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  1. 20 hours ago, Lollerke said:

    Are you sure the game doesn't run on the integrated Intel graphics instead of you NVIDIA 860M? There are threads on this forum that the game may run only on the integrated graphics. I'm sure there will be a bug fix for this.

    No, I don't think so. I wish that would be the problem but I am afraid is just bad optimization.

  2. I know I don't have a powerful PC, I have a Lenovo laptop with Nvidia 860m, but I could play original Dirt Rally in high settings at 1080 and 60fps. I could play Dirt 4 in medium at 1080 60FPS. Now, I can't even play Dirt Rally 2.0 in low at 720p. It's a joke, I am watching a lot of people having to use some medium settings with top tier PCs. What have happened? In consoles, even the original Xbone and PS4 run the game fine with great graffics and 60fps. Must I lose any hope for performance improvements? Is this the reason for cheaper PC price?

  3. - It's impossible, Dirt 4 isn't finished. Lots of patches and improvements are waiting for us.
    - What? No patches? This is bullshit. What a terrible game!
    - If only we could get a small physics patch and some more tiles...
    - 6 months and nothing happens. This is heartbreaking.
    - Ok, I have bought WRC 7 and PC 2. Time to move on.

  4. Guys, let's face it, this is what happened:

    - Codies were excited prior to release, they have done some cool stuff with the new tile system.
    - Intitial reviews were good.
    - But the initial sales weren't as good as expected.
    - Then came the backlash from customers
    - Sales and active players nosedived
    - Customers were dissapointed (physics, tiles...)
    - Devs were dissapointed (customers, sales...)
    - Bosses were dissapointed (sales, devs...)
    - Bosses ordered to put every D4 work to a full stop. Maybe the team got suspended and/or assigned to other projects.
    - Here we are.
    That's it. I saw it coming from the first moment. When people only talked about physics patch, I was sure that it would not happen (you only had to listen what devs were telling us at that moment). Some people got angry with me, now I suppose they are gone or totally pissed.

  5. carpa said:
    21 messages on Gossip Thread
    They're about the new ARCADE POPCORN from the ex Evo Studios

    Guys, just in case you all have forgotten it, Codemasters have more than one team to work for all their IPs. Just because they're launching a new arcade racer it doesn't mean the DiRT serie is dead...
    Of course, how did we forget? Dirt 4 is having a lot of patches and improvements in this four months, is not dead. My bad.

  6.  I don't get it. Onrush is motorstorm, Gravel is a copycat of Sega Rally / Dirt 2 flavour. I don't think these are the kind of arcades people want to play now. Maybe a proper and modern, with super graphics, Sega Rally, maybe a Driveclub 2, but these games with 0 personality? I hope to be terrible wrong but these games will be ignored by the big audience.

  7. I don´t know. I think gravel is very nice, the more weight give more inertia at high speed. I don't feel the grip too low, maybe a bit, but I am not sure, I only lose grips at high speeds in medium corners, I like it. I have more problems with the understeering in tarmac, specially in the exit of the corners. The guy behind this mod is making some tweaks. What I love more about this mod is the weight of the car, after playing other games is the worst thing I find in official Dirt Rally physics.

  8. First of all I would like to apologize for my english, it's not my first language, so this is a long post with bad english. Sorry.

    But I need to do it. Since Dirt 4 I have lost my hope in finding a true successor to Dirt Rally. From the first moment I was almost sure we wouldn't see any big patch/improvement for Dirt 4. Unfortunately time gave me the reason. So, I have been trying different patches, games and solutions for the lack of Dirt Rally 2. I found RFPE for Dirt 4, but even admitting it makes some improvements it also has some stranges decisions. And my biggest problem with Dirt 4 it's I don't like your Stage. It's souless, repetitive and boring. I think it's a great idea but it is unfinished. Your stage can't be the main content of a rally game, it is a great addition to a rally game but we needd proper stages. I 've always thought Dirt Rally + Dirt 4 would be the perfect game, the content we always wanted from the beginning. Physics are another story.

    In my desperation of finding a phsycis improvement I've tried the Dirt Rally RFPE. I have played a lot to Dirt Rally (+600 hours) so I understand the game, I know better this game and what it's happening with every car in each moment than what' is happening in similar conditions in Dirt 4. Since the beginning I could feel RFPE is not correct. Tarmac physics are terrible, are similar to Dirt Rally 2.0 physics but with less grip, it feels floaty and unresponsive. Grave is not so bad, you can feel more weight to the cars, more similar to Dirt Rally 1.0 but with less grip in the brakes, which makes the car more difficult to control, some times too much. It makes some improvements but it is neither perfect. 

    This was my story with last Dirt games until I found "Alternate physics mod" in Racedeparment, a patch or improvement for RFPE. Oh my god, I have found my perfect physics. It's like a dream, tarmac is even better than Dirt Rally 1.0 physics. You feel the weight and the grip of the car, without nosense oversteering movement like RFPE. You need time and space to brake, but if you do it properly you can be very fast in the exit of  the turn. The moment of braking and the accelaration point it very accurate in my opinion. Gravel it's very nice as well. It's similar to Dirt Rally 2.0 physics but with a notch less of grip and so much weight in all cars. Finland it's so much better now. You also have to try Pikes Peak with the 208, oh my godness, so much grip, no slides, propper braking zones, more similar to a circuit game. 

    Seriously, I beg you to everyone who loves Dirt Rally, or Rally games in general, to prove this amazing physics mod.  I am a happy rally gamer now.
    I also would love that Codemasters could pay attention to this phsyci mod or similar real physic information. I am sure they are aware of it, and I susppect the problem it's not that it's difficult to implement these kind of physics, I am afraid the problem it's more a commercial and marketing problem. I expected that gamer/simulation modes would help to avoid this problem, maybe whe need three phsycis modes; gamer/simcade/simulation. Or maybe we only need a real hardcore simulator Dirt Rally 2.

    The guy of Alternate physcis is using WRC information. It's impresive. Please give it a try:


  9. bogani said:
    Gave it a go with the Fiesta R5 in Michigan.

    The initial reaction to the R5 is that the rear grip is too low and behaves very strange.

    To me, this just makes the game feel odd and nowhere near the sublime gravel feeling of Dirt Rally.

    Appreciate the effort though :)
    It happens the same with FRPE for Dirt Rally, is too RBRish. Some people believe is the most realistic physic. Anyway, I prefer it over Dirt 4 original physics.

  10. If you hear this podcast (in Spanish), the modder says there are some physics part in the code that makes no sense. But they are fixable. For me the "rush theory" is stronger everyday.


  11. Dytut said:
    I wonder if Ogier will switch manufacturer each year so he can try to beat Juha Kankkunens record with 4 championships with four different manufacturers ;-) 
    with THREE diferent manufactures.

    Or you mean Ogier? Difficult to think a fourth manufacturer after Citröen. I don't know if Citröen it's a smart move for Ogier.

  12. Ok, after several days playing, with the career mode almost finished, I can give my impressions. 

    FFB: Big step back. At least in my DF GT the center force is too high and the suspension and little details have disappear. Don't know if is a bug or what but BIG step back from DR.

    Graphics: Not so important for me, is a win-lose point. Some things are better other are a bit worse. In general I like the new look, the big thumb up is for for the new lighting system.

    Physics: Again, miss and win. I love the new tarmac physics but gravel is worse than DR. You loose the rear so easily, even with 4wd, almost impossible to break at some points (slippery zones, I am talking that more than 10% or 20% of the break and you  have completely lost the rear and the car control). You can powerslide but is very unrealistic, you will always lose a lot of time, even in fast medium corners. Too much grip in gravel, there is no big difference right now between gravel, snow or tarmac.

    Game modes: Better than DR but neither a great aspect of the game. Your stage is good, not perfect, but good. The rest of the game is quite empty and a couple of different new localizations for YourStage would be nice.

    Conclusion: In some points it seems to me like this is a follow up from vanilla DR physics, not from final version of DR. Some of the vanilla mistakes are back. RX for example is perfect now, you can feel the aero downforce, at the correct speed you cand balance the car, use the different surfaces...  but in rally mode there is something wrong. I hope they improve gravel and FFB and the game will be my new favourite racing game.