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  1. A week or two since your update and your game is still corrupting save files. When you try and save money and release a game that isnt ready or doesnt work you will only make people not buy your games again wake up
  2. da24

    Epic Boring...epic

    you are now free to argue amongst yourselves
  3. Watch out bug here i bet, turned off grid bc i wanted to play a racer not as good but had UPGRADES AND MONEY IN THE CAREER! Turned on grid this am and data corrupted.  As most games only make one save and not a backup (wow) you will have to restart lol.  So back up save daily to a flashdrive. 
  4. Racing, handling/feedback and graphics are great just great prb best yet.  Lack pf upgrades, complete lack of ups and money in the career ruined this game in my book,  cant see getting any dlc yet somehow i believe they were praying it would be the other way around lol.  Wheres the fuel setting, boost via nos or electric like kers what about on the fly spoilers.  Ok body kits building and trading cars. This game makes me wanna play other racers not as good but i can make cars.  I just dont get how hundreds of you that put all this time in come to a conclusion your game would be better without even money in the career and 3 to 5 upgrades in multi only.  Sad I am ahaha! Everyone plays the careers for decades now why kill it?  Yet i can remove the ups in career, umm ya is this a joke lol but i get it play multi buy dlc, sorry incorrect direction.
  5. da24

    Game bug

    some ai are not starting in private matches and causing the end timer to NOT kick in therefore you are stuck in the race end screen and have to quit
  6. Anyone know why, only happens with codemaster games, ONLY!!!
  7. da24

    My fault?

    if your not as fast you block or some go dirty, hit or miss sadly, senna says block lol
  8. da24

    Assists On or Off?

    stability control is mad intrusive lol mad
  9. Cousins xbox saves are down now too, shovelware bitches
  10. first racer that took too was grand turismo, still the bar sadly
  11. da24

    Autosport multiplayer "My Vehicles"

    yep trash game setup/direction, pointless career too
  12. da24

    GRID Autosport = Best AI ever

    ai are racers no doubt but love wheel banging which turns away new racers tis just like shift ai, i like it lol little bit of swearing
  13. da24

    Data corrupt....

    shovelware sadly
  14. xbox update anytime soon , two days now
  15. da24


    well i could go back to f1 and my wheel and hop in play with kers drs and fuel but just fps players want rpg characteristics i want that in racers, like the bar grand turismo, shift, maybe forza hop in is boring after awhile unless theres more to do then gas break shift repeat, options people options... have the fun is collecting and upgrading tuning painting etc this is underlooked, i want a game thanks not lazyness also if you dont like it but have nothing to actually say then go cry somewhere else lol let me cry here in peace haha be a better game with more opts just that simple
  16. career is trash, ruined lol what happen to money to spend, making every race diff as you slowly upgrade and make your cars more  unique but no you can remove them in career tho hmm fun lol
  17. da24

    So, no force feedback, really?

    my speedwheel rumbles like crazy when at 100 percent vib...i love it
  18. da24

    DLC Wishlist - Cars and tracks

    dont care for dlc unless you could build them like most racers with proper careers :)
  19. da24


    want money in career simple wake up girls