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  1. Anyone else having issues with steering wheels disconnecting and also losing the pedals. It seems to disconnect every 20/30 mins and also the pedals stop working. I have to turn the wheel off then on to fix and unplug the pedals and reconnect. The two issues are independent of each other. Seems to be a bug as the wheel and pedals work fine with Forza4
  2. I have to agree why no speed on cockpit, you need the speed to know your top speed and how to increase it, secondly it helps you get the optimum speed when braking and turning. You cannot go on revs and gears alone.
  3. Codemasters, you have to do something to fix the stupid AI crashes on the first corner. I am racing on career,hard, no assists, using a Fanatec wheel, and race there is mayhem at the first corner. It makes qualifying redundant as you may as well start at the back to avoid the inevitable pile up. Also the comments regarding racing are also true, AI will ram you for no reason if you try to get on the racing line. I have spent a while getting the game feeling good tweaking the wheel settings and also adjusting my wheel, to have it ruined by extremely aggressive AI drivers. Are you planning a pat
  4. Bought this day one, understand its not a sim but trying to be more than arcade. However cannot get any real sense of racing in any of the cars other than the Touring cars. Under braking using my Fanatec wheel, no assists you just need to slam the brakes on and wait until the car slows down no sliding around no lock ups, next issue is the audio in car, you cannot hear any audio clues on the car sliding, when you need to go down a gear or any feedback at all, except when you for some reason the back slips away you for no real reason. Maybe I don't have my wheel set up, but these things are
  5. All. Anyone care to share there wheel settings for XBOX360 and PC. I am using the XBOX but the steering feels a bit floaty still. I am unsure on the Steering saturation setting as well, advice glady accepted..
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