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    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    Is it the Fabia WRC just a reskin of the Fabia R5? https://twitter.com/BillyCherokee/status/1105267107082764288/
  2. Underkex

    PC Optimization

    I know I don't have a powerful PC, I have a Lenovo laptop with Nvidia 860m, but I could play original Dirt Rally in high settings at 1080 and 60fps. I could play Dirt 4 in medium at 1080 60FPS. Now, I can't even play Dirt Rally 2.0 in low at 720p. It's a joke, I am watching a lot of people having to use some medium settings with top tier PCs. What have happened? In consoles, even the original Xbone and PS4 run the game fine with great graffics and 60fps. Must I lose any hope for performance improvements? Is this the reason for cheaper PC price?
  3. Underkex

    PC Optimization

    No, I don't think so. I wish that would be the problem but I am afraid is just bad optimization.