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  1. GMAK4444

    To clean racers.

    If you are causing someone to spin out that is too aggressive IMO. Any manoevre by the opponent that causes you to end up off track and having to drive to re-join the race in last place. Rear ending someone severely is also aggressive, but not 100% always stoppable in a race, especially if someone brakes suddenly. Good to know about the first section. About the second: I'm new in the slang of the racing. Rear ending is being too near? If it's that, who's fault if the one hahead miss his brake phase and brake too quick?
  2. GMAK4444

    To clean racers.

    What difficulty you playing exactly ?? Anyway i will upload a video for this issue when i play again .. one video better than 1000 words. Pro.
  3. GMAK4444

    Feedback of AI in Grid Autosport

    The IA is good. Sometimes it could push me and do cheap shot but most of the time, it's clean. It's clean but in my term of clean. Maybe it could be not so clean for others.
  4. You mean autosport? I prefer autosport than Grid 2 because of the pro racers that are much better. But I prefer to choose my car like in grid 2.
  5. GMAK4444

    To clean racers.

  6. GMAK4444

    To clean racers.

    Hey clean racers I'm playing some more racing these day with Grid 2 and Autosport and I started to wonder about this subject lately. How clean we must be in this autosport? 100% clean? Can we push a little and take risk and touch the other cars a little? Should we do like if we were in real and take no fatal risk? IMO, no cheap shots. No too dangerous pass or insane pass. And aside this no worry if we hit the cars a little sometimes but not too much. For the offtrack, it can happens a little but not too much. So what you think?
  7. I think it's already hard to find players and with this little club even more. I'll rather stick with the IA than play with the wrecker online.
  8. GMAK4444

    Autosport's too hard

    They are not real pro in Forza I think. They where not real pro in Grid 2 either. Now they are. And without ABS, no way I can get even near the pro. And it's the only help I use.
  9. GMAK4444

    GRID Autosport = Best AI ever

    Pro are far superior to Grid 2. There is some wierd behavoir that happens sometimes but most of the time they are all excellent.