by the big audience.

  9. Dytut said:
    I wonder if Ogier will switch manufacturer each year so he can try to beat Juha Kankkunens record with 4 championships with four different manufacturers ;-) 
    with THREE diferent manufactures.

    Or you mean Ogier? Difficult to think a fourth manufacturer after Citröen. I don't know if Citröen it's a smart move for Ogier.

  10. Ok, after several days playing, with the career mode almost finished, I can give my impressions. 

    FFB: Big step back. At least in my DF GT the center force is too high and the suspension and little details have disappear. Don't know if is a bug or what but BIG step back from DR.

    Graphics: Not so important for me, is a win-lose point. Some things are better other are a bit worse. In general I like the new look, the big thumb up is for for the new lighting system.

    Physics: Again, miss and win. I love the new tarmac physics but gravel is worse than DR. You loose the rear so easily, even with 4wd, almost impossible to break at some points (slippery zones, I am talking that more than 10% or 20% of the break and you  have completely lost the rear and the car control). You can powerslide but is very unrealistic, you will always lose a lot of time, even in fast medium corners. Too much grip in gravel, there is no big difference right now between gravel, snow or tarmac.

    Game modes: Better than DR but neither a great aspect of the game. Your stage is good, not perfect, but good. The rest of the game is quite empty and a couple of different new localizations for YourStage would be nice.

    Conclusion: In some points it seems to me like this is a follow up from vanilla DR physics, not from final version of DR. Some of the vanilla mistakes are back. RX for example is perfect now, you can feel the aero downforce, at the correct speed you cand balance the car, use the different surfaces...  but in rally mode there is something wrong. I hope they improve gravel and FFB and the game will be my new favourite racing game.