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  1. RaysDenn

    Please help!!! Can't control car

    I get what you want to say, increase your linearity, a bit of deadzone and leave the saturation at 0. Start with low AI difficulty and leave the ABS on and TC to medium. Some say the Rome was not built in one day, hence do not race 110 AI with assists off, not a good start. Good luck.
  2. RaysDenn

    Medium TC with controller

    Switch it off and lower the difficulty a bit, do not use full throttle until 3rd-4th gear, you will get the hang of it pretty soon, you will eventually be much faster
  3. RaysDenn

    Optimum tyre temps

    Yeah 100%. I usually get the best grip when having the tyre temps at around 105-110°C for the hardest compounds and around 95-100°C for the softest compounds. Anything below/above these values feels like ice for me...
  4. I can confirm the performance of Xbox One X is flawless, there were a few graphical bugs in 1.03 but that was all fixed w/ 1.05. No lag, no screen tear.
  5. RaysDenn

    F1 2019 tires

    Check 2019 regulations. You have only 3 colors, but 5 compounds from C5 all the way to C1, wheren C5 is the fastest (softest) compound and vice versa, C1 being the hardest compound. https://www.formula1.com/en/latest/article.f1-rules-and-regulations-what's-new-for-2019.2DIt7TEs9YqI8IY6mEcwsM.html .........Why has it been made: To make understanding strategy easier for fans, the terms hypersoft, ultrasoft and supersoft have been consigned to the history books. Now each Grand Prix will feature simply a white-marked hard tyre, a yellow-marked medium, and a red-marked soft. However, the actual compounds used for those three designations will change depending on the circuit, with Pirelli having five to choose from – C1 being the hardest, C5 the softest.........
  6. RaysDenn

    F12019 - Next patch wishes

    There is something wrong with the AI randomly getting 1,5-2 seconds faster in the closing 10-15 laps of the race (100%), especially with one of the Mercedes drivers or Buttler/Weber. Anyone else experiencing this? Was racing in Catalunya yesterday, chasing down Hulkenberg (Mercedes) with Redbull, battle for first, saved +2 laps of fuel to be used up during the closing stage to chase him down, the second I switched to Rich mix with High/Overtake ERS deployment, Hulkenberg went from 1:20s to 1:17s - which was a pole time during qualy, running very old hards...
  7. Um yeah the AI has a bit more issues than that... Catalunya
  8. RaysDenn

    Team performance order after patch

    Yeah Haas is very quick in terms of single lap pace, they struggle with the tyres and rather stubborn drivers. Or maybe they get extra performance because of Gunther, they are not a bunch of ******* you know.
  9. RaysDenn

    Bodywork customisation on multiplayer car?

    I reckon there are other things they need to focus on at the moment, but not a bad idea.
  10. RaysDenn

    Problem with my car speed

    I had a massive issues with this yesterday while playing the Japaneese GP. Sector one was ok, in sectors two and three I lost 1s and 1.6sec respectively... tried low downforce setups, high downforce setups, soft and stiff... nothing worked. Even tried cutting the corners, the AI was still a lot faster, seemed like the faster I was the faster were they, molesting the straights and corners. Funny that with 2/2 wings I was not able to go above 300km/s on the 130R as if I kept braking. Checked the input things, throttle was 100% on and brakes 0%, not sure whats up...
  11. RaysDenn

    Finished 1st but it says 19th?!

    Same issue here, not sure what causes it...
  12. RaysDenn

    [XBOX] Screen becomes blackout [ZX]

    I see, no worries Faya. My apologies I missed this post in search. Michal
  13. RaysDenn

    [XBOX] Screen becomes blackout [ZX]

    Hello @Faya, Sure no worries. - HDR was on, the NIT (or what is it called) is set to 1.1 - was playing roughly for 30 mins, FP3, out in Q1. Race setup was 50% distance with regular qualifying. - game mode was career, season one - no other abnormalities noticed, however, after I restarted the game, I had the feeling the graphics were a bit better and game was much smoother. Maybe just a placebo... Best regards, Michal
  14. Hello guys, another issue I come upon yesterday. Safety car comes in just after the end of pitlane entry, forcing us to do an extremely slow lap cooling down tyres and brakes. Let me know when you guys view the video so I can delete it. XBOX ONE X, Elitre Controller
  15. RaysDenn

    [XBOX] Screen becomes blackout [ZX]

    Hello guys, yesterday I stumbled upon Stranger Things race intro edit in Germany. Firstly I thought my TV was dying, then XBOX but after restarting the game all went back to normal. Xbox One X, Elite Controller, 4k Sony TV